Vichy Idealia Life Serum Launch

A few days ago I hopped over to Central London at a lush location namely Paramount in Centre Point which had the most amazing view of London ever! It was regarding the launch of Vichy's latest product which I was quite excited to find out about actually. The girls at the event were a treat to talk to. I hardly come across amazing PR girls at launch parties so it's worth mentioning the team at L'oreal are amazing to talk to.

The Life Serum is from the Idealia range which I believe is all about nourishing and recovering the skin by extreme hydration. I immediately thought, aah another serum for 'mature' skin types eh. But surprisingly, Vichy are targeting this towards an audience with stressed, unbalanced, hectic lifestyle. Who like to work hard and party harder so this serum can do all the work for them. It's meant to conceal signs of fatigue, help skin recover quickly and provide an immediate veil of freshness and moisture. It's also supposed to tighten pores and even out skin tone which I am a little sceptical about. Will have to try it for longer to vouch for that. It retails for £30 I believe and you can already purchase it at certain retailers.

I also have in my possession a Thermal Water to try out from their range which I believe is a festival, holiday and an all round Summer essential. I am trying to save it for my holiday in August but everytime I cannot find cotton wool on my dresser, I sneakily spray this instead of a regular toner. Review on it coming soon.

There were also some Vichy Dermablend products on display for us to play around with. I have been eyeing their stick concealers from so long and will definitely be giving them a go sometime soon. They are seriously high coverage and can even conceal tattoos and all that jazz. I have tried their foundation however but only used it as a liquid concealer and loved it. You have to give it a go. It's feels light but gives full coverage and dries matte. Perfect for acne prone skin or a heavy duty liquid concealer.

Nothing beats the spectacular view of London from Paramount. Do visit it sometime!


Prom Dresses: What To Wear For The Party Season This Summer

The prom season has hit UK like a storm and albeit an American Ball tradition, celebrating leaving school in an extravagant manner with limousine and tuxedos has set its roots in the UK quite firmly since years. Tonnes of 16-19 year olds are all set to embark on their glamorous prom journey this month by indulging in spray tans, hair & make-up, manicures and pedicures, car rental and the most crucial of them all, prom dresses. I can understand why to be honest. Besides being a bride or a bridesmaid, a prom is the only similar event where girls get to dress like a princess so why not make the most of it.

Celebrities sporting Jovani Dresses
I have always had a penchant for Jovani Dresses and if I could rewind back time and go back to my school prom, a fully sequinned Jovani is what I would opt for. They just look so surreal and fairy tale like yet with an oomph of modern glamour surrounding it. It’s one of the brands for designer prom dresses that is foolproof with its designs and flattering fit that you just cannot go wrong with it. Sherri Hill Dresses I have seen Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner sport beautifully and looking like absolute dolls. I love the frilly bottom part of the dress that adds a cute, tinkerbell element to it paired with the structured corset top that balances the cuteness and adds a dash of sexy to it.
Kendall Jenner & Selena Gomez rocking a Sherri Hill 
If you’re of a lean built with athletic arms, I’d suggest opting for a bold, statement Sherri Hill dresses to find your perfect prom dress whereas if you want something figure hugging, curve flattering and downright diva like, a stunning Jovani dress will be your best bet. Whatever you choose, I am a big believer that it should make you shine as a person in your own skin rather than the prom dress overtaking your personality. Decide what style you want to portray through your dress, make-up, hair and accessories. It be classic and elegant, retro or vintage, glam and celebrity inspired – you pick!

There is nothing like a perfect colour when it comes to a prom dress really. Of course there’s all the jazz surrounding only certain colours are apt for the Summer and so on but to be honest, a colour can never be ‘in’ or ‘out’ for that matter as only you can either pull it off well or not so well you see. I personally would pull off a jewel toned prom dress that’s rich and elegant. Instead concentrate on the perfect neckline and length of the dress that will compliment your figure perfectly. 

