Lucky Eyes Designer Jewellery London

I love myself a bit of designer jewellery, especially unusual pieces that you cannot find on the high street. Lucky Eyes Jewellery is an online jewellery outlet specialising in 18 carat yellow or rose gold designer jewellery pieces  made using semi-precious stones and the highest quality of crystals that are edgy, unconventional yet elegant and feminine in an unusual manner. You can also find them at 16 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London if you'd like to have a sneak peek at their collection in person.

How do you define 'pretty' jewellery? For me it's a little bit of goth, a touch of bohemian with a dash of city chic. I like bold jewellery pieces but not over the top, in your face ones if you know what I mean. It's usually chunky yet structured silver plated jewellery that I like and Lucky Eyes ticks all those boxes perfectly. Apparently the silver jewellery line was initiated by Sue Devici in London who is a construction engineer hence the defined yet intricate work in all her pieces.

I personally love her bracelets shown above. The studded owl is super cute but I like how the blue belt tones it down, making it wearable in the day. I know you see owls in every jewellery store these days and thank god for the slightly different take here in the form of the tilted owl - just makes it that tad bit unique. The skull bracelet is so unique too as usually you'll see super huge, kind of scary skulls in costume jewellery but the one here is delicate and dare I say cute! Even if you've never worn a skull as a part of a bracelet before, I can totally see any girly girl sporting this because the gothic nature of the skull is balanced out with the beautiful hot pink beads. Genius!

Aaah...and the 'dream' bracelet would be my statement bracelet. The combination of the pale gold, champagne belt and the white crystals makes it look absolutely surreal and fairytale like.

If you're a sucker for rose gold jewellery like me, how about these stunning pieces below. Such classic pieces these are for the wedding season in my opinion. Understated, flattering, muted yet eye catching and thought after. They'd look effortlessly beautiful with a white or cream outfit. I am planning a holiday to Italy soon and couldn't help but wonder how fantastic these would look with a tan and a boho chic maxi dress.

Who likes the 'Hamsa Hand' when it comes to designer jewellery by the way? I cannot tell you how 'in' this is. It's been in trend from a while now and is still going strong. I have seen them come and go in tonnes of retail outlets but these by Lucky Eyes are by far the most innovative ones I have come across. Did you know the 'hand' has religious history behind it in the sense that it is supposed to ward off the evil eye, bring good luck and happiness. This is how it originally started becoming a part of jewellery, before which it used to be displayed on decorative items in people's homes. Quite a cool way of incorporating some culture in your apparel I think. 

If you’re looking to invest in good quality, contemporary designer jewellery pieces with a bit of an edgy kick to it, have a look at what Lucky Eyes have to offer.

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Organic Surge Eye Gel

For some reason, I have at least one item in my skincare kit that is organic or with all natural ingredients such as an organic toner, an all natural moisturiser, but no eye gel that's free of chemicals. So I was quite pleased that Organic Surge's Eye Gel filled that gap in my skincare treasures. It's a very light textured gel and as it is with gel consistencies, you need less than a pea sized amount to smooth all over the under eye area. It has a cooling effect on application and is meant to provide brightening benefits with added Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Green Tea.

It surely helped me with thin lines and puffiness, both of which I suffer from quite often. I like how it absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't sting or make my eyes water, which by the way most eye creams do to my super sensitive eyes. Having said that, it's hydrating enough if you have dry, flaky eyes like mine. Acts as a perfect base for concealer. It's my current Eye product of choice for daytime prior to make-up application.

All natural ingredients, no parabens, no perfume tick all the boxes in my list. There's so many artificial ingredients and chemicals we are surrounded with any ways that we surely don't need any more in an eye cream. I like how it's clean of any nasties that way. Ooh I can imagine this being so useful on a long haul flight to camouflage those tired, puffy eyes.



Rituals 24H Hydrating Gel Cream - For Normal to Combination Skin

Who isn't always on the lookout for a moisturiser eh? Well I always am. I've tried tonnes till date and only liked a few unfortunately. This particular one by Rituals makes it to the blog as it's quite good really. It funnily feels so cool and refreshing on application and smells of cucumbers. The consistency of it is super light and fluffy and although looks like a cream, it feels pretty much of a gel consistency on the skin. I mean rich, balmy moisturisers are my favourite to resort to after a long day at work and a thorough cleansing routine but in the mornings, I love products like these that are fast absorbing so I can work with make-up on top easily and hydrating at the same time to quench that chapped, dry skin and prevent flaked skin from making an appearance in the middle of the day.

I feel there is something in this product however that broke me out when I initially started using it but as I used it more and more, my skin has adapted to it and voila, no more breakouts! Just because of that reason, I'd say it's more suitable for Dry-Normal skin types or perhaps even combination skin that inclines towards the dry, dehydrated types. Oily skin gals would definitely need to stay away or perhaps try out a sample from a Rituals store and see how your skin behaves with it. It's such a lovely product regarding it's texture and formula and perfect for these in-between Summer months when skin's acting all crazy.



