Indeed Labs Retinol Reface

Retinol is not a new anti-ageing phenomenon. It's been here since decades and the only reason why it's not as popular in every household is due to it's 'peeling' reputation. Well, not any more. Indeed Labs - the brands that made professional skincare available to the masses have come out with their latest release namely Retinol Reface. One of it's unique selling points is their claim that it contains 3 types of Retinols and secondly that it is followed by no peeling, drying or redness. The intelligent clan behind Indeed Labs have also thrown in an ingredient which works as a sensitivity regulator, meaning no inflammation at all. Voila!

Now, I am no skincare guru so this review is going to be in layman terms. The product comes out as a nice white creamy lotion. Not too thick, neither too thin. It applies really well and feels moisturising. Now you'd have to think in your mind that you are applying a serum when using this. Well that's what I believe. It's not a moisturiser on it's own and will need to followed up by one or you'll have to pop some on prior to using this.

So what does retinol do? Simplistically, it aids in skin cell turnover hence what you'll notice is brighter, more even toned skin. Apparently, it also helps in the scar fading department a little. Fine lines and wrinkles are also meant to appear softer and blurred out.

I've passed on the tube to my 50 plus mum who's although pretty good looking for her age, is obsessed with pigmentation and fine lines. It's been a few weeks since she's been using it and says she likes it. Of course visible results would have to be analysed after the tube's squeezed out for it's money's worth but the peeling, drying and redness, yup - that's not there.

If you've tried Retinol products in the past and have been left in despair due to it's side effects on the skin, give this baby a go and it might just work for your skin. For £19.99, it's not going to break the bank.



Sponsored Video: Roses De Chloe

Did you know Chloe has been creating fragrances since 2008 and till date, rose remains at the heart of all their fragrances. You know how some perfume brands can be recognised by their unique set of notes that stay constant with every release, with some seasonal variations of course – for Chloe, it’s always been the classic scent of rose. 

I’ve had a sniff of their fragrances here and there over the years and have always been mesmerised by the feminine aura surrounding them. They’re never too overpowering, neither sickly sweet. Just sweet, romantic, girly and fresh which is exactly what their new releases promises confidently.

It contains bergamot for a kick of freshness, rose and magnolia to represent flower power and white musk and amber for that musky, woody hint. Sounds like a foolproof concoction to me! The bottle as usual looks classy and lush with it’s ridged glass detailing, complimentary silver cap and a pink ribbon neatly tied up on the cap. 

Created by master perfumer Michel Almairac who has developing delicious and complex fragrances since 30 years in the industry, I surely think the fragrance will live up to it’s promise.

Tilda Lindstam, Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Esther Heesch are the models you may seen walking the ramp for Alexander McQueen, Chanel Hermes and the likes of it, are also the face for the Roses De Chloe campaign. All three ladies have this fresh, youthful, English Rose kind of look which complements the fragrance perfectly.

*Post sponsored by Chloe


Love Me Beauty October Box

Being one of my favourite beauty boxes till date, I love talking about Love Me Beauty box. October again is no different and the box's contents are fabulous. I wouldn't say particularly seasonal or anything as such but regardless, pretty decent size and of good quality. More importantly, I always make a new discovery that I go on to love from these boxes and this time it's the Balm Balm Bath & Shower Oil. The dinky bottle has been prettily sitting on my desk since it's arrival and although I'm meant to pour it in the shower and drench my body in it's goodness, I weirdly decide to dab it on my wrist and cuticles and enjoy it's aroma. It's surprisingly quite relaxing!

What else caught my attention from the box is the Lord & Berry Mascara. It's one of those dry, natural formulas that give lashes some colour and curl but not too much of that pesky crispiness. If you have very fine lashes, it won't work but does the job for me when I don't want full on, glamorous lashes but still want to look awake.

