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Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo & Conditioner

After using Redken Smooth Lock 
Because I've been dodging a haircut or even a much needed trim to get rid of the splitends since a while now, my locks have been showing signs of tangling and frizz - never a glamorous look eh? So I resorted to these trusty tress saviours from Redken as you just cannot go wrong with this brand when it comes to hair. I've tried a different range of shampoos and conditioners from them before but I have to admit, this particular duo is so far the best.

Apparently it boasts of some thermal technology which seals in moisture in the hair follicles and prevents external factors from seeping through the hair strand at all. So be it rain or shine, my hair may get a little haywire in styling but still remains just as sleek and smooth. I can see this working so well for beach holidays and tropical climates. It's not even that bulky so I'm sure I could easily make room for this in my travel bag.

It may be the almond oil mixed in the concoction but there's something that leaves my hair smelling oh so delicious. They are coated in a veil of moisture and I find them get glossier as I use the blowdryer and a curling tong. Could the word 'thermal' have anything to do with heat tools? Not sure but as far as it works, I'm a happy bunny.

If you also suffer from an itchy, flaky or extremely dry scalp like mine, I'm happy to report the hydrating emulsion did not irritate or disturb it at all.

I know Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo and Conditioner at The Salon Look for £11.25 and £12.38 respectively if you'd like to snap a bargain.



GOSH Prime'n refresh Illuminating Eye Roll-On

I particularly like this baby when it comes to triggering puffy eyes and eye bags as such. Nothing can hide naughty late nights or salty food indulgence like this does. It apparently contains ingredients that work at collagen production and at reflecting light off the skin's surface. It also claims to sooth and smooth the skin whilst tightening and firming skin in the area. I found this to work brilliantly at tightening, firming and soothing but not so much at light reflecting, which I didn't mind at all. Light reflecting is a superficial property of any eye cream and doesn't lead to any long term benefits. I'd rather want it to firm and smooth out the under eye area in the long term and I can definitely feel it doing that pretty well.

The mini little roller balls due to their texture provide an instant cooling effect to the eyes especially when applied in the mornings. Even better, I like to keep it in the fridge overnight and it's like a party for the eyes next morning. Although it could have been a tad bit more moisturising, I haven't found it to dry out my under eye area. Just a dab of Weleda's Skin Food is what I opt for on top of this, concentrating on the crows feet as I am kind of obsessed about that.

On the whole, a lovely quality product from GOSH as usual. For £7.99 it can definitely be compared to the likings of Origin, minus the price tag.


Fountain: The Hyaluronic Molecule Drink

In my recent research regarding Hyaluronic Acid, I came across quite a few expert sources that believed hyaluronic acid when applied topically hardly does anything. It can act as a primer for your moisturiser to adhere to your skin properly but it doesn't accelerate product absorption. This is due to the fact that the molecule size is quite big to seep into the skin and actually work. Hence it's always recommended across beauty forums to be applied topically before or after using an at home derma roller/micro needle to aid absorption.

Hence when I came across the idea of consuming hyaluronic acid internally, it really struck me how this would undoubtedly work better when it comes to anti-ageing. Apparently our bodies already contain hyaluronic acid - it's a naturally occurring substance. But it depletes with age, hence skin loosing it's ability to retain moisture leading to parched skin, fine lines, saggy skin etc. This when digested should provide cushion to the joints in the body as well as helping skins structure to rebuild itself.

It's not to make skin tight or firm but rather to increase skin's suppleness consequently ironing out fine lines. Get it? You're meant to gulp down 2 tea spoons daily on it's own or with water or juice. The texture of it is like jelly and it has a gingery taste to it which isn't too bad actually. This would last a month if taken daily but I think it be great to up the hyaluronic acid levels in the body even if used as an occasional product twice or thrice a year. With one huge bottle retailing at £27.99, three a year wouldn't come down to a bad price no?

As for the results, I think this is something that would work differently on all bodies but if you are over 30 and are worried about ageing, this is a great precautionary measure.



La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream 30ml l Limited Edition

If you always wanted to get your grubby little hands on an uber luxe pot of Skin Caviar Cream by La Prairie but couldn't justify the £278 plus price tag *gulps hard*, then you're in luck as Selfridges have introduced for the festive period a more affordable 30ml size that will set you back at £180. It comes in a gorgeous silver packaging and it's own pedestal where it's snugly housed upon. This one's their best seller as it contains protein rich caviar extract, collagen boosting properties, moisture upping ingredients and skin resurfacing hydroxy acids. It's extremely hydrating when glided on the skin and instantly leaves skin dewy and post-facial like. The absolutely glowing skin is slightly toned down as the day passes by, followed by a more firming, tightening action which I also like. If you've got a doting mum or a big sister you're feeling generous to treat this Christmas, then I'd highly suggest you grab this pot of heavenly goodness from Selfridges.

It's great for those suffering from pigmentation, bumps under the skin due to extreme dryness and those suffering from fine lines and loss of skin tone and elasticity. Give it two weeks and you can see a subtly visible difference in skin's texture and firmness. My favourite way to use this is after a thorough cleanse at night, slathering this all over the face with a hydrating serum underneath it...aaah lush!

Apparently a lot of people reviewing this online have a problem with it's scent, terming it as 'bizarre'. Call my nose odd but I couldn't detect anything more than a pleasant 'expensive' fragrance that usually comes with such skincare.