Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Hair Treatment

Perhaps I've been living under a rock since the past few years because only recently did I come to know that Brazilian Blowdry was the equivalent of a Keratin Treatment for hair. Now there are a tonne of Keratin Treatments in the market, but Brazilian Blowdry is the cream of the crop and has been ruling the hair industry since decades actually.

Also known as the permanent blowdry, the treatment is designed for unruly locks, frizzy tresses and basically an unmanageably coarse mane caused by chemical damage, heat tools or dying. The intense treatment takes 2-3 hours to complete and generally uses a mixture of red clay, white clay and cocoa oil which is applied to hair, allowed to dry and then sealed in with a blow dry hence hair appears thicker, glossier and softer. 

You are meant to protect your hair for a few days after the treatment, in the sense that keep it away from sweating, getting wet or forming a certain shape or pattern through a hair band or pony tail. Basically you're meant to keep it straight and dry for three days without any cheating and as a result hair will stay shiny, silky and tame for 3-6 months! Imagine waking up with sleek hair every day of your life. I guess you'd still have to blow dry after a hair wash and have the ability curl it occasionally but none the less, it will be like that friend you have who always has great hair? Yup, her. Just like that. 

It's not permanent hair straightening or a chemical relaxing treatment as that's what people usually confuse it with. With a Brazilian Blowdry, your hair will not appear artificially poker straight or chemically damaged but only softer especially if you have curls which will be easy to style compared to before. In fact it is designed for damaged, coarse hair so if you have naturally decent hair, you are not going to witness dramatic results.

I personally found the treatment quite alluring as I do have a lot of hair on my head and it's darn difficult to keep in control hence I'm always found with curls as it's the easiest way for me to keep them tame. A must-have for weddings and holidays in my opinion or after you've had your hair freshly coloured, the exotic sounding Brazilian Blowdry is the easiest way to seal in the colour and moisture. 

Now I have a wish-list of beauty treatments alongside one for skincare products and make-up bits and bobs. Aaah the never ending desires of a beauty blogger. Have you tried this? Let me know if you have!


The only dress you need in the world: A Little Black Dress

How can the world turn its back to an outfit that looks impeccable on every women and has the power to make them look put together in 5 minutes. Simply throw on some accessories and statement shoes and you’re set for any sort of social event. 

It’s actually pretty easy to find a good LBD if you still haven’t found your perfect one yet. Simply opt for a cocktail dress with a nipped in waist, knee length skirt and a classic neckline that will simply never fail you in the fashion kingdom. 

If you’re a little experimental, want a collection of LBD’s or want to keep up with season trends, opt for one with leather details, sheer panels, sequin embellishments and cutouts especially at the back of the dress of an edgy look.

As the wedding season is still in full form as the sun decides to adorn the landscapes of UK, how about a black dress UK for your bridesmaids? It’s something that’s not explored as much in the wedding territory but seeing the fuss involved in keeping the bridesmaids happy with your choice, ensuring the outfit compliments them well and is also within the theme of your wedding, a perfect combination is far from possible to achieve. 

Asking your bridesmaids to wear a little black dress will keep them happy without compromising on style. More importantly, if you have friends like me who will always be complaining of how they don’t look good in a wedding, a flattering, figure minimising LBD will stop all the complaints from flowing. Opt for a peplum top detail, long sheer sleeves, nude lace detail or a one shoulder number for a sophisticated, chic look that will make the outfit more appropriate for a wedding.

Another occasion to opt for a LBD as opposed to experimenting with colours has to be a graduation ceremony without doubt. Coming from experience, don’t listen to the people who say your robe will be covering your dress anyway. You will be flaunting the outfit for the entire day whilst taking pictures with family, mingling with class mates at after party and also a quick trip to the stage. 

Avoid the nerve racking process of finding yourself the perfect colour and opt for a failsafe black. It doesn't have to be boring and formal at all. With the variety of edgy, unique and bang on trend LBD’s available these days, you will actually be spoilt for choice. I really wish I had explored websites for more choices before my graduation day!

Do you have a social event coming up soon? Stop stressing on the outfit and choose a LBD to suit your figure and personality. 


August Beauty Box Battle: Glossybox vs Beautecobox

In the constant battle of beauty boxes and with so many choices available out there, I thought I should do a 'vs' post to help some of you peeps decide which beauty box you should go for if you're still a beauty box virgin.

First up, is the cult-favourite, over talked about Glossybox. Having said that, it's the first one I knew of that was big in the UK so it deserves every word of praise especially for the branding it has created. Having a look at what I have received for my August box, I'd say it's quite a random mix actually. I see a Purity Cleanser, a Jelly Pong Pong Eye Shadow Stick which can also be used as an eye liner, a make-up remover/corrector pen, an eye lash curler and a sample of Viva La Juicy.

