Top 5 Dermalogica Stocking Fillers for Christmas

If you have friends or family who need a much deserved skincare upgrade, then there's nothing better than Dermalogica to gift them this festive season.

It's reasonably priced, dermatologist approved, fuss-free and suitable for most skin types. Plus, it's simplistic grey and white packaging will be a hit amongst the boys too.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This one I had to mention undoubtedly. I love this! It's my luxurious exfoliator that I use more as a treatment twice a week. When it's on the skin, it doesn't look like it will work wonders but the results overtime are superb. It's mild and gentle so all ages and skin types will  love it.

Dermalogica Clear Start. Anything from this range really! It's their latest line up created for younger and problematic skin type so think teens and those in their early twenties. More importantly, it's much more affordable than the rest of their range making it easy on the wallet.

Dermalogica PreCleanse. This is an oil based cleanser and is great for someone who is keen on their two step cleansing routine but still hasn't found the right products for the regime. This one's nourishing enough for the cold months, helps dissolve make-up like a dream yet doesn't cause breakouts on combination skin. Full marks for that!

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Concentrate. A lovely stocking filler for someone older, this luxurious product is something people don't buy for themselves. It's packed with botanical ingredients and antioxidants, the capsules are great to use as a special treatment once or twice a week when skin needs that extra help. Perfect for those with dehydrated and mature skin.

Dermalogica Skin Kit. These are available for all sorts of skin types and for £25 contain 5 basic skincare essentials. Great for trying out a new range and to dip your feet into professional, salon grade skincare. The travel sized products make them perfect to carry around for someone who's always travelling or likes to take their skincare to the gym or for long weekends away from home. Importantly, I feel £25 is great value for money as you get 5 travel sized products. It's a win win situation for both the giver and the receiver!

Urban Retreat Beautique: Ultimate Gift With Purchase

Spend £150 online at Urban Retreat Beautique and receive this ultimate Gift With Purchase worth £110 including 11 luxury brands. The offer has started online since yesterday and with so many luxe brands to choose from, you'll only be spoilt for choice.

A perfect way to double up on Christmas presents as you'll receive all the products shown above in addition to your purchase which means your festive shopping for the ladies in the family and social circuit is sorted when it comes beauty! A lovely way to get a little something for yourself when shopping for others. I'd sneakily keep a few things for myself and distribute the rest as stocking fillers or personalised beauty boxes. It might seem extravagant but I've always done that in the past depending on people's make-up and skincare likings.

With Diptique, Creme De La Mer, La Prairie, Sisley, Nars and a tonne more to wander amidst, it's actually pretty quick to fill up your basket with £150 worth of goodies. They also have the entire Guy Bourdin by NARS collection to ogle at.

The GWP above is seriously the best I've ever come across. Pretty much in line with SpaceNK but a tad bit better I suppose? I absolutely loved coming across some new niche brands that I wouldn't have stumbled upon before. The travel sized hair oil and hair conditioning spray by Pureology and Unite as to die for. They instantly make hair feel velvety soft and moisture quenched. The Unite one stays in my bag now!

Then there are two face masks by Valmont and Omorovicza which are gorgeous. I love the tiny glass jars they come housed in, uber cute and perfect to take around with you when globe trotting. One's a regenerating mask and one's a deep cleansing one and the formulas are ingenious. My skin loved them after a stressful day at work.

Obviously, there's got to be your obligatory NARS and Laura Mercier goodies thrown in. You'll be shocked to know this is my first time trying our Laura Mercier's cult favourite product and so far, I'm liking it. The dinky NARS lipgloss I would throw into a teenage niece's stocking filler as I'm sure they'd appreciate the glitter and sparkle.

There's also the rare cellulite melting and body detoxifying products which I haven't tried yet but I'm super intrigued, especially by the body wrap mask application of which should be followed by a tight cling film wrap. Mummified my cellulite prone thighs will be this weekend!

I couldn't fault a single product here and these might lead to full sized purchases for sure. A browse at www.urbanretreat.co.uk is HIGHLY recommended this weekend.


Christmas Beauty Gifts: Pur Minerals Show Off Collection

If you're looking for a make-up eye and lip combination that just won't fail to light up the recipient's eyes this Christmas, then this Pur Minerals Show Off Collection will be your best bet. Containing six delicious colour colours, three for the eyes and three for the lips, it's bound to replenish your make-up wardrobe with modern formulations.

The eye shades are quite neutral, warm and muted yet unique and rich at the same time. There's a gorgeous reddish brown, an elegant bronzed gold and a sophisticated  pinky beige. The lips are again wearable yet unique with a warm  berry, an apricot pink and a soft peachy pink - simply gorgeous!

Referring to my modern day formulation claim, these are all matte. No gloss whatsoever. One eye and one lip shade may contain a teeny hint of shimmer but that's it. We usually don't come across crayons or lip butter formulations that are matte so I found this quite interesting. Would make a lovely present for someone older as well due to the wearable shades and formula.

The texture and consistency of these pencils is super soft and a dream to apply. Not very buttery or slippery but just the right amount so there's no tugging or pulling. If you're new into the whole lip and eye crayon domain, I feel the set lets you explore the territory whilst giving you back for the buck retailing at £15.75.



