Avon Luxe Couture Creme Lipstick in High Style Coral

I was just reading yesterday how 2014 will be a year of mismatch patterns, bold textures and just everything OTT. How last year even pastels were subtle. expect everything quite in your face this season. On that note, I felt this lippie would be best suited with a fashion forward apparel no? It's by Avon and is from their Luxe Couture Creme range. Although I wish it was more creamy and less shimmery, it's nonetheless a gorgeous wearable coral. Not too orange, nor too retro-esque. Just perfect to give a stylish pout with a hint of rebelliousness shot through it. It apparently contains ingredients that help plump up the lips and make them appear fuller and more hydrated. It's all well and good, seriously but only if the golden spray of shimmer could be ditched, this would  have been perfect! Also, the packaging can give high end brands a run for their money, it's just so classy. I believe this released around Christmas for the party season but if you can hunt it down, they come in quite a classic yet quirky range of colours.

Christmas gone, all I am now wishing for is Spring. Come soon...


FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam & After Cleansing Serum

FaceB4 is a new range of skincare now available to purchase at Boots. As far as I'm aware, they only do two products in their range which is a bit odd but as long as the two products are fab, I'm not complaining! I can't help but compare the range, their packaging and advertising to Proactive. It's just feels a little medicinal and prescribed if you know what I mean hence totally appealing to those with problematic skin, be it oily, acne prone or simply combination.

The FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam is a cleanser and toner in one hence the dual pump action going on. I am not a huge fan of the product as it only squirts out foam and is a bit too washing liquid like for me. I like how it made my skin feel squeaky clean and all that jazz but somehow the foaminess makes me feel it might dry it out in the long term. After use, my skin felt a little taut hence I also don't quite agree with it's 'toning' benefits.

It's not all bad however, I know those with extremely oily skin types would quite like it. I prefer slightly more hydrating face washes and would like to apply toner separately. Each to it's own I guess?

What I love however, is the After Cleansing Serum. They've made it to a perfect consistency where it's thick yet easily absorbable. It contains your essential vitamins but is also a spot busting treatment preventing any future breakouts. I resort to this whenever I see a cluster of angry red spots creeping up and it works quite well at reducing redness and preventing them from getting any bigger. It's also moisturising at the same time and leaves a lovely glow on the skin which makes it great for pretty much all skin types.

An interesting, no-fuss, frills free range that just works hard core at keeping skin clear. If you're not a fan of fancy, luxurious skincare and decadent packaging and want something more affordable and simple, check it out at Boots.


Love Me Beauty December Beauty Box

Apologies for the back to back beauty box posts and I also understand it's January now but I simply could not not give Love Me Beauty Box a shout out here. I found some fabulous finds that I will repurchase which is always an indication that the products were well selected. Of course I was reunited with Rodial Glamtox Day which I tried last year but absolutely forgot about. It's expensive but totally worth it! S5 Restore Cream was such a saviour in December when my usual light weight moisturisers were just not enough. The Headline Colors Taupe-Minky shade also won my heart straight away with it's chicness and full-on pigmentation. Lord & Berry did not disappoint this time with a girly combination of a hot pink liner and a nude pink lippy, both a dream to apply and of superb quality.

If you haven't tried out Love Me Beauty Box last year, in 2014 it definitely deserves a whirl!



December Glossybox

Felt very substantial to me somehow. Maybe because it looked jam packed or may be because all the products were extremely productive and usable. No keep-it-asiders-for-friends-and-family this time! I freaking love Wilkinson razor that came along. Now I never thought I'd say this about a razor but it seriously leaves my skin so soft and is the best one I've tried at getting to the roots for a baby soft finish. Old razor went in the bin immediately. 

The seche vite nail paint is a gorgeous deep pink, berry shade that looks fantastic on the nails and compliments my skin tone quite well. For me, such shades are more classic and versatile than your typical glossy red number. I give it full marks. 

Maybelline Colossal is something I've drooled after and head YouTuber's raving about since ages but with a wardrobe of mascaras to go through, I just couldn't justify getting this. Am glad it came in this box and unlike what it claims, it's in fact quite a natural, flexible hold mascara. Perfect for days when you're dreading that spider-lash effect. 

The Beautiful Lips Lip Gloss is super pigmented and is a perfect nude-peachy colour for my skin tone. I usually can't pull of nudes as they tend to make me look like a walking corpse but this shade has the right amount of warmth. Dr Bronner's Magic Soap I've used and talked about before and is always welcome in my bath and body shelves.

Overall, not a single item of disappointment and they all somehow feel so useful to me. Well done Glossybox! May be see more of such boxes in 2014.


Hand Chemistry - Anti Ageing Hand Cream with Results in 10 days!

With so many anti-ageing products dominating the skincare market, how could we leave the hard working hands behind? So here is, a specially developed formula just for the hands. You may have heard the well known saying that look at a person's hands to judge their 'real' age hence if you're one of those people who obsess about how fast their hands are ageing compared to their face - this one's for you. I personally never pay attention to my hands and without any discipline, tend to moisturise them whenever I find some spare time which is hardly ever. But I know a few people who moisturise their hands after every hand wash and those are the hands that will look much younger compared to mine when I grow old apparently.

Again, I seriously cannot be bothered about ageing hands. I am just not that superficial. But if you're someone in your 40's and above and seriously want to see drastic results in terms of hydration, firming, brightening, elasticity and reduction in brown spots on your hands, you need this in your life. It's the only handcream that I have found which works as quickly and effectively at anti-ageing. You can read all the scientific blurb about the ingredients on their website but to me, it's simply ingenious and something all anti-ageing obsessed individuals need a tube of, asap.

My mum is obsessed with it and as much as I wish I could show you some before-afters albeit subtle, she just won't allow me to feature her hands on the blog. For £18.99 a pop, you might as well try it for yourself or maybe gift it to your nan, mum or aunt this New Year. Again, I highly doubt you'll see results on young skin but if you have wrinkly hands with saggy skin, loss of elasticity, dehydration and hyperpigmentation, expect visible before-afters for sure.

The formula of it is pretty different compared to your usual off-the-shelf hand creams in terms of extreme hydration and longevity. Also, the tube is a huge one for a hand cream at 100ml.

Available to purchase at www.boots.com