Organic Surge 2 Minute Moisture Mask

I have ombred my hair recently using L'Oreal's boxed dyes and although little, it has damaged and dried out my hair. Especially the ends feel like they have no weight in them and decide to mould in different shapes despite styling. This hair mask was like a saviour that I discovered at the right time. I am not one for hair masks but I love to use this as a regular conditioner only for the ends of my hair. You are meant to leave it on for 2 minutes but knowing the obsessed me, I sit with this for a good 10 minutes to make it work even effectively. Albeit if you're in a hurry, this works just as well under 2 minutes. All conditioners to do be honest hence you'll notice them rinsing it away pretty quickly in salons. It's just a myth that conditioner needs to stay on for 20 minutes to work.

This baby contains coconut oil, sweet orange oil and black pepper essential oils. It almost sinks into the hair and I can see my coarse hair drink it all up. The ends feel so soft and smooth after application and it's almost like this has made the ends stronger naturally. It doesn't have any silicones so no artificial glossiness. If you style your hair a lot using heated irons and tongs or colour your hair often, this is a must-have in any bathroom cabinet. For £6.99, it's one of the best hair masks available in my opinion and the dinky pot is actually lasting me quite a few weeks surprisingly, so you do get your value for money. Two thumbs up!



Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub

I love this stuff! There is seriously nothing better to unwind on a lazy weekend or after a nice workout. Now I have a collection of body scrubs and exfoliators to an extent that you can call be an addict or a hoarder, as per your preference. But I just have one thing to say in my defence - a girls gotta have variety!

Now I am not sure why but Sanctuary Spa products are not talked about as much as Soap & Glory for instance. I am not here to make comparisons but I feel Sanctuary Spa is just so elegant, mature and sophisticated as a brand compared to the rest when it comes to highstreet skincare brands. If you're looking for Christmas pressies for an aunt or your mum, get one of their beautifully boxed gift sets and I promise they will love it.

Back to the Hot Sugar scrub. First of all, it's got a different consistency where there's more of the milky liquid and fewer granules. The granules are also extremely minute hence forming a film when on your skin and working better at sloughing off dead skin cells. Secondly, it has a warming sensation when initially rubbed into the skin which makes one feel like they are actually in a spa. It also helps open pores and give a thorough exfoliation. The warming sensation is what I use this most for, especially when I have a body ache or sore muscles.

It leaves skin tremendously smooth and brighter. I can't sometimes believe there's so much gunk on the skin preventing real skin from showing through! Note to self: Need to exfoliate often!

It has that typical spa like smell that I cannot describe as usual but you know what I mean right? A huge 550 gm pot for £11.25 is great in my opinion. Stop by it's aisle when you're in Boot's next time.



Sorbet Pink Wedding FOTD

Hola Amigos! You haven't seen my face for a while and I used to love doing FOTD's a few years ago so here's one and I promise there will be more, as I know you guys loved it before :)

This is for a friends wedding that I went to recently and wanted to opt for something fresh and different. It was an Indian wedding by the way and I didn't want to do a cut crease or add a layer or shimmer so shocking pink, neon lips paired with sorbet pink eyes and muted blush is what I opted for.

I can't believe I used to despise Jemma Kidd's Light As Air Foundation a few months ago because I'm totally obsessed with it now. You have to try it out if you haven't! It lasts the entire day without budging or fading and doesn't need any powder to set. Gives medium coverage without looking cakey. Can't fault it!

Am also a little obsessed with bright lippies at the moment. By bright I mean neon. Not sure why I've caught up the Summer trend now in Autumn but ah well, you'll be seeing me wear a lot of it. Also, Clinique's High Impact Volume Mascara has been my recent Holy Grail for lashes. By that I mean any sort of lashes, be it short or scanty. It's just got such a nice carbon black colour and is perfect for creating volume, thickness and length.

What I'm wearing:

- Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation in 03
- NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC35
- Chanel Bronze Universal
- Illamasqua Naked Rose Blush
- NYX Lipstick Shocking Pink
- KIKO Eyeshadow Palette in Peach Lake
- Clinique High Impact Volume Mascara
- L'Oreal Super Liner in Perfect Slim

Hope you peeps have been well and the weather isn't getting you down. It's getting nippy now in London and I'm slowing getting used to the fact that I'll be smothered in coats and scarves very very soon. Christmas sales, Winter Wonderland and Starbucks red cups is what I'm looking forward to.


St Grape Natural Skincare Review

I've recently been trying out some amazing new products from a brand called St Grape and have been truly enjoying them, so had to let you guys know. The brand focuses on healing, repairing and providing you with a spa like relaxing environment in the comfort of your home. The products smell deliciously soothing and are a perfect little aromatherapy treat for skincare lovers.

I personally find the scent of these products to be stress relieving so if you are someone who finds it difficult to wind down after a hectic day, you should definitely check them out. The skincare products are all natural and I like how they focus on eco friendly packaging, whilst still making it look chic and sophisticated.

I believe these would make fabulous Christmas presents for anyone who's into skin and well being and will save you the trouble of gift wrapping them!