Superdrug Superberry Exfoliating Face Mask

I really do not have one use for this product. I know it's termed as a face mask but I also like to use it as an exfoliator and I blame the consistency for it. It's not like a mud mask at all in fact. As far as I remember from experience, mud masks were skin parching, extremely drying formulas. This could in fact be a more modern formula.

Containing strawberry extract, raspberry seeds and china clay, it's meant to exfoliate skin, protect it from free radicals and absorb excess oils from the skin surface - all which it does so quite effectively. It's grainy yes, with a generous dose of 'beads' shot through it but simultaneously, the creamy formula that those grains have been thrown into is quite hydrating hence creating a balanced concoction.

It leaves skin baby soft, nicely exfoliated and consequently radiant. Not the most sophisticated formula I possess but a great one for teens or to set aside for travel if you don't want to carry more bulky, expensive counterparts.

Don't use it if you have live breakouts or acne problems. It's great for those with dry-combination skin that suffer from dullness and want some help in the radiance department. For £2.59 a pop, you just cannot go wrong with it.

Love Me Beauty November Box

Love Me Beauty do the best boxes in the entire clan of beauty boxes, hands down and without a doubt and their November box gets a two thumbs up from me. It contains substantial products that I genuinely get excited about and am ready to play with. There's three full sized make-up products in this box from niche, good quality brands that immediately gives the box full marks as we all know these would come up to a higher number if purchased separately. Most of all, these are not the less pigmented, least popular black sheep of the brand, in fact quite strong products in terms of their effectiveness.

The Jelly Pong Pong Eye Shadow stick is the gorgeous coppery brown that is a dream to apply. I usually am not a fan of such shadow sticks but this one's just so gorgeous both in colour and in texture. The Art Deco Lip Gloss is a sweet baby pink colour, one which us girls cannot have enough of and the bright orangey red Models Own nail number is welcome with open arms in my nail paint collection.

The Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash smells delish and I've saved it for my globe trotting adventures when hotel provided toiletries just don't cut it and the Le Soin Purifiant Face Mask is this moisture quenching skincare number that I cannot wait to slather on my face today after work.

You've made me happy one more time LoveMeBeauty. Why can't all beauty boxes genuinely source interesting quality products as such as stay as consistent as them. Oh well, one day! Until then, do give this beauty box a try. Will be a money saver especially as you can split these goodies into quite a few stocking fillers for teenage nieces.



Sponsored Video: Nestle Fitness presents The Tweeting Bra!

Yes, as literal as it sounds – today we are talking about a bra that tweets! We all know how October is the month flagged to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. But in reality, you’re meant to set a fix date every month with yourself for a self breast examination to detect lumps that could potentially be an alarm for breast cancer. Eight out of ten times, these lumps are nothing to worry about according to statistics. However, statistics also show how 12,000 women in the UK die each year due to Breast Cancer making it a deadly illness and something us ladies just cannot ignore due to a hectic lifestyle. 

Hence seeing the humongous amount of people on social media platforms such as Twitter and an increasing amount of them accessing it via their handy mobile phone, Nestle Fitness in collaboration with Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou came up with the unique and an admittedly slightly bizarre idea of a tweeting bra.

What it does is that every times Maria unhooks the bra, a bluetooth sensor transmitted in it conveys the message and a tweet is sent through to all the accounts followers (@TweetingBra) to give a reminder regarding self breast check-up. This campaign will go on for a limited period of time but I feel it’s a good cause so it would be brilliant if you could follow it and retweet tweets from the account, just as a baby step in promoting the highly critical issue that even national newspapers fail to highlight as much.

With so much dependence on Twitter and smartphones these days by age groups of all kinds, it is impossible that not even one tweet by the tweeting bra account wouldn’t catch your attention and get you to do a much needed but usually overlooked once monthly self examination. Go on, it’s not everyday you get a piece of lingerie giving you advice on twitter. 

*Sponsored by Nestle Fitness


Christmas Beauty Gifts: Conscious Skincare Bath Soak

If you're trying to please someone on a mission for going green, here's the perfect product that will tick all the right boxes in their eco friendly present criterion. Conscious Skincare is a British brand that makes all natural, organic products with an eco friendly packaging. All their products are made in a simple, frills free manner with clean yet sleek packaging and such deliciously scented products.

They usually go minimal on their packaging but if you'd like to give any of their products as a present, there's an option to add on a gift box and a chic little ribbon around it to give it that festive feel. I am in love with the reindeer ribbon for Christmas. It's effective but so subtle! Perfect for someone older like aunties or mums no?

As for the scent, it's fresh and zingy yet comforting and calming - just what everyone's trying to feel this holiday season despite the contrasting weather. I love adding this to my bath with some Himalayan salts. All I need for a pampering weekend soak. Although they do a more unisex grapefruit scent, I felt this one is something that both genders would equally appreciate.

It can be difficult choosing presents for a mature recipient or someone you don't quite know the likes and dislikes of very well.  I feel bath products are generic yet universally likable. You'll usually find people don't treat themselves with lush bath products and will often rely on off-the-shelf, under a fiver alternatives. Introduce them to the enchanting world of quality bath time why don't you?

Available for £15.99 at www.conscious-skincare.com