New Fragrance: Fendi L'ACQUAROSSA‏

The latest fragrance by the house of Fendi comes housed in an exquisite red and gold bottle, that feels every bit luxurious. It's heavy, sturdy and classy and the contrasting bold colours like red, gold and black only help in making it look very much classy and sophisticated.

It's inspired by Rome, Italian women and to basically celebrate fierce, strong and powerful women who dare to break the norm and live in fantasy. I like how the overall aura of the fragrance is kept bold and fierce yet feminine at the same time. I personally can't get on with over the top perfumes so this hits the middle ground just right.

As for the scent of it, it's one of the most complicated blend of perfumes I have ever come across. I can usually identify notes but for this particular one, I could only think, 'It smells amazing but I'll have to look up the notes'. What I could immediately narrow down was that it's primarily floral and woody notes that instantly ooze opulence. It's definitely a grown up perfume but at the same time is light and fresh so I'd reserve it for the day time.

You know how people have different fragrances reserved for different seasons of the year, I felt this is an all rounder which would be perfect to cheer up dark winter mornings or compliment long sunny days. I would feel a little under dressed wearing it for an occasion or a night out but it's a perfect one for those of you who are not looking to seek attention.

What I can smell is a nice concoction of orange, bergamot, rose, patchouli and musk. Apparently a gold and red flower is also used in one of the notes hence the colour of bottle. To me, it's a little sweet, a little musky and a tad bit fruity - just how I like it. I can see quite a few people liking the scent as it's quite universally loveable one.

The dry down of it is subtle and smokey and lasts quite a few hours on me compared to my usual perfumes. Albeit an expensive one, it would make the ultimate Christmas present and cheer up anybody's festive season.

Available exclusively at Harrods from September, it's definitely a one to look out for if you have a curious nose.


Semi Permanent Mascara - Half your make-up done?

I have always been curious about Semi Permanent Mascara and Eyelash & Brow Tint. Now I have long eye lashes that are decently dense in my opinion that with Mascara they have the potential to look like I am wearing falsies.

Self flattery aside, the thought of waking up with dark, luscious lashes has always temped me only because the hair on my body is black but not dark hence making my lashes a light black shade. It doesn't really do anything for my lashes length and volume because if they are not dark enough, sadly they look invisible.

Whenever I am without mascara at home or forget to wear it someday, I look instantly ill, sleepy or tired. I remember I time when I used to wear only clear mascara and remember it doing nothing for my lashes because unfortunately they are designed for those with naturally dark lashes. Here comes my temptation to opt for semi permanent mascara.

I know there are a few brands in drugstores that promise to deliver similar effects with regular mascara and I've tried them all only to be disappointed. I believe the actual treatment in the salon is what will cut the mustard for me. Can you imagine, absolutely no worrying about mascara flakes getting in between contact lenses or dripping all over the face in rain?

I can imagine it being a beauty boon for swimmers or athletes. I mean who wants to hit the gym with a tonne of mascara on eh? If you're a lip gloss and mascara kind of girl then semi permanent mascara would mean half your make-up done! I've heard the results last till 4-6 weeks and work wonders for non-existent or scanty lower lashes.

Would you give it a try? Let me know. 

KIKO Custom Eye Shadow Quad + two sneaky EOTD's

Just like MAC and Inglot, KIKO have brought out empty refillable eye shadow palettes that are available to purchase separately. What I like about them is that they are available in threes, fours, nines and twenty fours. So whether you're a make-up artist on a photoshoot or just going away for a holiday, there's a palette for every kind of make-up addict. I also like how their palettes are sturdy and nice looking as opposed to those with transparent lids. I personally feel these look more sophisticated and grown up.

Inside you can choose to put KIKO's Infinity Eye Shadows or Infinity+ Sparkle Eye Shadows. I believe these are their latest formulations and are simply ingenious! So they are not super sparkly or in your face pigmented but trust me when I say, they have NO fallout whatsoever. I recently used a few of these to do make-up for a friend's wedding and they were so much better compared to Sleek and Urban Decay shadows that caused a lot of fallout.

