Proactive Green Tea Moisturiser

This has been my transitional Moisturiser of choice for these bizarre falling-under-no-season-at-all Autumn days. Some days it gets as chilly as it will start to snow and some days my office doors and windows are wide open for some oxygen circulation. None of my moisturisers seriously fitted this weird weather description and my skin was going crazy. Proactive Green Tea Moisturiser has been a saviour! Just like Starbucks limited edition Autumn hot drinks.

Don't go by the skinny tube size as the formula makes sure you only need a pea sized amount. Plus, I personally wouldn't use it continuously as such rescue products need to be stored and used sparingly for climate changes I believe. It has gained a space in my skin SOS kit and will be resorted to now and then.

The formula is a translucent gel like texture, almost balmy which would immediately make you presume it will be a rich moisturiser but fortunately, it isn't. It creates a comforting film all over the skin and is so very soothing and calming - just what sensitive skin is looking for when haywire strikes. It also leaves a lovely, dewy finish in the likes of a post-facial/beach holiday glow which I quite seem to prefer.

Personally, I'd use it as a post-cleansing moisturiser in the evening as the film like, rich texture surely wouldn't ask foundation on top. No signs of breakout or blemishes were detected with it's use and I know why as Proactive claims it's been designed specifically for blemish prone skin in mind hence bye-bye clogged pores.

Such a simple yet lovely concoction of ingredients this is. I've been a huge fan of the brand since it cured my sisters mild acne forever a few years ago. They have a UK website now so be sure to check it out and you have nothing to lose keeping in mind their 60 day money back guarantee.



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Red Wine Facial - Anti-Ageing Superstar?

Apparently it is! Don't go all out and start getting tipsy with your red wine overload justifying it as good for you skin now. There a different way of absorbing it's benefits into the skin as well and that is via a facial. Not sure why it isn't as popular or talked about but I quite like finding about old school, traditional facials as such especially when we are bombarded in a world of snail, snake venom and stem cell facials. 

Red Wine Facial is targeted more towards dry, mature and sometimes problematic skin that's dull and lacks lustre. Red Wine is packed with a lot of antioxidant and resveratrol goodness which benefits skin greatly. Apparently, the facial is also great for removing a tan and getting rid of blemishes. Who knew eh? The fabulous drink is just not perfect to end a crappy day but also helps tighten pores and in the prevention of acne.

The facial I thought was a great one post-holiday and pre-winter to prep and prime the skin and give it some tender loving care before the harsh winds of winter touch it's delicate surface. Rich in amino acids, the facial also helps skin fight free radicals and more importantly for the vain amongst us, give that lustrous glow. 

So whether you have dry or oily skin, if you are concerned about ageing and want to reinstate that youthful glow without being smothered in weird animal saliva, opt for a good old Red Wine Facial and see if your skin loves it or not. 


Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Color & Eye Shadow

Cargo Cosmetics have rebranded recently to get rid of some old products and revamp the range to make it more exciting and fresh. I believe it features collections based on cities hence the detailed and beautiful packaging. I couldn't get myself to throw the packaging as it's so dainty and gorgeous. I've been a fan of Cargo Cosmetics since it wasn't available in the UK and all the US YouTube gurus kept raving about it. I remember getting a bargain on ebay one day and it was of the cult favourite blushers in 'Tonga' and I still remember loving it to death.

I adore the packaging of the Essential Lip Colours in particular. So classy, simplistic yet fresh. The shades I have are Bordeaux and Kyoto and both of them are stunning. The formula is very nourishing and contains peptides for lip plumping and all that good stuff. They are superbly and unexpectedly pigmented on the first swipe. 

The formula is quite unique. It almost feels like a lip balm and lip stick in one. Although the texture of these is meant to be weightless, I love how the pigment forms a coating over the lips and wraps it in colour. Of course you'll see some fading during the day but I quite like how it sits on the lips. 

It doesn't have a traditional lipstick like formula and is in fact pretty wearable on a daily basis. Bordeaux is a vampy oxblood shade that screams vamp from the first look. It's going to be my favourite for Autumn although it's a bold colour to puff off. Kyoto on the other hand is a bubblegum, barbie pink. Very innocent and fresh, not trampy looking like how baby pinks tend to be. Can easily be a pick-me-up shade for the gloomy weather to come. 

The Eye Shadow pot in Shanghai is also a beaut. Doesn't it look absolutely lovely in the pan? Just so delicious and rich looking and made to compliment autumn leaves, snug coats and cosy scarves. It looks simply gorgeous on the eyes as it doesn't have a very strong pink hint so no swollen eye effect here.

Again, a very buttery and silky formula that shocks you with it's intense colour pay off on the first swipe. Has a natural, satiny finish to it and can easily be worn in the crease during the day paired with a neutral champagne colour or worn in full glory slathered all over the lids with some smoky brown kohl and carbon black lashes.

