Neom Scents of Christmas Travel Candle Collection

Neom's Scents of Christmas Travel Candle Collection seems like a universal people pleaser and a huge hit in my house with all ages and genders appreciating it's versatility as a Christmas present. Well done Neom! We all know how it's difficult to please all sorts of people let alone for a Christmas present which brings along with it a cloud full of expectations. I'll tell you why candles are always a hit. 

Firstly, because people hardly get themselves good candles. The pound shop ones are not counted! So the excitement on receiving a set of candles that actually smell amazing and look aesthetically pleasing is unparallel. Secondly, candles are most resistant to strong personal preferences. You know those stubborn peeps who just like certain colours or simply will not wear make-up for the life of it - well they're sorted too. A scented candle these days, especially the modern formulations and the long lasting formulas slots easily into a lot of gift categories be it home, luxury or beauty! 

I love how the candles come in different coloured pots namely silver, gold and bronze. These little ones are just as potent as the humongous Neom home candles and instantly fill the room with a dreamy scent even when left to sit on their own without lighting it up. There's something quite special about these Christmasy ones though. They smell so comforting, yet yummy and snugly. I almost want to start a Christmas movie right now and snuggle up in my duvet with some hot chocolate and these burning on the side. Aaah, the thought!

Comforting is such a gorgeous scent with hints of bonfire, woody, pepper and orange notes dominating it. It's quite velvety and smooth yet quite a unisex one at the same time. I think would be a huge hit amongst men. I'd personally call this a typical, winter scent regardless of Christmas or not. Perfect for November.

Harmonise is quite the contrast I'd say. It smells of fresh cut grass, the forest and of trees. It's woody with a hint of warm notes shot through it to balance it out. This in my opinion is quite an Autumnal scent - a perfect contender to replace all your fruity, summery scents.

Christmas Wish is a clear winner in this set. Neom's cult favourite festive scent, it's all about Christmas desserts, mulled wine and chocolate truffles. This one's spicy and slightly sweet to me. A lovely one to burn on Christmas and best accompanied with some snow outside.

I cannot recommend this travel candle set enough. It would surely make anyone's Christmas much, much better :)

Tommy Guns Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum

Tommy Guns haircare is simply underrated. I remember trying out some shampoos and conditioners from their range before and being blown away by how fantastic and salon like they were. Well they had to be as Tommy Guns have fantastic salons and I am still raving about the one I visited in Soho 4 years ago! Need to make a trip back there soon. 

Coming back to the Weather Protect Dew Drops, I feel like this is just the thing you need in the rain, when locks feel dehydrated in the winter or if like me, you are trying hard to stay away from heated tools. I cannot explain how well this works because it's got a little bit of that hairdresser from the salon magic to it. Instantly coats the hair in shine and not just from the outside, it makes it more bouncy and healthy feeling. Almost adds that touch of sleek you want especially when bombarded with flyaways, baby hair and frizz. Not glamorous eh? 

This hair transformer has a unique scent to it which simply reminds me of 'salon hair' and that's all how I can explain it. You know when you come back home and that fresh, polished scent you have lingering in your tresses? The one you just cannot replicate at home no matter how many 'salon' plastered shampoos you purchase? Well, here it is finally. Now all you'll need is a dapper blowdry and a neat trim to make you feel like you've had a hair revamp. 

With much difficulty, I attempted a heat free week for my hair and the above products alongside the Weather Protect Dew Drops were just so kind to help me look polished and need minus the 200 degrees of hair tool heat. These are my must-have, holy grail, can't live without and all that good stuff.



Beauty900: My Favourite Dermalogica Skincare Products

Dermalogica Microfoliant - If you've been living under a rock, you must have skipped the hype surrounding this product. Apparently celebrities love it, it's a regular in magazines and raved about by bloggers alike. It's also a staple in Dermalogica Facials at salons and spas. What it is is essentially a dry exfoliant that can be used to slough off dead skin cells. Unlike a regular exfoliator, this is great as it's not abrasive or harsh yet leaves skin baby soft. My skin particularly loves it for Winter. Can be used mixed with your regular cleanser to turn it into a creamy scrub BUT nonetheless works well on it's own for baby soft skin.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel - Like gel based cleansers? Me too! Yes I like to reserve my creamy, thick, lush, balmy cleansers for evening pamper sessions but for mornings, I need a refreshing gel formula to wake me up. In the past, gel based cleansers have left my skin seriously dry and dehydrated, left alone bursting out in spots. This on the other is perfect for my confused, sensitive skin. It's a foaming formula but one that doesn't occur chemically or using soap but using a plant extract that naturally creates that foaming lather. I keep mine in the fridge overnight to use it chilled in the mornings. No need for coffee then!

