Vichy Idealia Life Serum Review

Remember I talked about this a while back? I promised to review it in slightly more detail so here it is. The serum is actual like a light lotion as it comes out white instead of the clear gel formula and instantly hydrates the skin on application. It doesn't only give superficial luminosity but you can actually feel the skin to be plump and softer to touch. I like how it has a pearlacent pinky sheen to it which cleverly works at making dull skin appear more radiant. If you don't get enough sleep at night like myself, are a work hard party harder kind of a person or just have a hectic lifestyle that keeps you on your feet, I feel this serum works for all.

I still haven't decided if I like to use it at day or night but I feel due to its light moisturising properties, it would work well during the day as well. As it absorbs in quickly, you can easily slather moisturiser on top and then some foundation to fake a good nights sleep and skin that's well taken care off. The pearlacent sheen I was talking about resembles that of MAC's Strobe Cream in my opinion so if you find that a little too thick, this one's a good alternative if you're older and want to incorporate some skincare benefits whilst adding some radiance.

I think it retails around the £30 mark which is not too pricey for a serum at all. I know most start at a £40 plus price tag making this a good one to add to your addition if you're new to serums. Oh and this didn't break my combination skin out by the way. I would think it works for all skin types besides too oily.


Ciate Mistress - Perfect for a heatwave!

Yes I know I have been mentioning the words 'heatwave' in the past few posts as if I've been paid for it and it still continues in this post. Heatwave, heatwave, heatwave. There. Now that I cannot do anything about the muggy weather, I thought of cheering myself up with a gorgeous nail combo and thought Models Own Bora Bora would go perfectly with this red hot number from Ciate.

Mistress by Ciate is a stunner on it's own too. It's like the perfect little black dress that needs no accessories at all. Just that and you're done. To me the tomato red shade screams holiday with a pool and some mocktails surrounding it. Aaah bliss. It's very opaque which is great if you suffer from the same level of patience as me. It's also the fastest drying nail paints amidst my collection. It chips. Very quick. What doesn't though? Deal with it.

I love how Bora Bora's multicoloured, almost 3D like glitter gives it that fresh, summer kick that it needs. What have you been wearing on your nails in this weather? I need to know! Details please. Next up I feel like going for an all white nail look. Clean and crisp.

Dress Spy: For Online Fashion Inspiration & 'What will I wear' dramas

If you love Pinterest, then you’ll love Dress Spy. It’s like an online fashion community for fashionistas, friends and family to keep in touch with your latest hunts and bargains. Obsessing over a particular look? Next time instead of keeping it in your online shopping basket for days (everyone does that, it’s normal!), share it with the world and trust me it gives a different sort of satisfaction. 

For me it helps me remember what I was drooling over last week! I have the memory of a lost cat and with online fashion retailers automatically clearing away shopping baskets after a certain time they have been stagnant for, Dress Spy has been invaluable.

It contains a tonne of already uploaded apparel options that you can browse and create moodboards from for different occasions. I quite like the varied and on-trend selection they have in accessories and clothes. I didn't feel for a minute that I couldn't find what I was looking for – it’s all there for you! 

Have a vacation planned soon then get your fashion outfits of the day ready by taking the first step at organising your trip abroad. I know holiday’s are meant to be a time to relax and chill out but there is no harm in getting your online fashion ideas ready in advance, just waiting to be thrown as you land at your holiday destination, especially if you’re a little haywire like me when you travel.

Venetian Beauty

I have a holiday to Italy planned in a few weeks time and I have been so excited about Venice being on the cities I’ll be visiting. It got me thinking what I would wear there on my one day (sadly!) stay. I know it’s still going be warm and sunny in Italy when I’ll be there and I wanted something comfortable, glamorous yet enchanting to match the ethereal landscape. 

What better than a flowy feminine maxi, a crisp looking tote bag, rhinestone studded neutral flats, a leather jacket to tone down the girliness a little and finished off with statement rose gold jewellery. Voila! I strongly feel the sweet yet chic look would flatter the stunning architecture, historical bridges and fairytale like gondolas of Venice so aptly.

Heat it up!

Next up is something inspired by the current UK weather. In one word, it’s a HEATWAVE so dressing hotter than usual is automatically allowed you see. Short shorts and sun dresses are been there done that so for a day out with the girls lounging at the park, I would opt for something sun friendly like this. The cut out sleeves melt my heart and would look uber cute paired with the denim ditsy print skirt. Denim is back in style ladies so hopefully you should a few staples in your wardrobe or check out the mood boards on Dress Spy for revamping your wardrobe ideas. 