If you have problematic thighs, opt for a longer prom gown with a clinched waist to draw attention to the upper body. If you are top heavy, show off your legs and go for something shorter.  If you’re petite and of a slender frame, a prom dress with an exaggerated bust line, fitted waist and figure hugging fit will flatter you the most. Keep in mind though; matte fabrics will help conceal a muffin top better and light reflecting fabrics can tend to be less forgiving.

Whatever you choose depending on your budget, figure and style be sure to make the most out of your prom day (or night!) as it's never going to come again. 

Bioderma Sebium H2O Purifying Cleansing Micelle Solution

I never got the original hype about Bioderma to be honest. I like Miceller Waters in general but just feel they don't clean the skin quite enough to be adequate on their own. When used with a good old scrub-your-face-with-water-and-cleanser regime though, this works great. I vary on how I use this, sometimes before cleansing my face with warm water if my Mascara is annoying me too much or I feel like I am wearing a heavy dose of make-up which should be first removed with a water based cleanser.

Other times I use it after cleansing my face with warm water, just to remove those last bits of eye shadow and mascara. I mean surely it can work as a 'toner' eh? This particular one is made for Oily-Combination skin types in general as opposed to the original one which I believe was for geared towards all skin types. It's meant to help control the level of oil production on the skin as well. It's too early for me to judge that but for now I like how it works, like how fresh it smells and like how it leaves my skin feeling.

I like the fact that it can be used with cotton wool on the arms, shoulders, chest and back which are usually affected with body acne, blemishes and scars. Unlike other miceller waters or water based cleansers, this one does not leave skin with dry patches or strips off it's moisture. I feel quite comfortable after cleansing my face with this, it feels quite like rinsing your face with water. Having said that, water on its own wouldn't remove traces of mascara and layers of foundation as this does. Two thumbs up for the hard working product!

Overall, I wouldn't ditch my creamy facial cleansers for this one but it's a good addition to have in your skincare kit. This particular 100ml size for £4.50 is a darn good bargain especially if you're planning to head to a holiday soon as it's dinky enough to fit in your luggage and even pass through the limit allowed to take with you on the flight. Don't forget to carry some cotton wool!


KIKO Firming Iridescent Body Cream

I am not featuring this for it's thigh toning benefits because I of all people know how extremely difficult it is to shred off those inches from thunder thighs and trust me peeps, no cream is going to do all the hard work for you. I doubt a cream would also help with sagging skin on the body. But I can see how it would help retexturise dimply skin when combined with body brushing, lymph drainage massages, a good body wrap, clean eating and a regular fitness regime in place.

Why I love this newest limited edition offering from KIKO is because of it's adorable hot pink packaging, it's sickly sweet floral scent and it's dewy radiant finish on the skin. Perfect for holiday don't you think? Now it does hydrate and nourish skin but not in a way that it leaves a greasy film sitting on the skin hence it's apt for this humid weather. It makes my dull, dehydrated skin look fresh, dewy and 'healthy' in minutes. The girly scent surely helps in making me love it more. I think it has light reflecting pigments although I am glad to report, no hint of glitter or shimmer particles detected.

It's quite affordable too. If you find your typical Soap & Glory and Laura Mercier tubs a little too heavy on the skin for this season, give this a try.


Height Increasing Shoes for Men – What do we think Ladies?

Tall, dark and handsome, the perfect description of Mr. Right or your knight in shining armour! What happens if this certain someone you have met ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect man in your life besides one little thing – height. It’s a touchy topic to talk about for some men but quite a popular one amongst the ladies who are instantly attracted to taller guys be it in the dating scene or celebrities. There’s just something so tough, raw and macho that unconsciously makes a taller man appear more attractive. It goes back to societal stereotypes perhaps where the male is perceived as someone who is strong, athletic and will take care of you. For sure he needs to be of a certain height for that eh? If a man is blessed with a 5.10" stature, all well and good but if not, I personally feel elevator shoes or height increasing shoes are not a bad option to venture into at all. Click here to find out about height increasing shoes.

