How to find a good Afro Salon

So I know finding an afro salon can be difficult, let alone for curly hair (like mine!) that needs precise skill and talented staff. Of course word of mouth is what we all go by. If your friend’s hair looks gorgeous, you definitely feel you can trust the hair dresser at that particular afro salon. We like the guinea pig effect don’t we? I personally am pretty much pro the theory that I’d like someone else to try out a service at a hair salon first before giving it a go myself. Selfish but true. That’s how we hair obsessed girls roll!

However, online salon directories and real customer feedback is just as helpful as chatting to a friend about it I believe. Being a blogger, I literally survive on reviews, be it for anything. Now it’s become second nature that before buying a hair care product, I unconsciously look up reviews. For hair salons in particular and the best I’ve come across in terms of salon listings and reviews is noscrunchie.com

I cannot stand salon directories that tell you where to get your hair done for an occasion for instance in your area, without providing any real reviews of the place at all. How are you meant to judge it then? It’s just the same as walking past a salon on the high street and talking a risk to get your hair done there.

I love how noscrunchie have created a little community on their website with a forum for people to interact and an image gallery to upload real pictures and of course for inspiration purposes. If you like how someone’s weave, updo or relaxed hair turned out, voila – you can see which salon they got it done at and get your hair done knowing exactly how it will turn out. More importantly, the website focuses on salon reviews that more and more people rely on these days. If you have been to a good Afro Salon and can’t see it up there, go ahead and add it to the list alongside your very first review for it. The more, the merrier!

Now the website focuses on Afro hair but feel free to add any salon whatsoever, especially if they have managed to tame your unruly tresses and you think the world needs to know about it. If you are wondering why they named it noscrunchie, it’s because who’d need a scrunchie after a fab hair-do at the salon eh? 

Also head over to blackhairmagazine.co.uk who have recently included noscrunchie as their official salon finder too! I personally avoid haircuts at salons altogether due to an amalgamation of bad experiences and find online reviews tremendously helpful.

So tell me, do you rely on online reviews before going to salon or just book yourself in and hope for the best?

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Affordable Facial Serums for Autumn/Winter

I've been a sucker for Face Serums recently and have collected a little stash to give you guys an overview of my absolute favourite ones. Of course the list contains two by Indeed Labs namely Pepta-bright and Hydraluron, followed by KIKO, L'Oreal and Super Facialist by Una Brennan.

Now when I say 'affordable', I don't really mean under a tenner because as we all know, for skincare to actually work on layers of skin, it realistically cannot be for under a tenner. I call these 'affordable' compared to the Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden ones as I personally cannot justify their price tag.

First up - Neon Glow Light Effect Serum by KIKO. This is a brightening and skin renewal formula that contains light reflective particles. I don't find this particularly anti-ageing and cannot see it reversing the process of ageing too. However, it's a gorgeous formula for younger skin that doesn't need as much anti-ageing. It's leaves a lovely, radiant finish on the skin and makes it look glowing and supple from all angles.

The formula is like a clear gel and skin visibly appears more hydrated and well rested. You can call it a hydrating, dewy primer as well. Due to it's formula, I like to use it in the mornings prior to make-up. Brilliant and must-buy! I know KIKO have many other affordable serums in their range which I have my eyes on.

Now I have reviewed L'Oreal's Skin Perfection Serum independently before so I won't blabber too much about it here but had to include it in my affordable serum stash as I believe it retails for around £15 and is the best you can get for that price. I cannot fault the formula, nor the product neither the packaging or the price. It's an all round winner and again, just like the KIKO one, leaves skin looking brighter, well slept and glowing. I feel this is more appropriate for those in their late 20's who don't want to fork out on £50 plus serums. Get. It. Now. 

Albeit the more expensive ones from the lot, these two by Indeed Labs are fab for those who have a little more cash to splurge on skincare. They have a lot of scientific blabber behind them which you can google and as the name suggests, come straight to you from a lab rather than a 'brand' with marketing gimmick. Hence you can expect pure, effective, frills free, to the point formulations that actually work. 

Opt for Pepta-bright if you suffer from dull, lack lustre skin that needs a kick in the brightness department. It will actually help make your skin look naturally brighter within a few weeks. Hydraluron on the other hand is what you should opt for if you suffer from dehydrated skin that is in much need of moisture. It also helps absorb other skincare stuff better to the skin like a magnet - so two thumbs up for that. 

Not in a typical serum like bottle or tube, the capsule form of these Overnight Repair Radiance Capsules by Super Facialist make it an interesting contender amongst night serums. The capsules release a unique formula that turns to a velvety finish when in contact with the skin. Contains Vitamin C, Licorice extract and Tomato Extract to help skin revive and rejuvenate whilst your sleep. Due to it's slightly strange formula, it is important to tap it into the skin instead of the typical rubbing in circular motion. I love how it leaves my skin in the morning. As if I've had a facial the night before. Very true to what it says on the jar and leaves skin looking clearer and brighter.

Have you had any luck with affordable facial serums? Let me know your favourites in the comments below.