Back to the look, the cut out peep toe wedges would be comfortable, airy yet keep up the glamour quotient with those added inches to your stature. Paired with a funky purple and gold contrast bag and some edgy black and gold accessories, I feel the look easily be girly-grunge.

A POP of colour

Finally, the look with just a 'pop' of colour. When in doubt, stick to neutrals and oomph it up with a colourful accessory. It can be anything but I like to rely on bags and bracelets in general. They are chunky, evidently bright and balance out the monotones of the outfit quite well. I would wear this for a dinner with friends, work or college, it's that versatile. 

If you liked scrolling through my outfit collages, have a peek over at Dress Spy for some online fashion inspiration. 


Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion

Is this a toner or a water based cleanser? I guess you can use it as whatever due to its versatility but it is full of fruit goodness as is everything from Good Things and a treat to use in this horrendous weather. I like to keep mine in the fridge and then use it with cotton wool in the evening.

The main ingredients in this are Wild Strawberry, Fig, Licorice Extract, Witch Hazel and Bark Extract. It's meant to cleanse pores from inside out, prevent breakouts or if used as a spot treatment can help in healing existing blemishes too. Does it work?

I am little on the fence about it when it comes to it's 'deep pore cleansing' benefits but nonetheless it makes a great water based cleanser if you can't afford or access Bioderma. I say that because it has a similar water based consistency, helps to keep skin matte and oils in control and works fabulously at getting rid of make-up. So once I washed my face with warm water and cleanser and then used this with a cotton wool and I still had make-up left which came off with this. Eeeek! Either this is TOO good at removing last traces of make-up or I really need to improve my face washing skills.

Oh and this smells like a fruit cocktail and is very gentle on sensitive, problematic skin. If you hate astringent based, harsh moisture stripping toners (Hi Clinique, although I do love them) and cleansing waters, you'll love this. I can definitely see this fitting in your skincare regime if you're a teenager on a budget. It's reasonably priced but you can definitely tell the quality of the product hasn't been compromised on.

Retailing for £4.99 for a huge 200ml bottle, a cold bottle of this and a bag of cotton wool is all I need.


Glossybox July: The 'Seaside Splash' Edition

This month's Glossybox for me is just perfect for the heat wave we have been having in London recently. You know when brands give their beauty box a name just to fit the season and for the sake of it by including random products inside? That's not the case here. It's thought out clearly and has essentials that you will actually take to the beach, park, holiday, festival - wherever you're off to melt this season.

The box is stunning this time around with its bright blue base and those coral reef splashed all over it. Simply beautiful as a keepsake.

The products include a full sized Facial Mist by Anatomicals, a full sized Nail Paint by Ciate, a travel sized Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves Texture Spray and two skincare samples from Pukka and Coola, one's a tinted sunscreen and another a radiance serum. The products couldn't have been more appropriate for a July box. Two thumbs up for team Glossy!

Coming to these two skincare samples, I quite like both of them. The Pukka Radiance Serum more to be honest. I love serums and that's a fact that's never going to change. The way this one absorbs into the skin is brilliant. It instantly leaves a gorgeous glow which I very badly need for Summer. All I have naturally these days is a dehydrated nose and chin and oily cheeks that make me look like a teenager. I hate you humidity.

The Coola Mineral Sunscreen comes with a SPF of 20 and has a NC30 like yellowish, golden tint to it. It's not much at all really but if you're too dark or too light, it might contrast to your skin colour. On me, it's okay not bad at all. Wouldn't wear it on it's own even on the beach. Under my heavy duty 'tinted moisturiser' for sure.

I wore this continuously for a week after I got this in the box and my sister was like your nails are ready for a holiday and she is correct. This is the most gorgeous, almost tomato red nail paint I have ever seen. It's so gorgeous that it brightens my day. Such a lovely glossy finish it has and Ciate's are always the fastest drying. It does start chipping in two days but I love it so much I top it up without moaning at all. Pure love.

This texturising spray is great if you already have curly, wavy hair after air drying and want some definition. I actually got away with just spraying this on my ends, scrunching hair with fingers and that's it. Great if you're trying to skip heat from hair tools. I doubt it would work on fine, straight hair though. I like it!

Oh my, and my favourite product of them all is the facial mist. Not because it's packed in the most gorgeous lavender bottle ever but because it smells delicious. Summery, sweet yet warm and comforting. With my trusty Vichy spray featured below, this one's going in my hand bag too. Just in case I need two bottles to revive me from the heat.