I'd say if you like experimenting with your make-up, skincare and beauty tools in general and would seriously like to be surprised with your monthly products, then opt for this. It's literally like a lucky dip and you wont' be able to predict what's in there.

If you're a constant moaner of a consumer and like your bang for the buck and all that jazz, the new but steadily established Beautecobox will be your best bet. Now I don't think as the name suggests that all the products in here are 100% organic in all the boxes. Well, that's what I think. I feel their boxes are green hence the name? I might be wrong so do correct me. What's important is that, you will be taken by a pleasant surprise by this one and will have expected to receive these bits in your monthly box anyway.

They play safe with the brands, colours and formulations which is a good thing for those who want full value for money. Especially as Beautecobox contains full sized or travel sized products most of the times instead of teeny tiny samples. This months box containes a Face Wash, Melvita Facial Spray, Serum, Lord & Berry Lipstick and Lord & Berry Lip Liner (which isn't featured here because it's been nicked by a family member before I could photograph it!)

As for the usability of these products, I'll surely get more use out of the products contained in Beautecobox. No offence Glossybox, I sometimes LOVE your boxes but I don't curl my lashes and use a cotton bud to correct make-up mistakes. Also, that Juicy Couture perfume I love. Maybe a slightly bigger sample next time?

Bioderma Refreshing After-Sun Milk

With the last few days of sun remaining in the UK, soak it while you can until NEXT Summer. How far away and depressing does that sound? Thank goodness for the sunny vacations we take in between. Whether you're planning to hit Brighton or Barbados soon, you will love this After-Sun Milk by Bioderma.

Firstly because we all LOVE Bioderma as a brand unconditionally don't we. It's scarcely available range in the UK just makes it more exclusive. Hence it goes without saying that because they make their skincare so well, it's obvious their after-sun will contain skincare benefits that we can absorb into our bodies.

It says that application prolongs a tan and prevents skin from ageing. Fingers crossed that it will do that! Not the tan part as I naturally look pretty toasted but the anti-ageing part, yes please. I don't want my skin to look like leather when I'm in my 40's.

This is my first After-Sun Milk believe it or not. Otherwise I just wouldn't apply anything to the skin after sun exposure. *slaps wrist and makes a mental note* I have to say the texture is no different than a hydrating and light body lotion, making me think I might as well upgrade it's position to my regular body lotion for the holidays! Who carries an After-Sun Milk AND a Body Lotion to a vacation eh?

On the whole, it's a nice light and creamy, soothing concoction which will help replenish parched skin after sun exposure, decongest skin and help in skin cell regeneration. All that for a huge bottle of 200ml retailing for £10.90 at Escentual.com. Stock it up ladies!


KIKO Pearly Eye Base Primer

Loving this stuff recently! I usually am not bothered with Eye Primers really because I find them to do nothing for me and it's basically like adding an extra step in my make-up routine that's not going to make much of a difference. Especially considering that I don't have oily eye lids.

However if you suffer from oil slick eye lids or want your eye make-up to last all day, lets say for a special occasion without having to top up, you'll love this one by KIKO. It's called the Pearly Eye Base and has even got me into the habit of using it prior to applying eye shadow.

Thankfully it has an illuminating finish with iridescent shimmer dashed through it. It's not frosty or overtly shimmery but just has a lightening and brightening effect on the lids without giving much coverage at all. It's quite translucent but you can visibly see a film of silver shimmer on the lids.

I like that it's not matte as this way it adds some dimension and helps the lids look slightly more awake and done up if you know what I mean. If I am in a hurry, I sometimes just pop this on it's own and finish off with a slick liner and mascara. This is what makes me want to compare it to MAC's Paint Pots but in a tube format. 

I find it very slightly moisturising in the sense that it doesn't dry out my dry-normal lids like other matte eye primers do. It sets instantly and does not budge. I did a little eye shadow test on both lids, one with this on and one without it to see if it made any difference in eye shadow application.

Surprisingly it does! The one without the primer applied eye shadow unevenly and didn't do any justice to it's pigmentation. The colour distribution looked uneven and the shadows didn't go on quite as smooth as it did with the primer on.

Although it has a bit of a radiant finish, I found it didn't affect the appearance of matte eye shadows and translated them exactly how they were on the lids.

I remember a time when I used to be obsessed with Urban Decay and Two Face Eye Shadow Primers. Apparently NARS is doing the blogosphere rounds in eye primers these days. If you don't have the budget to fork out on NARS, this retails for under £7 I believe if you'd like to update your primer stash.