Glossybox November: Nails, Skin & Eyes (potential Christmas pressie?)

November Glossybox was pretty interesting with a mix of Nail Paint drying product, some Vichy Life Serums, an Eye Shadow, an unexpectedly nice smelling hand cream and a facial oil sample. I mean I like all the things in here, especially the sample sized items as they are just perfect for holidays! I have tried the Life Serum before and have loved it so it would be great to throw in my little travel bag.

A Nail Polish drying spray is something I've always wanted to try but just never got a chance to as it slipped out of my mind. Hence this was quite a lovely discovery for me, considering it retails for an affordable price so I can stock up. If you're impatient like me when it comes to sitting patiently drying nails or if you want to avoid 'bed nails', this is a great one to spray all over nails after application and sink between duvets immediately.

The Cocoa & Orange Hand Cream also wins full points for it's gorgeous holiday season scent that warm, spicy yet sweet. I have a huge fondness for hand creams and again this is an affordable option to indulge in or perfect if you're thinking of stocking filler ideas for teens.

The box is your typical 'full value for money' kind of a thing but I quite liked it for the pure novelty of products and brands included in this one. I wouldn't say it's not worth the price but it's not a must-have either. On the other hand, wouldn't it make a fab (and pocket friendly) Christmas pressie for someone starting out with beauty? Who wouldn't like receiving a box full of girly goodness.



Loreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation

The latest release from Loreal in the Foundation department, this slick looking bottle that very much resembles a fragrance bottle is something you need to know about. I'm sure you've read countless praises of it online but I just had to put forward my two cents now didn't I?

So, why the 'Eau De Tient' in the name. Because it's meant to be light and weightless like a fragrance. Actually, even thinner than water as per Loreal's claims. In all fairness, I initially thought 'what a lot of crap!' but when poured onto the back of my hand, it dribbled faster than water and was actually just as a thin if not thinner.

Having said that, it's not dewy and moist like MAC Face & Body Foundation. In fact what I can compare it to from my stash is actually Jemma Kidd Light As Air. Some people compare it to the cult favourite Armani Foundation even. It's quite a unique formula where it magically transforms from liquid to a powder finish in a matter of seconds. Cue: fast blending required. The modernly formulated and uber invisible texture and consistency of this will give all BB, CC, DD and EE creams a run for their money.

What's great is that you can literally just get a few drops of this beaut on your fingers and massage onto the face as you would a moisturiser and voila - a more presentable you is created. The coverage is light as you may have presumed based on the name but you can surely use some concealer here and there and make it work to create medium coverage I found.

I really wish I could have loved it but sadly the shade I have is the fairest in the range and is a bit too vampire-pale for me. Secondly, I have a feeling my skin doesn't gel very well with it. Now I have the most confusing, combination-dry skin at present and I felt this slightly clinged to the dry areas of any chapped, flaky grossness on my skin.

If you have oily (or well exfoliated!) skin however, you'll dig this baby. It leaves a natural looking, light feeling, demi-matte finish that looks like second skin (no exaggeration). If you're tired of people detecting obvious foundation on your face, this will act like a slap on their face. This is the only time in life I've deeply wished for oily skin so I could make this work. Oh sod it, I'm going to give it another try. *runs to find the foundation, nearest mirror and an application tool*

p.s. If you're intrigued about this particular shade, I'd say it'd be a NC20 as per MAC shade reference. 


La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex

I have been road testing this mini gem from La Prairie recently only to discover I am addicted to the atrociously expensive product. Yes I said it -  I love it unconditionally but it is pricey and that's a fact that none of us can change or bargain for. It's La Prairie so what do you expect? They have spent years building a reputation for their skincare and believe you me - it works. Of course I won't be rushing to my nearest counter to grab a dinky back-up when I run out (as much as I wish I could!), I will be cherishing every last bit of this gem and analysing thoroughly the results it delivers.

It's been a good few weeks of me using this I believe and so far, brilliant is all I can say. It's a thin, liquidy serum and you wouldn't expect it to be hydrating. You know how eye serums and gels are, once on the skin, poof they vanish in thin air and you have to top up those parched crows feet with a thick, hydrating emulsion. Nope, not the case with this baby.

It leaves under eye skin looking radiant and feeling healthy and 'strong' if that makes any sense. My under eye area in particular is very delicate so I feel I could be less careful with it once this went on and cushioned it in it's protective bubble formed of amino acids, vitamins and not to the forget the uber popular - caviar extract!

It works very subtly, gradually but surely at tightening and smoothing the skin. If you're constantly obsessing over saggy eye lids, crows feet or fine lines under the eyes, this is a much less scary (and affordable) option to an eye lift. Apparently Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie have been die hard fans of this cult-favourite. You can also see best results when topped up with a La Prairie Eye Cream but I'll leave that extravaganza for when I'm slightly older. If you however have the cash to splurge, it's well worth it is what I can say.

When presented with a bag full of cash and left unleashed in the Selfridges beauty hall, I'd definitely get me some skincare from La Prairie and not similarly priced Estee Lauder or Lancome. I feel they are all about branding and advertisements and less product. Just chatting for a while with the ladies working for La Prairie is enough to make me believe they genuinely understand skin and are passionate about the products. I will be dragging my mum to the counter very soon after a scary little talk about how her wrinkles are showing through.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Complex is available for £88/15ml here.

p.s. If you're a fan of the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, they have an affordable 30ml version available for a limited amount of time at Selfridges. You can sample it from their counter or get it from Selfridges online. It has a lot of potential to be a luxe Christmas present for someone very, very special. 


