Guinot Facial Treatments in London

Apparently only 12 salons and spas in London & Essex provide Guinot Facials which are increasingly become popular amidst celebrities and always have been a staple amongst supermodels, just before a fashion show. Guinot is a French skincare brand which was introduced by the son of a cosmetic surgeon whose vision of beauty was not scalpels and skin invasion. He thought glowing, youthful skin could be achieved otherwise as well and hence with his high calibre scientific degree and a doctorate he introduced Guinot Facial Treatments.

Have a peek at the video below to get a good idea of what the treatment's about. Yes I know it's in French and I don't understand anything but what's important is that the relaxing techniques put me to sleep - just watching it.

What makes the Facial apparently incomparable to slapping on lotions and potions on your face is their use of electronic currents in the treatments. Mild ones of course that don't harm the skin and don't even let you feel a tingle, allowing you to relax in your treatment. But what they do is activate the skincare, help it penetrate deep down, re-educate skin cells, deep cleanse and firm the contours.

Now Guinot Facials are of course geared differently for various skin types but what I find them superb for is anti-ageing and lifting the skin. I feel the electronic gadgets used in the facial work harder than a therapists hand at lifting, firming and tightening. The electronic moves are paired with hand movements for a traditional facial feel but I feel the rollers work better at lymph drainage around the eyes and jawline in particular.

With 40 years of global approval and a huge celebrity fan following, it's quite amazing that's it available more and more in London now. Priced around £50 to £60, it seems reasonable enough to indulge in once every few months, especially if you have mature, lustre lacking skin.

Win a 5-night stay in Marrakech!

At the moment, The Salon Look are running a Moroccan Oil Competition. All you have to do is create a new account with them and you will be entered straight into a free prize draw to win a 5-night stay in Marrakech, Morocco. 
Now who wouldn't want to escape this sucky UK weather and relax in the warm and welcoming Marrakech. It's always been on my travel wish list, so I've entered and I thought you'd like to as well so here's the link www.thesalonlook.com/holiday
There is also an exclusive offer at the moment at The Salon Look, where you spend £30 and get £5 free! They have a lot of GHD, MorrocanOil and Schwarzkopf hair goodness that I am quite tempted by. 
My fingers are greedily hovering over the buy button. I'll keep you updated if I splurge! 

Barry M Smokin Hot Shadow & Blush Palette

I am sure you must have come across this palette in a fleet of blog posts in the blogosphere, naturally as it's a new release. I quite like how Barry M have stepped out of their comfort zone consisting of nail paint dominance and eye glitters and jumped on the all-in-one palette bandwagon. Always a brave step!

Fortunately, they've got it right - everything from the packaging, choice of colours to the textures and formulas of the eye shadows and blush. Two thumbs up!

Not the most unique combination of colours but a fool proof one at that. I never appreciated palettes until I voluntarily acted as the MUA for a friends wedding to do make-up for the entire bride and bridesmaid brigade and wished I had pre-set palettes for every look. I remember Sleek has a lot of fall out and so did Urban Decay. KIKO, surprisingly is what I had to rely on.

Similarly, this is pretty good in the no-fallout department and that's what makes the palette a keeper. Of course the shades are all pigmented as Barry M surely knows their eye shadows well. But the colour quality is so stunning. It's smooth, no chunks and applies very well. Did I mention no fallout at all? I think I did. I'll stop blabbing about it now.

I did an eye shadow look with these shades but unfortunately it was at night when lighting wasn't in my favour and camera batteries suddenly decided to die all together. I shall do a look for it in the near future as I know you guys like them :)

Until then, go swatch it in your nearest Superdrug will you!

The blush is the cutest matte peach I've ever owned. I am not one for peachy-orangey blush shades but this one's just perfect especially when paired with these eye shadows. It's a rarity for me but sometimes I just resort to the palette to dab some of the blush on my cheeks.

They have some fabulous matte nail paints launched recently too which should be up on the blog soon. Keep your eyes peeled!


Charles Worthington Salon at Home 'Takeways'

Charles Worthington Salon at Home products are gorgeous! Everyone knows about them and they were introduced a while ago for people to be able to replicate salon like swishy hair at home. I have tried their pro products before and have fallen in love with their overnight repair products. Now I believe their takeaway range in general has been here since a while. But the Salon at Home in 'takeaway' sizes are a new addition.

Apparently it contains two weeks full of haircare goodness for avid globe trotters, gym sweaters, long weekend goers and so on. I've been one of those stupid people who've carried full sized shampoos and conditioners with them and have managed to leak them in the suitcase. Not glam especially with new holiday clothes!

If you're like me and won't carry travel sized shampoos and conditioners because they're not as nourishing at your favourite full sized ones at home, then look no further. You'll love these, I promise! They're dinky without compromising on quality and are actually 50ml compared to the 5ml you'll get at hotels so might as well stuff this in your bag. Don't tell me you don't have space. Do you actually need that many shoes? 


Michael Kors Fragrance: Eau De Parfum in Sexy Amber, Glam Jasmine & Sporty Citrus

Behold ladies! If you've been a fragrance lover since forever and need to get yourself a classy concoction, these new releases by Michael Kors will blow your mind away and sweep you off your feet - both simultaneously.

There's just something about them that has classy, elegant, sophisticated, haute couture, modern and stylish written all over them. From the exquisite looking bottle to the simplicity of the transparent design, it's as if MK has managed to pull together and cobble the best of both worlds.

Just like the make-up range, the fragrances also make a part of the Sexy, Sporty and Glam range of products.

Sporty Citrus: Now don't wear it on a run as with 'sporty' MK indicates wearing it on a more relaxed day with a laid back maxi dress for instance. I am not one for citrus scents but this is the perfect amalgamation of citrus notes paired with musky sweetness. It's a very clean scent, quite a soapy one at that. One which should be reserved for pick-me-up mornings and winter blues. If you're not one for warm, sweet scents - this will cut the mustard for you just right. 

Sexy Amber: My favourite of the lot, this one smells, well sexy. It's got notes of amber dominating it, followed by floral and woody notes. It's the more 'warm' scent of the three and is a rather comforting one for Autumn. It's got a powdery dry down and there is that baby powder, clean hint going on. I for once cannot understand how anyone cannot like this musky blend. 

Glam Jasmine: This is going to be a hit amongst the girly-girls due to its pink coloured fragrance and also because pink and gold look so beautiful together. The notes are dominantly floral, sufficiently woody, with a hint of fruitiness dashed through. There's a lot of white flowers, jasmine and a creamy aura surrounding this one. It's the universally flattering types out of all of them which all noses will be pleased to come across, yes even the sceptical ones. 

What the scents have in common is longevity. Their ability to stay put and stay strong after application is superior compared to other high end fragrances I've tried. They also spread out your clothes and your personal space pretty well so as not to disappear and limit only to yourself. It's as if they are attention seeking but in the most classy way possible if that makes any sense.

Regardless, they demand a sniff. I know you can find them at Debenhems, John Lewis and many more places.