M&S Beauty Event Gift With Purchase

Till 11th September, M&S are hosting a Beauty Discovery Event where there are tonnes of Gift's With Purchase offers when you buy one or more products from a certain brand. Have a look at the complete list here.

I have Crabtree & Evelyn's Hand Therapy Floral Set worth £12 and Advanced Formula 1 Minute Facial worth £15 to show you guys which are both GWP's. I am a huge sucker for gifts with purchase and always admired the ones Estee Lauder too. What I like is relevant products, i.e. give me skincare GWP if I am buying skincare as well as generous sizes. Both of which M&S seems to have ticked off my list brilliantly.

The 1 Minute Facial is a creamy exfoliator and also a mask which should be left on the skin for a minute for it to work effectively. Now I don't get on very well with exfoliators because to my skin they only scratch rather than exfoliate. But this baby is BEAUTIFUL! It's so creamy and the granules and are not abrasive at all. It all works so well in symmetry and I can feel it buffing and polishing my skin. I personally like to keep massaging it in circular motions for a minute until it's on the skin but you can leave it as it is before washing it off with warm water. My skin felt super smooth and soft after use and very hydrated. I'm meant to use it twice a week but I can't stop seriously! I can totally see why it's out of stock on their website. Please bookmark and get it when it's back in stock.

I kept staring at this gift box by Crabtree & Evelyn until I had to push myself to ruin the pretty tubes and squeeze some cream out of it. It looks so beautiful, perfect for those who like florals and vintage inspired patterns. The tin tubes have such a retro look and feel to them don't they? The hand creams smell gorgeous albeit not overpowering. Just a subtle hint of fragrance and my favourite is Rosewater without doubt. They sink into the skin and quite unusually leave skin matte and velvety soft. If you can't stand overtly hydrating hand creams that leave a glossy residue, give this a try.

Will you be getting anything from M&S Beauty? They have the most unique, niche and good quality brands compared to your usual John Lewis and House of Fraser. I need to give the website a proper browse now. Off I go. 


Andrew Barton Strictly For Brunettes

Andrew Barton products have also been a staple in my haircare wardrobe since a while now. They are cheap and cheerful and most importantly, come from a celebrity hair stylist! I love the ranges no-nonsense approach.

Also, products are very specific to every hair type and actually do exactly what they say on the tube. This is the first time I'm trying a shampoo and conditioner targeted at brunettes and I have to say I'm loving it. I was a little sceptical that it's not going to beat my usual L'Oreal shampoos but surprisingly it did. I mean I still love L'Oreal but if you find their shampoos to be overly drying or making your hair limp, then you've got to try this out. It leaves my hair super bouncy and soft which is what I like.

The shampoo is a gel like formula that doesn't lather much but does a fabulous job at cleansing without drying out the hair to the extreme. The conditioner is a nice creamy formula that you need to leave on for a good 15 minutes so see super soft results. I don't even have to use any hair products after I used these two.

My locks feel separated which automatically gives them more volume. As for the mirror like shine, it's not exactly that glossy but just a lovely healthy sheen. If you've just dyed your hair to a shade of brown, use this for maintenance to keep the colour intact and to add that much needed shine after the chemicals from the colour have damaged your hair.

I highly recommend Andrew Barton Hair Masks in particular if you want to dip your toes into the range!


L'Oreal Elvive Aqua Serum

I am not even joking but I must have tried almost all serums and hair products from the Elvive range till date. I am a huge fan of L'oreal's hair products if that's not evident by now and have found they have always worked so well for my thick, slightly frizzy, wavy hair. Being reasonably priced, I can use volumes of the product without worrying about it leaving me broke. The only issue, L'oreal discontinue their serums which leaves me buying them at overpriced rates from ebay. Don't do it this time L'oreal, pretty please.

The Aqua Serum is one that promises to add a keratin kick to the hair by repairing damage and restoring softness whilst protecting hair against heat tools. If you suffer from small flyaways especially around the crown area which can appear messy at time, this is fabulous at taming that. Why I love it is because when I use it around the crown area, it doesn't flatten any volume or make my hair limp. In fact the texture looks exactly as it is, minus any frizzy flyaway pieces.

I agree that the product would work on unruly thick frizzy hair and just as well as on normal hair that suffers from the same problems. This is because the formula albeit looks thick, has the ability to absorb into the hair cuticle at the speed of light leaving absolutely no greasy residue at all. This way those with fine hair shouldn't worry about this making hair limp or flat. 

There's no instant miraculous effect with this product but rather long term goodness I found with use. It keeps my hair in good condition and keeps them frizz free for the entire day when I use it on damp hair or prior to styling. Hair feels exactly the same, just healthier, softer and frizz free. I found no artificial looking gloss and shine with this product which is what I prefer. 

Overall, if you're looking a light weight hair serum that nourishes, protects and tames frizz, definitely check this out. I believe it only retails for a mere £5.99 which is why I love L'oreals hair products in the first place.