Altitude shoes make a tonne of different variety of casual and formal shoes that discreetly give men the height they need (between 2 to 5 inches) without giving it away from the outside. Who says only coal tar soap and old spice is what all ‘real men’ need. Ask the ladies who put in blood and sweat to look prim and perfect, be it regarding fabulous hair, immaculate make-up, the perfect tan, a lean body so why can’t men put in the effort to give themselves an edge with elevator shoes and keep up with the pretty women out there. Grooming yourself like David Beckham will not make you less of a man but will only reflect discipline you have and not to forget, have a huge female fan following of course! I am all up for a metrosexual man who is open about altering his image superficially if it gives him an advantage. I recently read that women spend around £250 a year on their male partner who apparently use up their skincare which then needs replacing. Two thumbs up for sumptuous skin guys!

In my opinion, the word metrosexual is as powerful as the man sporting it. In fact, I am often disappointed when I see guys who have so much potential but refuse to groom a little with height increasing footwear in this case, which would work wonders in attracting the opposite gender as well as boost their own confidence by folds. Just imagine the look on your face guys when your crush walks in and is sporting a beautiful new dress, that new lip gloss and has styled her hair in loose curls and it makes your heart skip a beat. But unfortunately women don’t very often get to be on the receiving end of this feeling. Why not take the first step in this direction by making yourself look more taller guys? It requires no effort on your part literally, just a simple purchase and some rugged confidence to pull it off with ease.

I specially love these formal elevator shoes with a 3.15 inch discreet heel for occasions such as weddings, prom, graduation and so on. Who wouldn't mind looking taller for a special event? I know the ladies do so I can’t see men not wanting to. It’s of course not going to alter your height permanently, nor change the person you are but if it aids in bringing out the most of you, gives you confidence, opens doors to opportunities, helps you mingle in the social scene OR make the special lady in your life appreciate your personality a little more – then there’s no harm at all in giving it a try.

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Miners Cosmetics Luxe Lips Lip Colour

Miners have dipped their feet in to the matte liquid lipstick phenomenon quite a while ago and I absolutely loved every single colour they brought out. They were such great dupes for your typical YSL and Chanel. But Summer and lipgloss just go together so well hence they have introduced a new range of lip colours called 'Luxe Lips', which sways in between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss.

I personally quite liked the colour selection they have created. It's muted, wearable, complimentary to most skin tones yet wish a dash of fun and a pop of colour. Just what I need.

Below is the shade 'Beauty Queen' which is without doubt my absolute favourite. It would suit yellow/golden/olive complexions so well. It's the most beautiful mauve, browny nude that I have ever come across. 

Material Girl is my second favourite from the lot. It's a gorgeous pinky red, quite cool so I like it's teeth whitening benefits. Plus it's much easier for me personally to pull of cooler pinky reds than the opposite. 

All of them are quite pigmented as you can see in the swatches below. In my opinion they translate exactly the same on the lips when it comes to colour and texture. You might be inclined to think it's sheer but it's moderately pigmented and has an extremely glossy, almost mirror like shine to it. I've never liked extremely glossy lip products before and this is my first because of how surreal it looks when worn. 

I think I'll do some lip swatches soon as for £3.99 a pop, you might as well get as many as you like the look of. They should be available soon from Miners Cosmetics, until then have a peek at their other lip products and I promise you won't be disappointed.



Everything is hotter this June!

With the Summer in full force, we can finally say UK's been hit by the sun and for good this time. I don't see it disappearing any soon and fingers crossed to that! I have so many things planned for the Summer as it's the time of the year when I am full of energy and want to do anything and everything. If you're like me and hate being indoors in this hot weather, below are my Summer recommendations to how you could make your Summer a tad bit cooler.

