Body Wrap: Detox Inch Loss Treatment

Have you heard about this inch loss treatment that has actually been in the industry since a few years now. It's not new at all but for some reason I haven't heard very much about it.

After doing a little bit of research on the topic, I felt it was worth raving about as it has quickly reached the top of my wish list of  beauty treatments. What it is is basically a form of a body massage cum exfoliating treatment where a relaxing and exfoliating concoction of sea weed is applied all over the body after which the body is wrapped up in bandages while you relax. 

The tight bandage wrap helps at getting rid of water retention, contouring flabby areas, smooth out dimply areas on the thighs for instance and dissolve hard to budge fat deposits.

The Body Wrap treatment also aids in evening out skin tone and making it appear plump and supple. Apparently it's even meant to give your lymphatic system a boost by aiding in lymphatic drainage and getting rid of any toxins. 

You feel lighter and more energised along with seeing visible inch loss, albeit temporarily. It's not a long term treatment of course. There is no short cut to looking fitter and loosing weight. The Body Wrap treatment however is there to help give you that final push for hard to melt areas of the body, which might just appear bloated and puffy due to water retention. 

Once or twice a month of the treatment is recommended if you are on a mission to shred those extra inches on your body via a rigorous exercise routine and a strict clean eating diet. 

I feel it's a great one before going to a beach holiday, prior to a wedding or any special occasion where you need to fit into a body hugging dress or simply for the sluggish ones amongst us who need to give their metabolism a kick on the butt. 


Sponsored Video: Just Cavalli Launches Video Game

Just Cavalli have launched their Masculine Fragrance for Him and to celebrate that have released a Facebook game namely ‘Just a Bite’. You can see Georgia May Jagger, the model for Just Cavalli being obsessed about it in the video below. Isn’t she plainly gorgeous and just perfect for the brand? I love how simple and plain she is compared to other high fashion models. Its as if she doesn’t need to try hard to ooze seduction and playfulness and just comes to her naturally through her looks.

First of all, can I just say that I love Just Cavalli Fragrances. I feel they stand out from the crowd mainly due to their packaging which looks quite high end yet modern and fresh at the same time. As for their scents, I have sniffed a few and always been so impressed. They are the epitome of youth with a bit of sexy shot through them. I definitely feel they are geared for a younger consumer of today. Their blends are not very complicated in my opinion, in fact simple and stylish.

Regarding the Just a Bite game, it’s really addictive and quite like a little mystery game where it leaves the player wondering what happened with them the night before and to make sense of the entire situation by taking cues from the apartment and the objects in the apartment, which is where the game starts off in the first place. I believe there’s a few things like your phone, perfume and all that you’ve got to find before you can proceed to another level. The graphics are brilliant and not being a lover of games at all, I quite enjoyed having a little play with it due to the thrill involved. Have a look at it here.

*This post has been sponsored by Just Cavalli.


Beautecobox now called Love Me Beauty: September Edition

Beautecobox has been renamed to Love Me Beauty now. I don't quite know why but I love the new name anyway. Regardless, here's their September Box. As usual, there are three menus to choose from and this is what I choose. It's quite skincare focused and seems to me like one that's geared towards getting rid of post-holiday blues. Holidays are great but they can wreck havoc on skin and these to me seem like little helpers in the repairing process. Also, these would be great for back to school mummies!

What you get:

- An Anti-Ageing Serum
- A Hydrating Toner
- A Natural Face Wash
- A Cooling Foot Cream
- An Eye Gel Mask

The Face Wash contains Lemon and Tea tree and is perfect for pre-menstrual, spotty days of the month. Now I didn't find the Nip & Fab Foot Cream to be cooling, but it's very very hydrating. I am really bad when it comes to my feet and leave them parched and dry as they are always hidden in closed shoes and boots. This is great though, it immediately quenches dry skin and best of all, isn't sticky at all. If you're like me and hate the feeling of slippery feet after foot cream application, try out this one. 

I adore these two babies for mature, dehydrated skin. Would be airplane and holiday essentials to me honest due to their dinky size and potent formulation but I have using it to get my skin back on track. The collagen serum absorbs quickly, leaves skin matte and works at tightening and firming. Hence I like to use the Mist before as it replenishes the hydration levels in the skin. Note to self: Must buy full sizes!

Finally, the gel eye bag. A beauty essential that every girl and guy needs in their skincare stash. Keep it in the fridge overnight and it works wonders for sleepless nights, tired faces and workaholics. Just brilliant! Don't you just love Anatomical's funky names. They always make me crack up!