Vichy Eau Thermale Spa Water Facial Spray

Okay can I just say I LOVE this? I know you're not meant to use this as skincare OR substitute it for your regular toner and all that jazz but can you blame me with this amount of heat? My body is still functioning properly despite the dehydration, sweating and tanning - I am genuinely surprised. Yes I used to originally stay in a hot climate whilst growing up but that was totally different. The houses were bigger, there was air con almost everywhere and I didn't travel by tube you see.

The current weather in UK, well London at least is pure ridiculous. I mean I don't mind the sun but will you please let some air flow so we can breath at least? My dramatic-ness aside, this spray has been glued to my pocket for emergency rescues lately and I thought I should let you know. Yes I know there are a tonne in the market out there but this is the only one I've tried till date and am loving it.

It seriously doesn't dry my skin on use, strip it off it's moisture or cause breakouts. Apparently skincare experts say facial sprays are not the best for you if you use it on bare skin. On my skin, it's heaven. Pure heaven to be precise. If you're a little sceptical on using this on bare skin, please resort to this on top of your make-up and it will leave it looking naturally dewy, non-cakey and just beautifully blended. Not to forget cool you down if you're a little cranky in this weather like me.

I am sure it's cheaper than MAC's overrated and sticky feeling Fix plus. Yes I have used that and never repurchased. Not worth it in my opinion. This however is. It contains 15 rare minerals, 100% pure ingredients and is packed with antioxidants. Get. It. Now. 

Give Yourself a YSL Summer!

Summer is here again! With dream holidays, breathtaking sights, hot days, and adventurous nights, it is the perfect season for a woman to feel good in her own skin - and flaunt it! Yves Saint Laurent has always gladly helped with that. Here is their stunning range of products which will definitely give your summer ego a boost and take your mind off your looks because they will be perfection, naturally. 

Let your eyes shine

Imagine: you are slowly stepping out of the gently lit pool while the last rays of sun caress your skin. Your eyes wander around the bar and fall upon an interesting face. Your gaze immediately draws attention and keeps it thanks to the YSL waterproof eye pencil and mascara, which is your best friend in every summer escapade. Regardless of how hot it is or how many dips in the pool you take, your eyes will still be perfectly outlined, and their natural light will shine through, reliably amplified. Add the Pure Chromatics eyeshadow for a stunning evening look!

Let your lips do the talking

There are few things more attractive than lips in glossy, vibrant colours. Whether they are stretched in a smile, pouted for a kiss, or closed around a twisty straw, they are any man's favourite sight. You can emphasize your lips' natural shape and beauty with two lines of YSL lipstick: Pur Couture offers you the trademark stretch-leather texture which instantly fuses with your lips and gives them that rich matte colour, while Volupte achieves a shiny, smooth feel. Both offer you hours of vibrant colour and are must-haves in your beach bag as well as your clutch. You will leave many yummy marks on many cocktail glasses! 

Let your skin tone whisper, "Summer!"

That perfect bronze skin tone everyone chases after is now one step closer thanks to the YSL Terre Saharienne bronzing powder. With this product, which comes in three different nuances to complement every complexion, you can enhance the natural tan of your skin or contour subtly. It enhances your natural skin tone beautifully without masking anything and looks especially stunning when the sunset's warm orange beams dance on your face.

Let your scent enthral and entice

Every summer needs a different flavour. This year, choose YSL's Manifesto Eau de Parfume! It blends a natural woody undertone with the sweetness of vanilla and the dry down of black currant and white flowers. You can enhance the effect by combining the perfume with the shower gel from the same line. Everything about Manifesto is pure, honest, natural summer. Radiating gently from your skin, it tells of adventures on green hills and white sand dunes where nature and beauty rule supreme.

Wow! I have a huge YSL wish list now. Sorry money, we will have to part.


How do you take care of your leather hand bags?

Whether it is a Valentino, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo or a Mulberry that you have in your possession, you will know that leather handbags are precious regardless of their price. There is always something so chic, effortless and classic about them that you can literally pair it with a dainty sun dress, an elegant evening gown or rock chic leather trousers and manage to pull it off with ease. 

They are a bit like ombre for hair, a little black dress and skinny jeans isn’t it? Leather bags haven’t been out of fashion since the 90’s and won’t be any time in the future. You can literally pass them on to generations or if that sounds a little dramatic, perhaps to your younger sibling or daughter and they’ll happily flaunt it around town.