The Invisible Skin Massage Oil is gorgeous. I can see where the name originates from as it quickly absorbs into the skin on application. Having said that, it still makes a lovely massage oil and allows the fingers to move around the body providing just the right amount of slip. It leaves skin looking naturally glowing and radiant instead of oil slick.

Did you know it's a blend of 9 essential oils, the concoction of which not only makes it smell uplifting but makes it a lovely product to sooth muscle pain and to promote relaxation. If you suffer from dry skin and don't like the heavy feeling of creams, you'll love this as it's superbly hydrating. It smells refreshing, soothing yet uplifting, almost minty yet woody and warm. A must-have for skincare addicts or if you like to indulge in body massages quite often.

Coming to the Aqua Bliss Face & Body Scrub. This is divine for £12! I have seen so many high end skincare brands charging atrocious prices for body scrubs with mediocre product inside so compared to that, this is quite amazing. The texture of the product is quite unique and the only way I can describe is, is the texture of ice. It's so smooth and finely blended that is almost slips off your fingers like sand. The minute granules work at exfoliating the skin gently without being abrasive or harsh at all. It contains mineral sea salt and natural oil extracts and leaves skin almost velvety smooth and bright.

The scent of this is like that of when you enter a spa which works at creating a relaxing aura. I like to use this in the bath as it's a multi tasker that works just as well on the face as it does on the body. If you're lazy with scrubs or find them irritating on your delicate skin, this is a great alternative to try for the price. Also, it comes in pretty packaging making it a great contender for a Christmas pressie.

The Ancient Foot Scrub is another stunner with a strong minty, refreshing scent and large, dry exfoliating granules. I like how the products contain dry ingredients for scrub with no layer of oil within them. However, it still seems to be hydrating on the skin which is what I like. If you have a foot spa machine at home, I like to put some in the bubbling water and coat some on my feet before dipping them into warm water.

Even if you don't have a foot spa at home, just warm up some water in the bath tub and soak your feet after a long, tiring day with this sprinkled all over. To get rid of dead skin and chapped feet, massage this for a minute or two and it's quite potent at leaving feet looking like they've just had a nice little pedicure. You get a huge pot for £25 and is bound to last ages if you use it occasionally as a DIY pampering treat. The minty scent is a little overpowering but works quite well for relaxation.

Last but not the least, I have an Exotic Soaking Salt from them which is blend of 84 minerals! Containing Himalayan Salt Crystals and Essential Oils, this product is the ultimate bath time treat. Perfect for insomniacs and night owls, try taking a bath with this at night to encourage a good nights sleep. Again, it smells very minty and refreshing but works well at creating a stimulating atmosphere. 

I sometimes use it as a scrub on the feet when in the bath and it works well at getting feet looking polished. I love the packaging it comes in that makes it look ever so appealing. If you're also a workout enthusiast like myself, this is great after leg day and for sore muscles. 

On the whole, I'm quite impressed with what I've seen from the brand. I like their attention to detail and how they don't compromise on any aspect of the product. They are priced quite reasonably and I have my eyes set on many more, especially as presents. Apparently they will be revamping their packaging just in time for the festive season, so keep your eyes peeled.


L'Oreal Skin Perfection Serum & Moisturiser

I've been using these products since the past few weeks now and they have worked amazingly for my skin, so I thought it was time for a review. Can I just say that the past few weeks have have so hectic with guests at my place, with work overload and amidst that, being super involved in a friends wedding. I am mentioning this as all this could have stressed out my skin, considering I've run out of my beloved Effaclar Duo. But it didn't thanks to this ingenious duo which I've been using morning and night.

Isn't the ombre hot pink packaging super girly and sleek? It is a heavy glass packaging so feels like lush, high end skincare. So what I understand is that the products are made for normal to combination skin in general and particularly geared towards achieving HD skin by minimising the appearance of pores. Regardless of your hectic lifestyle, it's made to help your skin look amazing and pixel perfect without makeup.

The Advanced Correcting Serum is to die for. In simple words I cannot live without it and will be stocking up as soon as I run out of it. It's got a lovely dewy, iridescent formula with light reflecting particles that help bounce off light from the face. You can get it for under £15 I believe and the formula is just brilliant. It instantly revives tired, dull skin and makes skin look just young and fresh. I can definitely see close ups of my skin looking better as this gives the illusion of smaller pores. It doesn't feel tight or dry on the skin after use. Although it sinks in the skin quickly, sometimes at night when my skin feels hydrated, I just use this on its own paired with some eye cream. All you normal, combination skin girls - you need this in your life. 

The Correcting Day Moisturiser is fabulous especially when used with the serum. It's perfectly hydrating without leaving skin sticky or oily. It sinks into the skin quite nicely and leaves it supple and plump. Again, it's got a natural dewy finish which works at lifting tired, dull skin and giving it that pick-me-up it needs in the morning. I believe this would suit oily skin girls too as it hasn't broken me out. Soft and fluffy to use, you get a tonne of product in the pot and is worth every single penny spent. 

My verdict, get it now! I want to repurchase both but I have moisturisers that I need to use up before I do that. For now, I think I'll be getting myself the serum.