Cargo Cosmetics is available to purchase at Debenhams and Beauty Bay in the UK. Definitely check them out! 


Michael Kors Bronze Powder in 'Glow'

I have been a huge fan of Michael Kors, the man and the brand behind it since years. Owning three of their cult favourite watches and a pair of glasses (show off intended), it's proof that without being a brand snob, I love this particular brand for it's beautiful designs at affordable prices. It's the only designer brand that I have ever indulged in or connected with till date. I feel it's purchases are justified and am even considering investing in one of their classic bags.

My lusting for materialistic hoardings aside, Michael Kors have launched a beauty range much to our delight! It is available to drool over at House of Fraser. The range includes three collections namely, Sporty, Sexy and Glam. All geared towards different personalities and beauty preferences with key products being lipsticks, lip glosses, nail varnishes and bronzers.

It's all about effortless beauty and bringing out your inner goddess without looking over the top. The products are such that go on easily and look elegant and sophisticated. I have in possession the Bronzer from the 'Sporty' collection. It's the in between one hence has the best of both worlds.

Before going to the quality of the product however, lets take a deep breath and appreciate this beaut shall we? The pale gold packaging, the classy engraving, the mirrored effect, the studded design on the corners - I think I am in product packaging heaven (Yes I'm sure there is one). It couldn't have been more perfect.

The bronzer itself reminds me of the uber popular Chanel Bronze Universal at first glance. Dare I say it's better. The colour has less yellow and more chocolaty brown in it compared to the Chanel one which makes it just so glamorous on the skin. Bronze Universal is a bit like necessity for me, for contouring and bronzing. This feels like an extravagant leisure. The colour has the right amount of beige, caramel and brown in it. The finely milled, golden specks generously sprinkled all over the product only add to it's glory.

I am not sure how but the golden flecks do not translate to the skin at all. I guess they are so finely milled that they help in creating a slightly dewy, more natural effect - but not detectable glitter or sparkle at all. Good news that is isn't it? Who wants a disco ball bronzer any way.

As for pigmentation, yes I couldn't get a very amazing swatch of it because like many fantastic products out there, this looks better worn on the face than swatched on the hand. It's made keeping in mind paler skin tones hence it's buildable, sheer, weightless texture. But having said that, I promise you it transfers so well on my NC30, sometimes NC35 skin tone with a humongous fluffy brush.

I will put up my face clad in this very, very soon. Until then, get your grubby little hands on this gorgeous product so we can admire it together. Pretty please?

Hershesons Hair Accessories & Styling Tools

I am sure you guys have heard of Hershesons before. They have dominated runway fashion since the 90's and were the pioneers of the blow dry bar and professional straightening iron since then, when there were hardly any good ones around. They still adorn the beauty aisles of Harvey Nichols and Selfridges and have been a celebrity, fashion press and models favourite since years.

In particular the Hair accessories from Hershesons are fabulous and have reached cult-favourite status in the fashion industry. I am forever tired of my GHD not working due to cord problems. If you've had no luck with GHD's on curly, wavy or thick hair, I've heard quite a few people singing praises about the Hershesons one which is apparently more powerful and of 'industrial strength' compared to the cult favourite competitor.

They also have a clipless waving wand with a 2.5cm barrel. I love how it's different from the conical waving wands we get these days. I mean don't get me wrong, I do love my Babyliss conical wand but sometimes the curls are so tight and 'proper' that it looks like I am going to the prom. For everyday, messy and effortless loose curls, a simple tong like this should do wonders especially for coloured hair where it's great to add in some dimension and movement.

Apparently they claim it's good enough to replicate tresses like the Kate Middleton! I can totally see how if you'd blow dry your hair first and curl just a few thick sections of the hair with this medium barrelled tong, the effect would be the same dreamy one that the Duchess of Cambridge flaunts. If you're not comfortable using the clip less tong, Hershesons also do one with a clip for those who have slightly more advanced hair styling skills and can manoeuvre the tool like a pro.

Of course their hair tools are amazing no doubt but I have my eyes glued to their clip in extensions. Albeit not a new concept, the way they have styled it on their models just looks so great and natural. I love the fishtail plait and the clip in pastel hair pieces and highlights in particular. Both of them look so fashion forward and are available in a variety of colours. If you cannot make the commitment to manage long hair or add in coloured streaks, this is a great way to experiment especially for occasions. I have always wanted to try out a fishtail plait for weddings and will surely have a go with something like this next time.

Have you tried out hair straighteners other than GHD? Let me know if you've found any better ones out there. Also, what's your take on clip in hair extensions - would you wear a fishtail plait?

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YSL Parisienne & How I would wear it

Do you switch up your fragrances for Autumn/Winter? I do and have found the perfect one to transition into fall seamlessly. Presenting to you, YSL Parisienne. I have been eyeing this beaut since years and am ecstatic to have it in possession! It's one of those fragrances that you just cannot fault. May be a little for longevity and for it's mildness, but other than it - it's perfecto. Having made quite a few noses (male and female) sniff it, I can finally conclude that it's one of those universally lovable scents that hardly anyone finds offensive and mostly all fall in love with.