Amie's Matte Finish Moisturiser wasn't a surprise because this is my third tube of it. It's one of those unbeatable bargains priced under a fiver and performing pretty well. All credit to the brainchild of the brand who used to be an ex Marketing executive at Estee Lauder. I am totally depending on her experience with lotions and potions. It's my go-to dose of hydration especially when suffering from breakouts and I don't want a rich formulation.

Overall, I'm sure this box is still available to buy. You have 3 menus to choose from. Go ahead and get yourself one.



Michael Kors Lipstick in 'Diva'

I hope my Michael Kors heavy posts are not annoying you? I am sure they aren't but just in case, do let me know and I'll ease a little bit on it.

Today I have a Lipstick from the fabulous designer. It's called 'Diva' and belongs to the 'Sporty' clan of the range. First look at it and I thought it would make a great nude lippie for darker skin tones...darn it, all skin tones to be honest. We all have been through the perfect nude lipstick dilemma. It's an official term now and should be in the dictionary soon.

I felt this will finally end the dilemma with its universally flattering, dusky golden pink goodness. It's definitely got a pinky beige undertone going in there and has a fair bit of shimmer shot through it. Fortunately none whatsoever that would make the effect dated or frosty. It's a lovely glossy sheen that fakes moisturised lips instead.

I can imagine it looking great paired with a full on, smoked out, arabic inspired eye. For an au natural look, it would very much prevent you from looking like a corpse. The muted pink hint and the whisper of shimmer helps make it look just perfect to lift up a matte or neutral look.

If you're like me and cannot stand the feeling of heavy, drying lipsticks then this beaut is a keeper for sensitive, delicate lips. It's moderately hydrating properties and weightless texture makes it feel quite similar to the feeling of wearing a lip balm or lip butter.

It's one of those beauty luxuries that can quickly become a handbag staple and lets not ignore the fact that you'll love pulling out the lush golden case for application amidst friends. For £23, some might not find it justifiable but for fussy ladies who just cannot agree with lip products, you might want to give this particular shade a try.

For the daring amongst you who'd still want a weightless lippie, check out the other two shades they have and I promise you'll dream about it all night. I have and still do. Must. Buy. Soon.



Neom Real Luxury Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood Candle

It's something about Autumn and candles that gel together so brilliantly isn't it? It's as if the inventor created them with this cosy season in mind. Especially during Halloween time, snugly movie nights, enjoying a warm hot chocolate and so on makes it mandatory to light up a candle to enhance the atmosphere.

The Real Luxury scent is quite calming and romantic at the same time. It's sweet, fresh and a tad bit powdery. It has that 'clean' feel to it without compromising on the comforting feeling. Somehow it manages to inject in a dash of Summer in the air too. As for notes, I can smell a lot of Jasmine, a little bit of Brazilian Rosewood and hardly any Lavender at all. This in my opinion is how all Lavender based scents should be. I mean I know Lavender is a popular scent, but I like how Neom doesn't just bag on it solely and rather incorporates it uniquely into its scents.

This particular one is their Home Scent Candle with three wicks. If you have never owned one before, let me tell that you that it's worth saving up for it. Instead of buying those gimmicky high street candles, do yourself a favour and invest in this one as it will last you, literally ages. It's also full value for money in the sense that you don't have to try and detect a scent like you have to with other 'scented candles'. You burn it and voila, it's there filling every nook and corner of the room in minutes. And the best part it, the scent lingers even after you put out the candle.

Overall, this particular scent is quite versatile in my opinion. You cant slot it neatly into a category but rather explore it based on your preference. It's romantic, relaxing, comforting, soothing, fresh and reviving - all at the same time. Would make a stunning Christmas present!


Deep Heat Muscle Relax Giveaway Winners

Apologies for the delay in announcing the winners but here they are  - better late than never eh?

Antonett Almond
Danielle Floyd

Emailing you guys now! 

Hope you enjoy your relaxing treats. Much needed this transitional season when the country is filled with flue struck individuals. *sigh*. Summer we miss you already!