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TangTracker – New Internet Activity Monitoring App

If like me you think children today are too smart for their own good, then you’ll like the idea of this Internet Activity Monitoring App. Created for vulnerable people in particular children and teens, the App lets the parent or the guardian of the vulnerable person in question, in constant contact with their child’s phone. How it does that is by enabling geo tagging which allows you to monitor where your child is as well as an SOS option where the child is able to contact the parent at just one click in case of an emergency. 

TangTracker also allows parents to keep a tab on their child’s browsing history, online security as well as text messages based on pre-defined keywords, such as ‘sex’ for instance. Of course it is then up to the parents to filter these texts and go into detail as required based on their discretion but at least it provides a starting point for guardians of vulnerable teens to have some sort of tab upon their phone and web activities.

What’s modern about the App is that it requires both parties consent as both the parent and the child’s phone will need to be equipped with the App and allow phone A  to be able to track B for instance. If a child doesn’t agree, well then tough luck and you’ll have to let them face the world on their own. But if they do agree, I feel it’s one step forward towards protecting them from online abuse, peer pressure, bullying, blackmail and meeting cyber strangers which according a recent report, a fifth of primary school children agree to have met!

Being parents, the thought of kids coming across porn online can also be quite disturbing and the App can act as a starting point by allow you to use pre-defined keywords and monitor online activity on the phone to ensure they only come across age appropriate web content.

Personally, I feel it’s not intrusive at all considering that all parents are looking for is their child’s safety and wellbeing, both mentally and physically. As long as it helps them stay away from unnecessary cyber gibberish, I’d feel I have gotten the Apps money’s worth, although I believe it’s free to download. I am a 90’s kid so I guess my opinion on this App doesn’t count as it was incredibly safer to go online during those days and honestly speaking, I even received a phone at 16 which wasn’t even a smartphone!

However, I have a handful of nieces and nephews who are or will be teenagers soon and gauging their mind set and decision making abilities, TangTracker would help parents, older siblings or guardian by leaps and bounds in giving them a good night’s sleep.




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