The Office Edit: Face of the Week & Favourite Products

Isn't commute just the perfect time to snap a cheeky selfie? No? Am I the only self obsessed narcissistic here? Ah well.

I thought I'll do a mini round-up of make-up goodies that I've been loving wearing to work. You know, it is different than wearing makeup lounging around the house or shopping with the girls. In extremely heated environment at work thanks to the overused heating, not so many opportunities to touch up and hardly any mirror access - below is the stash that has strictly fitted the work criteria of longevity and low maintenance well.

1. Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation: Hated this to bits at first. Gave it another go and have been addicted since. It doesn't work wonders on my skin nor does it make it look super gorgeous in my opinion. It's a fool proof formula and that's what makes this fabulous for a long day at work. It doesn't need touch up's, nor does it slip, fade or budge. If you have combination skin like me, it can get a teeny bit dewy in the t-zone but that's it. Some tissue blotting at lunch time and it's sorted for the day. Blends in fabulously with my concealers and and most importantly, shade 3 is a gorgeous yellow toned NC30 fit.

2. Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation: I love this baby even more than the Jemma Kidd one. I have a slightly inappropriate, pink toned shade which is number 9 I believe but it still works regardless as it sets beautifully and leaves the most flawless finish ever. Provides fabulous coverage and looks naturally radiant at the end of the day. Again, does not fade nor does it oxidise. It doesn't even need powder to set! I need this in my shade now :) Must. Check. Out.

3. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer: I love my MAC Studio Finish Concealer but this one lasts longer and wears beautifully. Plus the shade (ginger) and coverage is so beautiful that on good skin days at home, this is all I am found wearing. For a typical day at work, I use it under the eyes and around the mouth and it is super full coverage ladies. The only £20 concealer that I will repurchase and urge you to try out. If you have wrinkles and fine lines, this does not get into it at all. Okay, it does a little but what doesn't eh?

4. Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm: Particularly the one in Magnifique Mauve. It's the most gorgeous peachy, red, teraccota with hints of brown and pink on me. Yes I know vague but I seriously cannot describe the beautiful colour as it needs to be tried to be believed. Of course it needs a touch up once a day but that's it. Even if it wears out, it leaves a beautiful tint behind and will never completely disappear like other lip sticks. It's quite pigmented and has a nice, glossy finish to it. Two thumbs up! The only lip product that doesn't leave my lips chapped and flaky at the end of a working day.

5. Jemma Kidd Rosy Glow Lip & Cheek Stain: This baby is ingenious and so underrated. Again, a £20 liquid blush stain recommendation from me says a lot, considering I'm a cheapskate when it comes to blushers. It delivers a deep, berry like plummy stain on the cheeks, unlike any other Benefit counterparts I've tried. Blends like a dream, looks uber natural and most importantly, it's still there on my cheeks at the end of the day.

If you're like me and don't like touching up make-up in the middle of a working day, I'd highly recommend the above gems. If you have any long-lasting, low-maintenance make-up heroes you swear by, do let me know!

p.s. I haven't mentioned powder because in my experience blotting with tissue works much better. 

Yonka Age Defense Hydra Skincare

If you have absolutely mental, combination skin that suffers from oiliness in certain areas and dehydration in some, you have got to try Yonkas Hydra range of products. I quite like how they cater for parched skin that is combination - you don't really see many brands doing that. Hence usually, I like to mix and match my skincare to create a bespoke regime otherwise rich products can immediately cause my skin to erupt in a good few whiteheads the morning after.

Yon-ka is a Parisian brand I believe and they also boast of a humongous relaxing spa at a central Parisian location which is now on my wish-list to visit. Looking at their luxe glass packaging and all the scientific goodness plastered all over the bottle led me to believe there definitely must be a lot of chemicals going on in here. Surprisingly enough, 95% of their ingredients are natural so voila!

First up, lets talk about the Hydra Serum which is claimed to be a long lasting hydrating booster. This has become my only resort to quenching moisture back into the skin after a little period of slack. We all go through that with skincare so don't roll your eyes at me. You know when you've eaten pizza like it's going out of fashion, planted yourself on the sofa for the entire weekend and made best friends with the laptop - oh not to forget the two glasses of water per day. All this immediately shows up on my skin and this baby is what I resort to. It's quite light and fluid like so I don't feel like I am slapping on something rich or heavy. It's in fact quite lovely to apply and has some slip to where I add in a few massage strokes. Makes a great base for moisturiser to go on top. It would make a handy travel companion with some depotting into a travel friendly container.

Next up, the Hydrating Mattfiying Fluid which is in fact a light weight, moisturiser for combination to oily skin that's in dire need of moisture. This one contains a good amount of Hyaluronic Acid I believe as the ingredient appears high up in the ingredient list. We all know how fabulous the ingredient is for making skin appear supple and bouncy. I love how it's meant to amp up the moisture level in the skin whilst leaving a matte, velvety finish. No sticky residue and glowing cheeks for us oily skin gals. This one's a wonder product as the way it absorbs into the skin so quickly, you woudn't expect it to work wonders but give it one night and your skin will still be hydrated the next day.

Overall, I wouldn't say these two products are godsend for dry skin types but they are a match made in heaven for combination-oily skin especially in the winter.

The products can be bought here at yonkashop.co.uk