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Sponsored Video: Slendertone Abs Belt

Now that Spring/Summer is on it’s way, the thought of bikini clad beaches, spray tans and sarongs doesn’t seem like a farfetched thought don’t you think? I can already sense Spring in the air (call me optimistic!) and can feel the days getting brighter and sunnier. Although Summer is my absolute favourite time of the year, it goes without saying that a part of me always dreads it as I know the trusty coats will have to go. This means facing the world with my actual body shape with a maximum of paper thin cardigan thrown on top of jeans, dresses and maxis alike and we all know how that doesn’t work as well as boyfriend wool coats at concealing unshapely figures.

In preparation, I have already started early this year. I began clean eating in April last year and have dropped down a size since then but December steered me away and now I’m back on track with few extra pounds to shift till Summer. I’m not even one for showing much skin to be honest but I’ve noticed even modest concealed clothing can easily reveal muffin tops and love handles hence I love the idea of a Slendertone Abs Belt for some much needed New Years detox and toning. I personally always had a secret trust on such fitness gadgets and believed they would show results if used alongside a realistic workout schedule and a clean eating diet.

The belt helps deliver a firmer stomach and inch loss around the waist (depending on your current shape and body type) in just 4 weeks time with it’s muscle stimulation technology! I like how it has 10 programmes including 3 cardio programmes where you can wear the belt and some stomach crunch programmes you can do whilst the slendertone as belt is on. Of course if I possess the belt, I’d personally keep it on whilst watching television and other such sedentary activity but I’m sure you’d see better results whilst working out with it or even while running or playing sports. With 20 minutes a day suggested for starters, I’d love experimenting wearing this whilst performing some kickboxing moves by Jillian Michaels.

They have a Facebook competition running between Tuesday 4th – 14th February to win a bundle Premium Abs belt and Arms Accessory if you’d like to check out!

*Post sponsored by Slendertone




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