Lotsa Luxe: Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions have come a long way since when they used to be synthetic. Do you remember the time when artificial hair extensions were uber popular and how people use to sport the overtly glossy and fake looking tresses? Since the past few years however, advancements in technology and consumer demand has lead to an increase in human hair extensions especially Indian and Brazilian hair as they are considered to have the best form and density to blend in seamlessly with natural hair.

Lotsa Luxe Hair is a US based retail and wholesale supplier of virgin human hair extensions and lace wigs and I decided to write about them as they are very consumer centric, which is highly necessary in this type of service. Hair is quite a personal thing and they work hard at ensuring consumers receive only the best and are fully satisfied with how the extensions look and blend in with their natural hair.

I also liked the fact that they have unprocessed virgin Indian hair, Virgin Remy Indian hair, Virgin Remy Mongolian Hair, Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair in a variety of colours and textures. This means they come to you in their natural state without any tampering done to the roots or ends. So whether you are suffering from hair loss and want some extensions to temporarily make up for hair volume whilst you treat the problem or simply want fuller, thicker hair for a wedding or a special occasion, these virgin human hair extensions are versatile enough to adapt to a variety of consumer needs.

The hair extensions are also available in different types such as machine weft, hand tied, clip ins, keratin fusion and micro ring strands. I believe these different have to do with how the extensions are tied in with your natural hair and how they will flow once on.

Keratin fused hair extensions are small bundles of hair that have been coated in keratin protein to form a tip at the top. They are currently the most popular amongst professional hair dressers I’ve heard! What’s more, they ship virgin human hair extensions worldwide to individual clients as well as hairdressers and salon owners, so if you’re interested head over to indianhairbrokers.com for a gander.

Oh and if you’re new to the world of human hair extensions, Virgin Remy hair actually means it’s of the highest quality. It’s because it’s raw hair directly collected from the hair donor and the cuticle hasn't been acid stripped. This gives it natural movement and prevents it from tangling. They also do lace wigs which can actually be custom made if needed. If you’re thinking of dipping your feet into hair extensions in the new year or want to update your hair extensions to a better quality, check them out for a huge variety. 

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Sian Dellar Semi Permanent Makeup – Something to indulge in the New Year?

I am a beauty blogger and absolutely love the ritual of coating my face in  foundation every day, topping up lipstick when it fades, filling in brows in case the rain washes the filled in powder and keep re-correcting my eye liner at times of smudging and smearing. But I can totally see why many wouldn't find this so called ‘ritual’ appealing or convenient especially to abide by every day. If you fit into this criterion, semi permanent makeup by Sian Dellar will be your best bet. It’s not something that’s a taboo or frowned upon by people any more. If clown like make-up comes to your mind when you think of semi permanent makeup, you need to check out Sian Dellar’s before-after client pictures which will completely change your mind.

I absolutely love her techniques which she adapts depending on the client’s preference and needs. For instance, eye brow hairs can be stroked in prominently or you can have a soft powdered effect for just some depth and definition. It goes without saying that these treatments are all waterproof so rain or shine, humidity or mist – your brow hairs will luckily stay in place! Semi Permanent Makeup treatments like eye brow tattooing have now become a part and parcel of celebrities lives and if you simply google Hollywood celebrities who have opted for permanent makeup, a long and a very interesting list comes up including the stunning Megan Fox.

If you’re worried about the process, don’t be as Sian is highly qualified and includes a consultation session in her treatment fee to set you at ease and discuss all possible concerns that you may have. A numb cream is used prior to the treatment so you don’t feel a thing and complete after care is provided, including a top-up session 6 weeks later to accommodate for any changes or to perfect results. Eyeliner and Lip Enhancement are budding treatments in the area of permanent makeup and they include defining the upper and/or lower lash line and enhancing the shape or the colour of the lips. If you’re thinking of 60’s overtly defined lips then that’s not the case. Think about Make-up Artist Lisa Eldridge’s modern way of cheating a new lip line – that’s what Sian aims to achieve.

However much I feel I do not need semi permanent makeup, I personally would love to wake up with flushed lips, full brows and defined eyes. If you suffer from sparse eye brows, extremely thin lips or even sensitive eyes that don’t allow you to play with eye liner/mascara, permanent makeup can be the way to go this New Year.