I think it is due to the fact that the fragrance stays true to promise and the notes are pretty much the same as advertised. Top notes are meant to be Cranberry and Blackberry, Middle Notes are Damask Rose, Violet and Peony whereas the base notes are dominated by Patchouli, Vetyver, Musk and Sandalwood.

It's the perfect amalgamation of fruity and floral notes that I have ever come across. I actually couldn't tell the Top Notes were fruity until I read about it. I actually thought it was just a refreshing rose scent as I personally can smell a lot of rose, fresh grass and vanilla. The dry down is almost ethereal where the scent is very gently lingering around waiting to be discovered. It's definitely there but in the most subtle and delicate way possible.

It's a romantic scent no doubt. Made for the elegant woman at heart who also likes a bit of fun. It's neither mature nor kiddish, hitting the middle ground like no other. After it's dried down, it's quite classy and sexy. I find it perfect for Autumn/Winter because it's not too heavy or overpowering like the ones most of us tend to layer up on this time of the year. It keeps a bit of the summer alive with its hint of fruitiness. At the same time, the floral and woody notes create this romantic, warm aura that makes you feel quite Autumnal.

The soft, dusty pink bottle with it's dimensional cuts, lush gold and black leather detailing just adds to the impact of the fragrance and takes it up another notch. It looks stunning on the vanity and is light enough to carry around as well. I can totally imagine it being a perfect Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine or Christmas pressie for the fussy girl who's difficult to please. 

If I am wearing this fragrance, I wouldn't reserve it for any special occasion although a cosy dinner with the boyfriend or a low key girls night out is where I would like to wear it the most. Because it has this soft, romantic, classy aura surrounding it, I feel a ladylike, girly attire would compliment it best.

For the Autumn/Winter, I'd pair it with a soft flowing maxi, some gold studs, a dusty pink fur jacket, nude heels and a structured bag. I might be boring but I feel dark green and oxblood are the colours to flaunt this season.

They are fashion forward, versatile and wearable at the same time - just like YSL's Parisienne.

Have you tried out this delicious concoction? You can get a 30ml bottle for £44 and a 50ml bottle for £58 from Debenhams. Do you design your outfits around your fragrance or vice versa?

Spoilt Cow Jewellery - Luxury Costume Jewellery

I was having a look around the web for some interesting jewellery pieces and came across a website called Spoilt Cow and was left gobsmacked by the selection of state of the art pieces of jewellery. The jewellery pieces reminded me of the runway but with a more wearable twist to them. Apparently they are inspired by traditional, ethnic jewellery but have been given that contemporary touch to appeal to the young, chic fashionistas of today. The luxury costume jewellery they stock is by a premium make named Isharya, which is actually made by two Indian women in Los Angeles with modern Indian glamour in mind. Having a quick search around, I found Spoilt Cow to be one of the few online retailers in the UK to stock Isharya at an affordable price.

The stunning pieces of costume jewellery cum art have been flaunted globally by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Carly Rae, Abbie Cornish, Robin Tunney as well as being featured by magazines such as Marie Claire in Paris and Bella in NYC. My favourite are these Black Jasper Goddess Honeycomb Earrings which have actually been sold out in the USA and I can see why! Such a perfect way to wear drop down earrings whilst still looking classy and sophisticated. Would look great paired with a little black dress or a chiffon maxi with hair tied up in a messy bun. 

Black Jasper Goddess Honeycomb Earrings
Kim Kardashian wearing White Jade Single Wire Cuff by Spoilt Cow
Don't you just love how they have named their online store Spoilt Cow? Well to be honest, that can actually be a nickname for all us jewellery loving girls out there. I personally love to spoil myself occasionally with luxurious purchases and being a beauty blogger, it's sometimes quite a refreshing change to opt for jewellery instead of make-up. I have slowly started wearing more jewellery, albeit occasionally and my only reason to stay clear of it is because I do not like looking over the top. So when I come across online portals like Spoilt Cow that do subtle, understated and classy pieces of costume jewellery that be thrown on easily and can quickly become evening staples, it's impossible for me not to rave about them. 

The stackable rings that you see below have pearls encrusted in them with an 18k gold plated brass finish. I adore the texture of the rings and multi-dimensional effect of the stones. It looks casual and dressy at the same time, depending on what you pair it with. Shouldn't all jewellery be just as versatile eh? 

The Black Vendome Square Cuff you see above is something I am obsessed with and it has topped my wish list since I've laid my eyes on it. For £45, it's a stunner. It's edginess and delicate gold detailing has had me going all gaga over it. Compared to Topshop and Zara jewellery, I feel these have more depth and uniqueness to them. If you are looking to avoid run of the mill jewellery, these stunning classics would make great Christmas presents.