NoScrunchie.com Giveaway: Review a salon & win weekly prizes!

You guys have heard me raving about noscrunchie.com before right? It's a Afro salon directory where consumers leave reviews of the salons they've adored or the ones that have left their hair looking in need for yet another salon visit. Unlike typical, monotonously laid out and boring looking directories, noscrunchie does quite a few things for the reader to stay glued to the website and find something interesting. 
They have a forum for people to chat away and discuss tresses in all their glory. Besides that, I quite like their gallery where you can have a gander for some much needed hairspiration and to have a peek at real people uploading their latest salon locks. Their blog is quite a nice read with a cuppa on a lazy weekend, especially if you're considering getting your locks revamped at a salon sometime soon. 

They have recently made the process of reviewing a salon further more rewarding by counting every salon review you make as a giveaway entry. This will also nominate the salon for the Good Afro Salon Awards (GASA) that they are currently running, so head over quick and make sure your favourite hairdresser wins. There will be a giveaway each week and there's still time to enter this weeks giveaway which will end on Monday 11th November. 

"NoScrunchie is looking for the best afro stylists and salons. We are looking to recognise the UK’s leading Afro Hair Care Professionals at the inaugural Good Afro Salon Awards.

We know they are out there – but we need you, the NoScrunchie community to let us know.
The NoScrunchie Good Afro Salon Awards will be a glittering affair that will take place in November – and is the ONLY hair awards where the winners are chosen by YOU – the public!"

As for prizes, there's some fantastic Selfridges £50 vouchers (*cough* MAC), luscious sulphate free Mizani hair goodies, some droolworthy gel eye liners much in line with the latest NARS ones by J'ouvert Cosmetics AND a £100 salon voucher for any UK salon...whaaaat!. Now I surely need myself the last one. Think of that Brazilian Blowdry you can get yourself for Winter. All that superb stuff up for grabs just in return for reviewing a salon. Not much they are asking for eh? So bring out your inner critic and start keying down reviews! 

What you will need to do is to make an account on noscrunchie.com which is simply and quick, I promise. Then find the salon you want to review from the directory or if not, add your own. From then, however many reviews you leave per day in the giveaway period will be all counted as individual entries. I am unashamedly going to enter myself a good few times today. May the best reviewer win! If you do and I don't, I'll be so very jealous. 


UK Hair Transplant Clinics: The permanent answer to Hair Loss

Hair Loss can be difficult to deal with regardless of your age or gender. It can be a side effect of a medical condition, a chronic illness, genetics or a specific hair loss condition such as Alopecia, pattern baldness or as a result of menopause. 

Of course you can opt for medicine, topical treatments or hair pieces such as wigs to help with the hair loss problem but as we all know, medicine and topical treatments are not a guaranteed measure and hair pieces may not cut the mustard for most people who are looking for a natural solution. In comes Hair Transplant Surgery. Existing in the industry as a highly specialised procedure since decades, we have fortunately reached a point now where the process is virtually pain free and provides natural results.

We all have witnessed celebrities in the past who have opted for hair transplant surgery which looked artificial and nowhere near compared to real hair. If you’re looking for flawless results however, now is the time to opt for the treatment when it’s reached its finest standard possible. UK Hair Transplant Clinics is one of these hair loss treatment providers who have even been featured in a BBC documentary on hair transplants due to their expert team of surgeons who have specialised and mastered the procedure.

A lot of doctors will claim to carry out a hair transplant surgery and may perhaps even be licensed to do so. But just how you wouldn’t get your heart operated by a GP or your root canal done by a dental nurse, you would want to resort to a hair transplant surgeon for the delicate procedure that has it’s roots cemented in precision.

Did you know hair transplant surgery is completed in just a few hours depending on the flexibility of your scalp, the area of baldness you have and the density of hair you require. Apparently, it’s a pain free procedure where the area of treatment will be anesthetised – so you can have a snooze, relax or watch a movie in the time. A one off procedure with no follow up treatments required, you will wake up with a full set of hair that will stay with you for a lifetime, especially as the natural hair has stopped growing. Give it a day or two (a week in some cases) and you’re ready to return back to your usual day to day routine without much recovery period at all. 