Neom Real Luxury Organic Body Oil

I have a thing for body oils where they just seem to be my preferred way of hydrating the body without dipping my fingers into cream. The pump dispenser in this particular Neom Body Oil bottle and it's proximity to my shower gives me more than one reason to use it as my go-to product after a shower in the evening.

I don't know if it's just me but I like to keep my body oils reserved for showers in the evening where I can slather them carelessly and jump into my PJ's and let them sink into the skin better. It's like a skincare ritual that needs leisurely time and can't be hurried, well at least I don't and the Real Luxury one by Neom is my absolute favourite currently.

It's a very versatile scent by the brand I believe as it borrows a little bit of everything from different families of scents. Lavender gives it the primary smokiness, Brazilian rosewood that dash of sweet spiciness and Jasmine the hint of fresh soothing scent that makes it suitable for the warmer months. It is very intensely hydrating I have to say so I use it sparingly a few times a week. Also, it does leave a dewy sheen on the skin which is great if you're showing some skin in the Summer for that sunkissed glow.

I have been using this for at home massages and manicures and it's a lovely addition to any opulent skincare collection.


Vichy Idealia BB Cream SPF 25

This wonder product promises everything from anti-ageing, light reflecting properties, to intense hydration that lasts for a day, to even coverage, SPF and a post holiday glow. It is one of the best quality BB creams I have tried till date. The liquid is a very runny foundation like texture and not your typical gloopy thick consistency when it comes to BB creams. It's extremely light reflective is what I immediately discovered on application. Now my camera isn't even picking it up in full glory but you can still see me glistening can't you? It did that on my otherwise dull skin that hardly glows on it's own. Brilliant!
lol at me on holding the tube the other way round! #no concealer 

I feel it's like the Touche Eclat of BB Creams and that it shouldn't be treated as a Foundation or make-up base unless you have HD skin. It has absolutely no coverage at all and I would look just like myself but extremely glowy when I'd wear this on its own outside. It should be used correctly as a liquid highligher to brighten up dull areas of the face and even under the eyes prior to concealer or perhaps mixed with a heavy duty creamy concealer like MAC's Studio Finish that tends to try up the eye area.

I can see why it would be superb for mature skin as I tried it on my mum and it made her fine lines blurred and took attention away from the deeper, more exaggerated expression lines. Again, she has normal skin so this provided an intense boost of radiance which everyone loves. If you're lazy to pop on UVA and UVB protection separately, this does the job for you as it contains an SPF of 25.

I really do love it for what it is but I personally use it as hydrating primer or a brightening serum with SPF under my Foundation. Because of it's thin formula which sinks right in and minimal coverage, it doesn't interfere with Foundation application on top. Just use a foundation if you're looking for coverage peeps, this product has a use of it's own and I recommend you get it if you suffer from dry, dull or flaky skin and feel Laura Merciers primers are crazy money to spend.

It's available in two shades Light and Medium. I have Medium and it suits my NC30/35 skin colour perfectly.

You can get it here from Escentual.com


Crown Brushes Synthetic Infinity Range (UK dupes for Sigma)

I have my eyes on the synthetic brushes by Sigma since years but cannot justify paying atrocious shipping for them. Plus they always seem a little pricey in US dollars don't you think? Any how, I think Sigma is a little over rated and over priced for what it is. Afters years of wishing a UK brand would do similar synthetic brushes, I was ecstatic to see Crown Brush bring out a new range called Infinity which has exactly the same brushes as Sigma's synthetic brush range but...wait for it....for much less and minus the unreasonable shipping rates because it's a UK company. 

After umming and aahing over a few, I decided to get these two below namely the Pointed Blender and the Angle Contouring. I thought I could use them for eye shadows, concealer and contouring. Plus they only retail for £4.99 and £5.99 which I found super cheap for synthetic brushes. It's a little difficult for brands to scrimp on quality when it comes to synthetic brushes hence you'll usually find them priced higher than normal brushes. 

Coming to the quality of these, they are extremely dense and thick with just the right amount of give to them. They are not too stiff nor too flexible so quite easy to work with really. I feel they are kind to the skin especially when used around the eye area as non-synthetic hairs can tend to get a little rough on the edges and feel scratchy. Trust me, it's happened with my MAC brushes as well. Not the white hair one's of course.

I feel like they must have been made in the same factory as Sigma as I know quite a few other brands who do exactly the same brushes but at different prices and in different coloured brush handles. I like that Crown Brushes like to keep it simple on the appearance of the brushes to keep the prices low. I mean I like myself a baby blue brush that looks all pretty on the vanity but who doesn't mind paying less for the same thing eh?

I've been using these babies for concealer mainly and they would work pretty well if fluffy brushes like MAC 217 or your fingers don't seem to work for you just quite well. They seem to work just as well with liquids and cream textures so no complains there. Oh and most importantly, no drinking up the product! They do shed a teeny bit but I can deal with that.