Try out a new restaurant! It seems a bit too obvious but I am amazed at how many people I come across who don't experiment with food. I am a vegetarian, picky and trying to eat clean and still manage to find a tonne of superb spots in London to chill at. If you want to try genuine Indian Food and are looking for a relaxed yet chic atmosphere, head over to Roti Chai near Selfridges or Dishoom near Covent Garden. How about some delicious Dim Sum's at Ping Pong or some fresh (and chewy!) Bubble Tea at Bubbleology? I recently went to this place called Funky Brownz in Hendon and it was the perfect combination of fast food and Sheesha. Brilliant!

Fancy some whale watching? I do! I have been since a few months now and it's been on my birthday wishlist too but still hasn't come true. Sad times. But I WILL do it soon as Summer is the perfect time to spot them. From conversations with family and friends, I came to know that it's apparently an 'old people's thing to do'. Well that's what people perceive it as. Sure. I dare you to tell me that when a a whale or two starts dancing in front of your boat or even better, swims underneath it, with you biting off all your nails as it moves your floating device a little. Hah.

This is how it would be according to me...

But this is what could happen to you if you think it's an 'old peoples thing'. *evil laugh*

Pack your bags and take a trip abroad. Below are some of my favourite shots from my trip to Barcelona, Spain last Summer. I'm heading to Italy this August for a vacation and there cannot be a better thing to do in the Summer then experiencing Summer in a different country. It can be for a quick weekend or an entire week but heading to another nation gives you a whole new perspective and makes you even more energetic to spend the rest of your Summer in UK. If you have no plans to head out of country this season, I believe roof top cafes and bars are a hot spot to hang out in this weather with my favourite picks being The Boundary Rooftop, Radio at Me London and Hot Tub Cinema.

Retail therapy always works especially as you need revamp your wardrobe in the Summer and what are you going to wear to all those places I mentioned above! My favourite places to shop online are undoubtedly Look Fantastic, Chemist Direct, Topshop, Selfridges, H&M and Boohoo. If you're a retail therapy addict like me and leave Mr Postman wondering 'What the hell does she earn to order SO much every week?', have a look at the Barclaycard's hot offers this June to aid your spending limit a little. Who doesn't mind some extra cash eh?

What are you loving this Summer? Pop your recommendations below!

Bronzer of the week: Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder by The Body Shop

So I have no swatch or FOTD to show you guys with this product but am assuming you'll rely on my opinion and believe that's it truly a wonderful product. It's the most perfect, creamy, just the right amount of pigmented bronzer I have ever come across. Now I used many and still have quite a few in my collection but this is the only one I have hit pan on and scraped every bit out of till I could use it no further. It's the high streets NARS's Laguna if you will. Or even the powder version of Chanel Bronze Universal if you may.

I say that because it has the right amount of brown, beige and golden undertones to it without any trace of shimmer at all. It forms a film of contour and shadows underneath the cheekbones and on to the temples to cleverly shape the face without an obvious trace or fake brown stripes. This was the first 'next generation' of bronzers in my vanity that introduced me to the world of matte, natural looking bronzers.

Now I use it to contour my face but it also works well at toning down pale foundations by using it all over the face. It's very finely milled and a light dusting works beautifully to add a subtle hint of colour. I quite like how it never looks muddy or dirty but always sunkissed and a healthy dash of colour hence I can use this generously even when on the go.

You can of course use it on the apple of the cheeks, the nose and the forehead to mimic a tan and it would work so well on those with paler skin tones. If you find NARS bronzers too heavily pigmented for your skin and Bobbi Brown ones a tad bit expensive, this would be the perfect middle option. Same quality, much affordable.

Who uses Kabuki brushes anymore? I remember a time when I was obsessed with them and used it for foundation, powder, blush and bronzer! It's quite cool to have one in my collection again. This one is however the softest I've ever had and is actually quite apt for bronzer application, especially the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder as it needs a dense brush that would apply it heavily. It has a handy flat base at the bottom which means it can stay upright on the dresser. At least it won't get lost in my brush collection now.

Have you tried The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer products? They smell delicious and are perfect for the Summer.