The time off during Christmas festivities seems just perfect for this sort of a procedure so you’re ready to return to work in the new year looking like a new person altogether. Let people keep wondering how and why you look different! The visible results will let people question but never doubt or guess what you’ve opted for due to seamless results that blend in with your natural hair like a dream.
Hair Transplant Clinic also deals with Eye Brow Hair Loss
UK Hair Transplant Clinics offer free consultations for hair and eyebrow transplants in the following Cities: Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London (3 locations), Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Warrington. At the consultation, patients will be assessed for suitability and will be given a price. They will receive detailed notes from their consultation by email. This is a pretty cool offer considering consultations for such specialised treatments never come free of cost and would set you back a dear amount.

Check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/UKHairTransplantClinics


Visit their website for further details: www.ukhairtransplantclinics.co.uk

*Sponsored post. Thoughts are my own.  


Conscious Skincare: Sweet Orange & Frangipani Body Butter

Conscious Skincare is a new skin and body care brand in the UK which offers premium eco friendly and 100% natural products that are free of artificial colours, chemicals and fragrance. Their minimalistic packaging gives me peace of mind that they are frills free and like to invest more time in hunting down ingredients than pretty containers. The products are not tested on animals and the brand believes in quality instead of quantity hence promising potent products that actually work at delivering results. I was having a look at their skincare range and  oh my isn't it vast and oh so tempting. Definitely check it out!

Onto the butter, it comes packed in a fuss free, light weight container which you can actually carry with you on the go compared to chunky and so called 'luxe' packaging that premium brands flaunt. Inside is this product with the most unique texture I've ever come across. It's so soft that if I press my finger too hard into it, it might probably hit bottom. It's also quite like whipped cream and has a mousse like consistency with little bubbles that I can surely spot. 

It immediately transforms to oil when in contact with skin but in the most non-greasy and fast absorbing manner possible. My skin felt like it was in moisture heaven. Now I do have quite a stash of body moisturisers in my vanity but this quickly creeped up to my favourites. It smells absolutely delish with its part comforting, part pick-me-up scent. I've always adored the scent of sweet orange in skincare products and when combined with frangipani, it's just perfect for the cold winter days. 

The powerful concoction is packed with shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil goodness which everyone's raving about these days as a super food for skin. I feel this would be a huge hit amongst body cream despising men who are usually steering clear of such products. As this emulsion is fast absorbing, with a universally lovable scent and with an almost unisex looking container, you might need to keep it safe from the guys ladies. 


Are You the Most Annoying Facebook User Type?‏

It's unbelievable to think that facebook is approaching its tenth birthday. Not many of us have been using the social networking site that long, but we have been using it long enough to recognise the irritating aspects of the site.
Although the adverts annoy the hell out of a great number of users, one of the most annoying things about facebook are our so called friends!
We will all have those people that feature heavily in our time lines and seem to do nothing to add value to our day, but simply just get on our nerves. There are those who deliberately try and start arguments with other users, those who constantly post pictures of their dinner, the parents that share every aspect of their childen's lives with us and just generally, those people who update their status all of the time, no matter how interesting or dull their share is.
Now the website, LoveMyVouchers.co.uk have carried out a survey to uncover the top ten most irritating user types and you will find them all in this fun infographic. Just how many of these do you recognise?

October Loves feat, Gosh, Barry M, Cargo, Avon, Lily Lolo & Lotil

Lily Lolo Rose Glow Shimmer Stripes is the most beautiful highlighter currently in my collection. In the likes of the cult favourite Bobbi Brown, the rose gold stripes is what makes it tick all the right boxes for me. Especially as winter's here, I really want to steer clear of stark white, silvery highlighters and want to opt for some more warm toned. Of course there's the typical golden and bronze highlighters but they somehow remind me very slightly of Summer. 