On the whole, such a great bargain! Check out their Infinity Brush range here.

Hair Extensions for your BIG day

Just like facials and massages, us girls don’t think about hair extensions until a few months before the big wedding day. You want to look different and have the most amazing hairstyle you’ve ever had but also making sure it flatters you well. I know SO many brides who have opted for temporary clip in hair extensions or weaves for their wedding day. Of course adding length to your hair can be one of the common aims of using human or synthetic hair extensions on your special day but the clever add on can do much more than that such as adding height to the crown area, enhancing hair thickness and volume, adding texture and body and even add subtle highlights of colour without the commitment.  

So whether you are opting for an up-do, half up half down hair, sleek straight hair or dreamy curls, see how hair extensions can help you achieve that perfect bridal look without much fuss at all really.

I’d personally use hair extensions on my wedding day for a textured side braid. I cannot tell you how many magazines I have spotted this in and how many brides I have seen sport this look. I feel it’s the perfect middle ground if you’re not sure about an up-do and feel letting your hair down completely will be a little too casual. This would just look so boho chic and elegant and show off that jawline and contours of the face better.

Another way to drastically revamp your hair for your wedding day is by adding in clip in fringe extensions. They would work at making you look cute, feminine and younger especially if you have a structured, mature face and you want to soften it a little. It would work with hair up or down regardless. Simply clip it in on your big day and stun everyone with your brand new look. Try and get used to wearing it in the month before the wedding so you know what hairstyle would complement the fringe best.
Who says hair extensions can only be used for a bridal hairstyle if you’re leaving your hair down? It can actually oomph up a bun or chignon quite beautifully by adding extra height, texture and volume, giving an illusion of a slimmer, longer face. You can also buy a clip in scrunchie or a bun to make your hair piecey and wrap your natural hair around it for seamless blending. Oh and if you’re going for a loose, low bun, adding a clip in ponytail to create the bun will make it appear neater and fuller if you have thin or short hair.
We have seen Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus, Cheryl Cole and more recently Rochelle Wiseman on her wedding sporting wedding extensions and most of the time the viewers end up believing it’s celebrities real hair thinking they spend a fortune on hair treatments so it’s obvious it looks glamorous. Well the part about them spending tonnes on their hair is true to an extent but it is possible to have luscious, voluminous tresses on your wedding day and look just like a celebrity without breaking the bank.

Simply select your favourite type of hair extension be it a weave, clip in hair/fringe or human hair extensions and try on at least a few weeks ahead of the wedding. If you’re planning to dye your hair, do remember to match the shade of the extension to your natural hair colour.

Yes I know it takes a little extra time, money and effort to find the perfect set of hair extensions especially for bridal hair but it will be well worth the effort when you see the results in photographs and not to forget, whilst cherishing the wedding album years later. 

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Loving this week: KIKO, Amie & Eucerin

I don't usually like bright shimmery nail paints but these Sun Pearl Nail Lacquer's by KIKO are super fun to sport in this sunny weather. They reflect light beautifully and glisten like nothing else in the sun. The bright, almost neon like green and the blood red scared me when I looked at the them in the bottle but they're actually quite quirky and fun to wear and are surprisingly pigmented and opaque.

A quick shout out to KIKO's Eye shadow pigments for those who are on a budget and are looking for dupes for MAC Pigments as I know they can be expensive. They are not as pigmented as the MAC ones but you get a tonne of product for the price and they work decently at creating a full on, colour packed eye. Perfect for beginners.Get your hands on the shimmery ones instead of the matte as the former tend to be more pigmented. 

Another great bargain under a fiver is this Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask by Amie. Perfect for teenagers who suffer from oil slick skin, blemishes, breakout or acne. It's all natural making it suitable for sensitive skin. Although reasonably priced, it is an intense mask in the sense that it literally works at drawing out impurities from your skin and balancing out the oil levels hence I'd suggest using it once a week and not more than that. If you have flaky skin, give it a good exfoliation with a warm flannel before applying this mask. Also, don't apply it immediately after cleansing and toning as it can tend to sting a little. A good one for the hot, humid weather for the price it retails at.

Lastly, a mention to Eucerin. It's funnily creeped up to my favourites list besides it doing nothing for pigmentation or uneven skin tone and instead making my eyes water every time I use it. In fact the night time moisturiser is the only one I can get away with that won't make my eyes water like crazy. Having said all that, I love Eucerin's Even Brighter range for intensely hydrating moisturisers. Trust me, my skin drinks up everything but it loves these as it maintains moisture for longer and gives a lovely overall glow to the skin as if it's naturally healthy looking. Also, it doesn't break out my confused, combination skin so two thumbs up for that. Just make sure you don't get it anywhere near to the eye area and wash your hands after use.

What have you been loving this week?