Neom Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Room Mist

Who doesn't like their homes smelling of fresh cut roses? I do and always wish those fresh flowers would last just a few days long spreading their gorgeous scent. I love rose scents and would never get sick of them in any shape or form. My latest obsession is the Moroccan Blush Rose Room Mist by Neom.

But I also know people who would like such girly, sweet scents but find the current home fragrances available in the market to be a little artificial smelling and too strong for their liking. If you're one of them, you need to get your hands on this aromatherapy treat. It's the most gorgeous home mist I have sniffed in my entire lifetime. To make the scent unique and different from your typical rose scents, it has been mixed with lime and black pepper to give it that slight spicy kick whilst keeping the concoction fresh. 

You really wouldn't want your home to just smell extremely sweet of roses. I mean a home fragrance is meant to serve a purpose and leave the aura in your rooms to have a therapeutic nature alongside keeping the air clean and fresh. Plus unlike spritzing it on your body, we have to keep in mind a home scent is going to linger on for longer especially if you spray it on cushions, curtains, behind radiators and so on. 

I am a little obsessed with home fragrances and am usually found doing spritzing rounds across the house like the cabin crew do in flights. This particular scent is not light and watery like other home scents but is rather substantial and long lasting which means good value for money. If you like sweet, feminine scents that are slightly spicy and clean, this is it. It's not particularly catered for any areas of the home as such but I think it's quite a lovely one for the home office or the bedroom. 

Get. It. Now. 


Make-up brushes you need in your make-up kit

Whether you’re a professional make-up artist, starting out in the industry as a freelancer or just a newbie who wants to dip their feet in the glamorous world of make-up, there is one thing that is key to flawless make-up and that is professional make-up brushes. Throughout my entire time of being a beauty blogger and a make-up enthusiast, it is the single most thing that I didn’t get bored of and still can’t get enough off.

Every brush has a different finish and lends a completely new perspective to a make-up product. A fuchsia pink blush with a high level of pigmentation for instance would apply heavily with a dense powder brush, requiring you to be more careful. Where as a fluffy, fan brush would make the same blush look natural and dispense the colour effortlessly and equally on the cheeks.
Talking about both a fan brush and a dense, blush brush brings me to this Pro 21 Piece Makeup Brush Set that I came across on Catwalk Glamour. Regardless of what purpose they serve, you need a good variety of make-up brushes in your professional or home kit to get the most out of your make-up products. I like how the set contains five generous face brushes.

I personally love the angular brush for foolproof contouring and precise blush application if you have a small face and the gigantic fan brush for applying highlighter, bronzer or a sheer dusting of powder. Fan brushes are ingenious and versatile and I can’t believe they aren’t talked about as often.

As for eye brushes, it can get a little tricky and intimidating to opt for the perfect one! They tend to be more expensive and exclusive compared to face brushes because of the precision that goes into making them. When I started out, I definitely preferred such all in one make-up kits that came with eye brushes of different shapes and sizes. Not only did they turn out to be great quality, some of which I even have till today but they made great alternatives for blending and shading where you needed more than one brush to create a perfect gradation and the selection in make-up kits really came handy.

If you’re a beginner at blending eye shadows, the angular eye shadow brush is an essential. Simply apply the darker colour at the edges and use the angular brush in a windshield wiper motion for that perfect smoked out, cat eye.

The Pro 21 Piece Makeup Brush Set retails for a mere £30 which is a bargain first of all. Secondly the brush hairs are made up of real hair which is softer and more user friendly in application than the usual synthetic brushes you will find in the high street. Goat hair absorbs less product so you will end up with a more precise application and can actually rely on the quality of the brushes to provide a foolproof application. These brushes have a classy birch wood handle and come with a presentation/carry case which is always convenient to carry around.

Just remember, investing in good make-up brushes is a must as your finished make-up look and make-up products are highly dependent on your selection of make-up brushes. My top 5 make-up kit brush staples would be a fan brush, an angular face brush, an angled eyeliner/eyebrow brush, a flat eye shadow shader brush and a fluffy eye shadow blending brush. 

What do we think about Botox Injections?

A lot has already been spoken, written, debated and documented about Botox so I'm not here to stir up a heated debate but to simply put into words my thoughts about Botox Injections and perhaps a civilised discussion on the matter.

Also, if any of you have tried the procedure before do let me know how it went and if you were pleased with the results or not. What I still do not get about Botox Injections is the controversy, stigma and taboo surrounding it especially when celebrities bite the bullet and opt for the wrinkle reducing treatment. It's a little ignorant that people today would still judge someone based on their choice to look better, celebrity or not.

Did you know Botox was originally used to treat squinting, headaches and other such medical conditions after which it was discovered as a cosmetic tool decades later. So if you think about it, Botox for non invasive face lifts is only quite new but did you also know that's it's FDA approved so there's actually no real harm in carrying out the procedure besides the obvious and quickly subsiding side effects? It's quite amazing how safe it is once you read up about it and is actually completed under 20 minutes with no obvious tell tale signs that would prevent you from continuing with your typical day.

