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FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam & After Cleansing Serum

FaceB4 is a new range of skincare now available to purchase at Boots. As far as I'm aware, they only do two products in their range which is a bit odd but as long as the two products are fab, I'm not complaining! I can't help but compare the range, their packaging and advertising to Proactive. It's just feels a little medicinal and prescribed if you know what I mean hence totally appealing to those with problematic skin, be it oily, acne prone or simply combination.

The FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam is a cleanser and toner in one hence the dual pump action going on. I am not a huge fan of the product as it only squirts out foam and is a bit too washing liquid like for me. I like how it made my skin feel squeaky clean and all that jazz but somehow the foaminess makes me feel it might dry it out in the long term. After use, my skin felt a little taut hence I also don't quite agree with it's 'toning' benefits.

It's not all bad however, I know those with extremely oily skin types would quite like it. I prefer slightly more hydrating face washes and would like to apply toner separately. Each to it's own I guess?

What I love however, is the After Cleansing Serum. They've made it to a perfect consistency where it's thick yet easily absorbable. It contains your essential vitamins but is also a spot busting treatment preventing any future breakouts. I resort to this whenever I see a cluster of angry red spots creeping up and it works quite well at reducing redness and preventing them from getting any bigger. It's also moisturising at the same time and leaves a lovely glow on the skin which makes it great for pretty much all skin types.

An interesting, no-fuss, frills free range that just works hard core at keeping skin clear. If you're not a fan of fancy, luxurious skincare and decadent packaging and want something more affordable and simple, check it out at Boots.





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