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream  - I've only been testing this out recently and what a lovely product this is. Come Winter, I am usually confused about what moisturiser will cut the mustard for me. Some formulas are just not adequate enough for me and some are simply too much, giving me a white head face in the morning, indicating they're too rich for me. Skin Smoothing Cream on the other hand is versatile enough to be used by a majority of skin types. It works for mine and is apparently an anti-ageing one. It helps fight dehydration and leaves skin super plump and supple. You have to give this a try.

Dermalogica Multi Active Toner - I've only tried a sample size of this and feel I need to repurchase this for travel. Its such a lovely toner that feels brilliant on the skin. Use it after a good exfoliating session and you'll love how this will seal in the moisture and help moisturiser absorb in better. It's also so cooling and feels quite refreshing. I know people usually don't get on with all sorts of toners, so if you're one of them, you've got to give this a go.

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair - I used this on my mum on a facial I was giving her last weekend (I know, my family is lucky!) and it's fantastic. She has the worst dark circles in the entire world (hoping she doesn't read this) and has such a dry under eye area. This absorbed into her skin like a dream and was so lovely to massage on. Afterwards her under eye area looked much brighter and all that dewyness distracted attention away from her fine lines and wrinkles.

Beauty900.co.uk currently has 10% off on Daily Microfoliant, Skin Smoothing Cream and Special Cleansing Gel in case you were interested!


Aysse Champagne Skincare exclusively at FeelUnique

Champagne skincare? Now that's something different to the ears compared to snail facials and bee venom skincare that we keep hearing of these days. I had heard before that Champagne is great for the skin but Aysse is the only skincare that has derived that has champagne derived from the Champagne region. 

"The rare and unique ingredient contains three grape varieties; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier which are all grown in the clay and limestone soil of the Champagne region. These are the grape varieties that are used to make Champagne. Contrary to other wines that are made from only one type of grape, Champagne is known as an ‘assembled’ wine.
Each grape provides, among other things, its rich content of mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins, which results in a high concentration of these components in the wine."
I got to try 4 products from the range and I have to say I am quite impressed. Overall, the product packaging feel high end yet chic, much like Sisley - fuss free and not chunky. The white and gold combination works quite well for the brands high end image. The product formulations are nicely scented, have a rich, hydrating feel and a lovely lifting and firming effect. Just after using the products a few times, I can tell it's not geared towards oily skin types. Combination skin type girls can get away with it by using it a few times a week. But it would be best suited for those with normal-dry skin tones who have issues with ageing. 

The Anti-Fatigue Serum is a bit of a unique formulation. It dries matte on the skin and gets absorbed fully in just a few seconds of application. Quite unusual for a formulation that's meant to leave skin radiant and glowing. It has some brightening effects to it and my skin likes it but honestly, I would expect it to have a richer texture and leave my skin looking dewy and moist. Nonetheless, it's priced reasonably and would make a lovely treat for Christmas due to it's dreamy glass packaging. 

The Hydrating Masque is simply gorgeous. I've used it a few times now and it leaves skin super soft and actually glowing. Again, I feel it's more suited if your skin is drier or more mature but a lovely contender when skin's feeling exhausted and needs a quick pick-me-up. It claims to increase hydration levels by 37.6% in 8 hours after use. I felt the results are true if you use it a couple of times per week. Give this a go, if you're planning to get just one product from the range. It's a slightly more affordable alternative to the cult-favourite Sisley face masks.

The other two products I have is a Hydrating Moisturiser and an Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. Aaah, I cannot tell you lovely these feel on the skin. You literally need only an pea sized squirt and the emulsion will allow you to spread it till your neck and chest. Now this shows you instant results in terms of skin brightening, hydrating and radiance hence my vain self loves this for instant results. At £34, choose one depending on your skin concern. I'd personally get the hydrating one once I run out as it's more suited to my skin type. These didn't break me out so I'd recommend it for those with combination-normal-dry skin types. 

Exclusively available at Feelunique.com, definitely check it out.