Now I am 25 and in no mood to get myself a jab on the forehead any time soon. But I wouldn't say never. It's something I would keep at the back of my mind and consider in my 40's for sure. My mum's recently been obsessed or shall I say possessed with the idea of getting a Botox treatment done. It's funny because she has quite plump skin for a 50 year old women but somehow still manages to scrutinise and pick out folds and creases that she'd like to smooth out.

Oh yes, only for one thing would I agree with her on Botox Injections, the dreaded line between the brows. She's such an up-beat positive person but it's unbelievable how cruel, annoyed and unfriendly she appears to strangers who wouldn't know that she cant help but cringe unconsciously.

If you're like her and end up 'taping' your forehead while you sleep to prevent unnecessary cringing and scowling, Botox would be a pain-free alternative to a surgical face lift in my opinion. Shoot out your thoughts below!


NeoSTEM x 5 Serum Giveaway! Worth £59 each!

Neo Stem is a ground-breaking facial serum from France, which dramatically reduces the signs of ageing. The serum is a product born of intensive scientific research carried out by a Marseilles based team into rare genetic diseases, including Progeria – a syndrome which causes premature ageing in children.

In their fight against the toxic protein progeria, the cause of rare accelerated ageing, the scientists discovered two active ingredients (Omega Statine and Z-Dronate) which when combined reduce toxicity and therefore slow the ageing process by enabling the skin to maintain normal cell division, repair and production and thereby keeping the skin younger.

Having made this discovery the research team pleased to allow development of Neo Stem serum to be released to the commercial market - a percentage of worldwide sales being directed back to the research laboratory.

NeoStem can be used on all skin types and at all ages. Profits from the sales go back into the research for the cure of Progeria.

NeoStem retails at £59 exclusively at M&S Your Beauty.

I have tried it before and it's absolutely fantastic! Check out my review here. To get your hands on one of these, enter below. There will be five lucky winners. Good luck :) Giveaway will end on 7th August. 

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Latest Lumix Cameras by Panasonic

Now I don’t know about you but I am photo geek. Be it with my camera phone or my digital camera DSLR hybrid, you’ll always find me snapping away. I can only blame Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for this habit that myself and a tonne of other beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and travel bloggers are addicted to. My visual memory sucks to an extent that I sometimes even resort to my camera to take pictures of addresses, places I want to visit again and so on. I am so not a diary person who will quickly jot down something. For me, it’s all about capturing that moment and being able to refer to it at any point in time.

If you’re on the lookout for a new camera, especially something that’s holiday friendly then check out the latest Lumix cameras by Panasonic. I absolutely love their use of subtle yet unisex colours such as maroon, blue and white that give the cameras an identity and help reflect your personality. If you’re an adventurous globe trotter, they have waterproof and dustproof digital cameras that you won’t need to be as careful with whilst enjoying your trip. They also come with built in WiFi for real time fanatics if you don’t have the patience to upload the pictures on social media channels until you reach home – yup that would be me.

It’s amazing how the Lumix G Compact System Cameras are comparatively compressed and less bulky than traditionally humongous DSLR’s. I am someone who would love to twist and turn lenses pretending to be a photographer but I definitely would not be able to carry extremely large DSLR’s to achieve certain picture quality. I have my eyes glued on Lumix DMC-G3, which seems to me like the smallest DSLR I have ever seen. Me being myself would opt for a bright red or a classic white colour in the model.

Overall, if you’re looking to invest in a new camera and don’t want to spend tonnes, I feel Panasonic has some great middle options that are compact and good looking without comprising on picture quality. Are you a photo geek like me? What do you think about built in WiFi digital cameras?

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + *New Formula*

Did you know Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion had been in the beauty industry since 1968 with the same formula? A bottle is sold in the world every 5 seconds or so and I know this has been a staple in every women's bathroom or vanity since decades.

I remember getting a bargain for this from ebay a few years ago and thinking to myself how grown up I was, finally dipping my feet into high end moisturisers. It was my first proper moisturiser I believe and before that it was just plain old Vaseline Body Lotion slapped on to the face.

I haven't used this since years and can see why the formula must have been a hit amongst millions of people worldwide. In the marketing clutter and information overload we are presented with by brands these days, this promises simplicity and effectiveness. A nice pale yellow coloured liquid, thin and fluid like, fast absorbing and suitable for almost all skin types.

The new formula that took six and a half years to reformulate is more suitable for dry, dehydrated and combination-dry skin. It contains Sunflower Seed Cake, Barley Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Urea and Glycerin that will not only make skin a moisture magnet but also work at strengthening it's barrier and making it more resistant to environmental fluctuations. If you easily suffer from sensitivity, inflammation and so on, you'll love this baby.