I remember a time when leather handbags were only exclusive to high end, designer brands. But it’s amazing how you can easily find them for under £100 at ASOS and Topshop these days, especially the coloured satchels. Now that they are available at reasonable prices, I feel people invest in them quite easily but ignore to take care of them to prolong longevity. 

Believe it or not, it makes a humongous difference in the texture and appearance of leather bags if they are properly taken care of with handbag leather care formulated especially for fashion hand bags. EazyCare Products in particular contain a whopping 80% concentrate in their leathercare products compared to other cheap alternatives in the market, meaning you use less product and get fabulous results in no time.

The handbag leather care helps to get rid of any superficial bacteria or dirt from your bag touching almost nook and cranny in the tube, being laid on the ground at every coffee shop or slightly more gross, public toilets even! After leaving it squeaky clean, it then works to keep your handbag looking moist so it bounces back light and doesn’t show it’s age. 

Ever had someone spill a drink on your leather handbag leaving you in utter dismay? Well, that’s exactly when a special leather cleaner for a fashion handbag would come to your rescue to help fade stains. Think of conditioning as moisturiser for your leather handbag. It eventually will dry out with time hence is vital to condition it frequently to avoid wrinkling and flaking.

Treat the hardworking craftsmanship of your leather bags with care. Try and condition them once a month and clean them once a week to leave them looking like you’ve just purchased them in store! For the metrosexual man, you can also find specific man bag leather care which is designed to take care of sturdy leather and can even be used on tablet cases, phone covers, brief cases and laptop covers of a similar material. 

The universally loved, heady scented bags will always be a classic favourite, equally appreciated amongst ladies and men for their charm and exclusivity. Protect them with specially designed leather cleaners and conditioners and flaunt them as ‘vintage’ five years down the line albeit looking brand new. 

*Sponsored post


Rituals Organic Mandarin & Yuzu Happy Mist Light Body Perfume

I love Bed and Body Mists from Rituals. I have two from their collection now and they are so unique and simply gorgeous! I am not sure why but they really don't smell like the usual mists you come across. They have a very strong spa like aura to them. The one that relaxes and uplifts the spirit. This particular mist is from their latest Laughing Buddha range which is all about cutting through those blues with positivity, luck and happiness. A brilliant release for the Summer as the scent is apt for the muggy days we've been having here in London lately.

It relies on two main ingredients namely Organic Mandarin and Yuzu. Both of them are quite citrusy and fresh but not sour or sharp at all which is how I prefer it to be. I believe Yuzu which is apparently a Japanese Grapefruit lends the concoction some warmth, breaking down the citrusy freshness and making it quite comforting at the same time. It's not your off the shelf sour, citrusy scent really as with Rituals you can always expect a complex blend.

The scent has amazing longevity and I love to spray it in my wardrobe, on my bedsheets and pillows or just when I'm feeling blue. It doesn't stain any fabric it comes in contact with if you're worried about your expensive pillow cases. I have my eyes on other stuff from the range such as the Shower Foam and Shower Oil. Give it a try, it smells delicious!


What do you use to replace Sugar? #cleaneating

If you have been a regular reader of the blog, you will know that I haven trying to eat clean since the past few months and in an attempt to cut out sugar from my life, I have found two alternatives that work best for me. Now I am not saying that these are completely natural and unprocessed which is what you should opt for in an ideal world BUT they are most definitely less artificial than sugar. Sugar not only spikes up your blood pressure, it makes your skin look disastrous and makes you pile on pounds like nothing else. 

I think it's important to analyse how much sugar you consume in a day and in what, to be able to understand what alternatives you can replace it with. If you only have sugar in your tea once a day, maybe that's fine for you and you can take a small step and switch to brown sugar instead. Although, do try honey or agave nectar in it sometime and trust me you'll never go back! It's just so comforting and filling in hot liquids that now sugar in tea is something I despise. It's so sickly artificial and the taste is almost alien to me now.

Now I cannot directly relate the cutting out of sugar from my diet to me shedding inches off my waist and thighs as I cannot prove the correlation. But if you want to switch to a healthy lifestyle in general and not have junk go through your body (I am talking to you sugar!), try alternatives. These are just two but there are PLENTY out there.

On the whole, if you want to eat clean and achieve a fitter body in general, I realised it is the combination of clean eating and a regular workout routine that works and nothing else and for that, you need to source alternatives to every piece of artificially, processed junk you have in your kitchen cupboard or fridge. Start with the evil, pesky sugar. Go do it now!

p.s. If you have better alternatives, do let me know.