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London Beauty Treatments: Skin, Hair, Body et al

If you're a Londoner like myself, you may be aware of the atrocious cost involved in going to the salon, let alone a decent one at that. Whether it be to get your cuticles sorted, hair snipped or get some pampering done to your facial skin, what's guaranteed is that it will cost you a bomb. I know a few non-resident Londoner's who find the city expensive when it comes to London Beauty Treatments and also a few Londoners themselves who'd rather whip up a good concoction of face mask at home and get a bucket full of bubbles going to avoid paying atrocious salon charges.

Having said that, if you can manage to find yourself a good bargain, below are the beauty treatments I recommend from previous experience that you must indulge when in London.

A Luxury Hair Treatment: You'll find these in quite a few salon menus lingering around in the hair department. Of course expect it to vary salon to salon based on what they consider 'luxury', the products/brands they use (from designer to herbal) and what they actually do to your hair in those 30-45 minutes. To my knowledge, there will be hair masks, steaming, intense nourishing, locks glossyfing, scalp cleansing jazz involved.

Guinot Facials: Apparently the facial of choice applied to models skin for pre-runway prep. Why you've got to hunt this beauty treatment down in London is because only a handful of salons in the UK actually deliver the french born facial, most of which are spread out in London. Using luxe skin care products, highly trained therapists and some trusty electronic gadgets, you're bound to expect polished results. What I love about this facial is how it was developed by the son of a Cosmetic Surgeon who wanted to achieve similar anti-ageing results but without the need of surgery. Clever eh?

Teeth Whitening: Having come across absolutely no one who would disregard the thought of having their teeth whitened, I had to squeeze this in my must-try London Beauty Treatments. Apparently these can be expensive outside of London or so I have heard. Personally I can vouch for teeth whitening as I have given it a shot last year and was surprisingly pleased at flaunting my pearly whites. Being a non-teeth-smiler and hugely conscious about my teeth (goes back to braces in childhood), it was quite a change that I was now actually happy with them! Opt for ones that deliver guaranteed results, last for at least a year and use some sort of LED light equipment as well as non-peroxide gels.

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