If you're a loyal customer, I doubt you will notice a difference in the formulation. I used it after years and felt the formula was lighter and more suitable for my combination skintone. It still has that slightly warming, comforting feeling on application which I quite like.

It absorbs like a dream and is perfect for daytime if you're planning to wear make-up on top. Don't forget your SPF as this moisturiser allows you to apply SPF separately. Great for the evenings when you're going to be photographed and want to avoid a white cast.

You get a humongous amount as always with this bottle and I cannot praise the pump dispenser enough. I usually have my moisturisers in tubes which makes me use up more product that I need.

It's fragrance free, oil free and allergy tested. I really cannot fault it. It says use it with Facial Soap & Clarifying Lotion. Now I know some people who don't approve of these two but I have used them in the past and absolutely loved how they helped clear out my skin and kept it balanced. They can be a little drying but if followed with a good moisturiser, those are fab for combination-oily skin types.


p.s. the old formula will be replaced with the new formula I believe. 


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer 'Ginger' - My new Holy Grail!

It's important to go in flashback with concealers. Let's go back to what I was using before this religiously. None other than MAC's Studio Finish Concealer. I still like it but the amount of creasing it did on my under eyes was worth seeing. Now I don't know about you but for convenience I like to use the same concealer under the eyes and on the rest of the face for uneven skintone or blemishes for instance. Perhaps that makes my hunt for the perfect concealer a tad bit difficult but oh well, I've luckily found a gem and I'm not planning to let go of it any time soon.

It's surprisingly a product from NARS which is not my natural choice of concealers but I am happy I chose this as it's bloody brilliant. I believe it released a few months ago and started doing blog rounds as usual but it didn't really catch my eye then. Recently when I started my online hunt for my next concealer purchase, this one seemed to pop up everywhere as the best under eye concealer people had tried. It seriously had the least bad reviews online, look it up yourself. Unanimous opinions on concealers is a rarity these days. I had to give in just for that. 

Now, the shade I have is 'Ginger'. I know they do a large variety of shades which are mostly warm toned, peachy, golden and include darker skin tones as well which is always a bonus. Who'd have thought NARS of all people would make good concealers eh?

Ginger looks like a dark shade in the tube but it's a little misleading as it's pretty close to MAC's NC30 concealer in its colouring. Yes I wear NC concealers under my eyes and always will. It's not natural to have pink, grey under eyes you see. If it works for you, well and good. On me however, I cannot stand pink under eye concealers. Peach is the way to go!

So this particular shade has a yellow-golden undertone to it, with a dash of peach shot through it making it sit perfectly on the border between a concealer and a corrector. It's not orangey in any manner so I can wear it alone without a balancing concealer of my skin tone on top.

I was on the hunt for a new under eye concealer because MAC's Studio Finish was making the area around my eyes dry up even in the summer, to the point that my crows feet and fine lines looked so exaggerated. I have always loved liquid concealers for dark circles and won't ever go back to cream concealers ever. You heard me right MAC. 

Naturally, the name 'Radiant Creamy Concealer' by NARS caught my eye. It is extremely hydrating under the eyes and does not dry up anything at all. Having said that, it doesn't move around like Bobbi Brown's Correctors because it's a liquid formula and dries up to a demi-matte finish and sets. No budging, no shifting. Only staying power. 

Whilst I was reading about this online prior to purchasing it, I read some people saying that this is very low coverage. What absolute bull crap! This is medium to high coverage for every day wear. It's not industrial strength but wouldn't we all look stupid wearing industrial strength concealers in daylight to work? It is as natural as a full coverage concealer can be. 

Don't believe me? I did a little demo under my eyes to prove my point. 

So I know you can see some of my fine lines but believe you me, I HAVE  a lot of fine lines under my eyes so it's obvious that at least some will be seen through this. Trust me, it's the least exaggerated they have ever looked with make-up on. Sad but true.

I like how NARS have made the concealer with a clever formula that you can see is trying hard not to seep into lines. The texture is a little thick and tapping it patiently is the best way to apply it. Although it's pretty much fool proof application with this. But if you rub or do a windshield wiper motion, that never really works with any concealers you see. You're just taking off what you applied.

Can you see how it makes the area brighter, covers quite well and lends a nice dewy sheen as if I've had a good nights sleep. I haven't. Since days. It's just this little tube of magic.

I also murdered a little pimple on my chin which I know is bad. So then I dried it out with Effaclar Duo and it left a weird dark brown scar which will take weeks to fade now. Although I wouldn't say this is the best for blemishes, it's not bad at all is it? Covers, doesn't dry out and stays put. 

I am just wearing some of this concealer and lipgloss in the picture above to show how it can actually cover a full face for the Summer, a lazy weekend, the beach or whenever you're feeling 'au naturale'. It's lasting power is a good 6 hours I would say after which it fades and creases a little. The handy tube and doe foot application means touching up is not a problem at all.

It retails for £21 I believe and I got mine from Selfridges. Not cheap but I would scrimp on a blush and get this instead if I had to.