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Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum - Tried & Tested!

I thought I'd review this particular hair serum after I had used it up completely to fully form my thoughts on it. However, quite a few people have asked me by now what I feel about it. Although a 'hair growth' serum which is actually quite a big claim to make cannot be judged by using it for just a few weeks, I thought I'd jot down my first few thoughts on this so called magical potion and what better place than a blog post to do so.

So first off, you can look up the scientific bits yourself as I'm not the best at explaining them in detail. What I could understand from what I read is that it contains Hyaluronic Acid which we all know would work in this instance to hydrate the scalp and improve any chapped, flaky situation. It also contains the wonderful ingredient collagen which promotes skin cell renewal and shedding of any unwanted, dead skin cells. Meaning new skin on the scalp is produced more often consequently promoting thicker, faster hair growth.  

What I've noticed so far is that my hair has been falling off less since using this serum. Apparently it has ingredients that makes the hair anchor well to the roots and this is something I have been looking for in hair products since years, hence that's surely made me happy. I also noticed my hair looks slightly more fuller and thicker on the whole. Something I've been trying to achieve using this and avoiding heat tools and hair volumising powders which I'm addicted too.

I can't comment on longer hair as that's something I've never had a problem with. I personally am only looking for thicker, fuller and stronger hair which I believe this will help achieve, give it one or two months. I think I'll have to get my hands on another bottle to see how the experiment works.

Also, this is from the makers of Fountain Hyaluronic Molecule and Hand Chemistry Hand Cream, both of which I absolutely adore. I will surely give you guys an update with some images of my hopefully thicker mane when I'm done using one bottle. But for now, I highly recommend you incorporate this in your haircare regimen if you're trying to improve hair growth.

The thin serum is easily absorbable and feels just like water on the scalp so no sticky or greasy residue. Having said that, it's not all roses as you do have to wash your hair if you plan to go outside. I really wish it was a leave-in formula and I could walk out of the door with this slathered all over my tresses while I got on with the day. On the whole, just run to Boots and try this out will you? For £30, it's a steal.


Unknown said...

Great review! I'm always wary about products that claim to do it all, but bloggers seem to love it!

Now, should I wait until I'm in the UK or just suck it up and order it online?





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