Models Own Fireworks

I love these stunner's for wearing on their own or topping up on top of any base paint for a quick glam manicure. They are a part of Models Own latest Fireworks range and quite frankly look pretty much like a party going on your nails. They are like glittery, multicoloured shreds which makes them quite unique. No chunky or 3d glitter dots this time. It's a different shape altogether and is plainly gorgeous. If you're tired
 of glitter nail paint, this is perfect to revive your love for it all over again.

Also for £5 each, I believe nothing can beat them for this price. Available in 5 shades in total, these three are my ultimate favourite, especially the blue one. It's such a magnificent, deep, rich, royal shade that it works well on it's own even when applied on a bare nail. 

Check them out for sure! Look's like my pick-me-up staple for winter blues. 

Sponsored Video: Very’s Definition Range

Have you ever been stuck in a rut with office clothes? Remember that time when you were meant to hit a cocktail party after work and had to bring along a dress with you to get changed into for the evening? Yes we all have gone through those dilemmas when we can’t decide between wearing the evening dress to work or wearing an office apparel to an evening party. 

Very.co.uk has listened to us working damsels in distress and has come up an extensive range of clothing that will take you from sophisticated office wear to glamorous evening wear in no time. The brilliant thing is, you won’t need to change your entire apparel for that!

The dresses, skirts, midis, maxis, body cons and shirts are designed in this way that they can easily work their way through both scenarios like a dream. Having a look at the range (and making a never ending wish list in my mind!), I noticed there is a lot of lace, jacquard, colour blocking, contrasting patterns and textures used which makes them stand out.

I like how they have made blazers in particular quite interesting by incorporating some contrast leather sleeves, jacquard detailing and interesting shapes such as the waterfall. I’d throw it on after work to add in some oomph and glamour. There’s also no obvious sparkle and shine and just a hint of sequins in dresses in the Definitions range, keeping the look and feel of the entire range quite mature, elegant, figure flattering yet extremely wearable and feminine.

Very have kept the colours quite autumnal and the clothes look comfortable too which keeps the entire concept intact as you definitely don’t want to feel uncomfortable and out of place whilst at work. They hit the perfect combination of being edgy and stylish. If you cannot stand shabby, mismatched, drab office wear and are looking for a brand new diva wardrobe that can adjust between day and night, the definitions range is worth a look.

*This post has been sponsored by Very.co.uk


Neom Perfect Night Sleep Kit

If you have trouble sleeping, you'll love this Perfect Night Sleep Kit by Neom which is discounted on their website for the month of September from £74.50 to £55! It contains all Lavender based products including a Candle, Bath Foam and Pillow Mist. The ones I have here are travel sized but just so I can get gist of it but when bought from the website, they will be generous full sizes.

I quite like the little sleep inducing kit they've come up with here. Just the right ingredients you need - a relaxing bath foam, a stress relieving candle to burn in the bedroom while reading before you sleep and an indulgent pillow mist that adds an extra kick to the entire relaxing aura. Simply perfect for you insomniacs, workaholics, anxiety sufferers and plain old night owls!

I recently red that depriving your body and mind of sleep is pretty much equal to starving it off food. It can have a similar effect on your body and seriously disrupt its normal functioning, so if products like these can help you snooze a little longer, its fabulous isn't it.

I don't personally find the scent of these products overpowering so if you're not a fan of Lavender, I'd suggest you still give it a try as it's more relaxing than smoky. I love how it's blended so well with Jasmine and Sweet Basil giving it that edge and adding character to the products.

My ultimate favourite is the Pillow Mist. It's unique and I haven't come across many in stores which makes me love it even more. It doesn't trigger my allergies or make me sneeze at all which is great for those with sensitive noses. It also doesn't stain pillows or bedsheets and is a great compliment to the candle. I like to spritz some in the room so I can smell it in the air before spraying it on the pillow. If you're not planning to purchase the kit, this is one thing I highly recommend you try.

To celebrate the launch of the Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Campaign, NEOM Luxury Organics has teamed up with like-minded premium companies such as Lifehouse Spa & Hotel, Abaca, The Wool Room, The Fine Cotton Company, Hush, Amelia Freer Nutritionist and Pukka to launch a very special competition to win a deluxe package worth over £2,000, all geared towards giving you the Perfect Night’s Sleep. To enter the competition, visit http://www.neomorganics.com/sleepcomp.html.