Hence rose gold apparently is the only middle option for me that gels perfectly with Autumn/Winter. This particular shade is feminine yet warm at the same time as all the pinks and golds incline towards being yellow toned as opposed to blue tones. The finish is a little powdery and frosty but nonetheless, with a good hand at blending and some patience, it's a stunner on the cheeks. Would look great on all skin tones and can work as blusher on pale skin tones too. Definitely give it a go if Bobbi Browns price tag has always deterred you. 

I've been meaning to rave about these matte nail paints by Barry M since a while now but somehow they always slip out of my mind when in real I'm sporting them all the time. The colours and the texture of these just makes them so versatile, that you just don't want to take it off your nails. The deep oxblood colour is simply ingenious. Now everyone loves such dark colours come winter but because it's matte, it's a slightly more fresher take compared to it's glossy counterparts in my opinion. Plus, the matte texture makes the burgundy appear so much more mysterious and sexy.

The beige shade on the other hand is superb as well if you're feeling a clean-manicure kind of a day. It has a lot of yellow tones in it which makes my nails look like they have absolutely no colour in them. If you're paler or darker than me, this has potential to look superb compared to a traditional french manicure. I'm sure they must be available in an array of shades and I'm definitely looking into getting myself more.

I've always had a thing for GOSH Mascara's. If you've been a regular reader of the blog, you must have come across my ramblings for many of their previous releases. This one is their latest release and is termed 'Darling Lashes'. As usual, GOSH have nailed it with gorgeous packaging and that rhinestone like effect on the edge of the mascara wand looks so 3D! Coming to the mascara wand, it's genuinely different to what I've tried till date. It's shorter on side and longer on the other. I feel the shorter bristles are great to emphasise a curl and lift the lashes whereas the longer ones work well at separation and creating volume. Albeit a little clumpy if not used sparingly, it's a winner in terms of its darkening and thickening properties. If you're on the hunt for a new lash va va voomer, this will be your best bet.

Last but no way the least is something I don't rave about as often - powder. My reason for not having a love affair with powder in general is firstly because my skin doesn't get too oily and secondly my preference for dewy looking skin. I cannot stand matte skin for the life of me. It only emphasises my uneven skin tone, any sort of pigmentation and fine lines, not glamorous eh. Hence the only one I sparingly resorted to was my trusty Sisley one which can set you back at a whopping £65. Hence, when Cargo revamped most of their makeup range alongside this translucent powder, I had hope this would quickly creep up to my favourites and so it did. It's almost undetectable and melts into the skin leaving a nice finish which isn't too matte. It works at setting the make-up and absorbing oils from the t-zone. A long lasting formula that doesn't need too much re-application, I love it. If you're like me and hate the feeling of cakey, heavy, visible powder on the skin, you need to give this a go. If I had good skin, I'd only wear this. Aah, one can wish. *sigh*

A shoutout to Lotil Cream is what I seriously need to do as dry, chapped, flaky skin on the body is slowly re-appearing come shorter, dark days and winter chill. This one is in the likes of Sudocrem but minus the white residue and overtly thick texture. It's superbly hydrating, easily absorbing and leaves skin drenched in moisture. Now I love my regular Soap & Glory body moisturisers but if you need something 'extra' for eczema prone skin, this is what you need. If you like fuss free, fragrance free, highly effective body moisturisers, check out Lotil for some seriously hydrating formulas.

Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector is an anti-ageing serum in my opinion which is great for treating fine lines and pre-mature ageing. If you're in your late 20's and 30's and want something that will take care of gradually appearing fine lines, this is a fabulous product to try out. It's apparently got some nobel prize winning technology in it which promises to banish the appearance of wrinkles in just 2 weeks time. Now I didn't notice that but there was definitely some peeling with this product and some lovely skin tightening effects. The Amine Fill 33 that it contains help to reactivate untapped collagen and works in a more powerful manner compared to your usual anti-ageing ingredients such as glycolic acid and retinol. For the price it retails, I feel it's an affordable one to try.