These are buildable and moderately pigmented, with a smooth satin like finish to them. I adore them as they are easy to wear on a daily basis without thinking twice. If you're heavy handed and not very neat when it comes to eye shadow application, try these out as they are almost foolproof. Isn't the shade variety in my palette so very autumnal? Such lovely maroons, dull khakis, blackened blues and a shimmery pink to jazz things up.

This shimmery pink in particular has a very interesting texture. It's almost like loose shimmery pigments have been packed into an eyeshadow. So when you swipe it with your finger, it's a nice film of iridescent, finely milled shimmer particles. My favourite way to use them is on the centre of the lids for dimension and the inner corners to brighten and lighten.

My KIKO custom eyeshadow quad in action!

This particular empty palette to house 4 eyeshadows retails for a mere £4.90! The eye shadow refills are £5.90 and £7.50 depending on whether they are Infinity or Infinity+ Sparkle.

It's the most cost effective way to make yourself a new eye shadow palette for Autumn/Winter peeps.

Below is when I used KIKO's Infinity Eye Shadows in greyish black and hot pink to do eye make-up for a friends occasion. Not sure of the colour names but they were amazing with no fallout and great longevity!


My Autumnal Lippie Love - Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick in Berry Smooch

I have found the best lipstick that is perfect to transition into Autumn without making it all subtle, boring and muted. Surprisingly, it's Avon's Perfect Kiss Lipstick in Berry Smooch that I found lying around brand new in my make-up stash. Not sure why I didn't give this a go before but as soon as I applied it, I was in love. It's a colour I hadn't owned before. 

The perfect mixture of berries, blue toned pinks and purple - who can say no to that? Importantly, it's super flattering, feminine and elegant looking so if you're scared to wear bright, bold, in your face colours, you can still give it a go albeit sheerly. 

It's not a gothic shade, nor does it lean towards the extreme fashionista. It's like the common woman's glamorous night time alternative, which is what I love about it. It's your regular deep shade just made uber glam by mixing a variety of colour undertones. Best of all, it only retails for £8.50 and it might even be a MAC dupe which you guys tell me about. 

Aah yes, it's full coverage from the very first swipe when applied directly from the bullet and is absolutely hydrating even on my chapped, dry, sensitive-to-lipstick lips. Apparently, it's fully packed of good natural oils that make it so moisturising. It's got a luscious glossy finish to it which obviously helps at making lips fuller. I can't fault it! Need to get my hands on more shades now :) 


Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturiser

Is quite an expensive one retailing for £42 for 75ml. Although I think 75ml is a generous amount and the bottle looks lush and the actual product is good quality, it is expensive isn't it?

If you have the cash to splurge however, it's a beaut this one. Ibuki is Shiseido's range of skincare geared towards a busy, city lifestyle and to combat pollution, sleepless nights and to make your skin look amazing even though you're dehydrated and are lazy when it comes to removing your make-up before bed.

Apparently that's quite a few of us hence such skincare can come handy if you're a regular traveller and want your skin to look awake, energised and ready to face the day. It also targets large pores and helps skin look more soft and photoshopped if you know what I mean. More claims include to even out skintone, prevent breakouts and quench dry skin.

I personally think one moisturiser cannot work for dry and oily skin, dehydration and large pores at the same time. I don't think this would even out pigmentation. From my use of this, I feel it's more geared towards dehydrated skin types and those who are lazy with their skincare routine and are used to sleeping with make-up at night. I didn't notice any particular pore shrinking qualities. Having said that, it didn't result in any breakouts on my skin and it's been clear since a while now.

What I am trying to say is that if you have dry, dehydrated skin that is dull and lustre lacking - this is brilliant to replenish it with enough hydration and radiance. I have a few friends who are so lazy with their skincare routine that they don't moisturise and exfoliate for days. If you're one of them, this is an effective moisturiser to rely on as it works quickly and is quite potent at what it does. For the lazy skincare gals, you can't expect to have gorgeous skin by relying on a drugstore moisturiser once in a while. Try this out in Boots or at a Shiseido counter!

It's a light lotion that feels lovely on the skin and leaves it looking dewy and moist. I personally like to wear this with some SPF and a light tinted moisturiser to get the best out of it.

If you like to invest in luxurious skincare that will work well with sensitive skin, jot this down in your wish-list right now.