Graphic Print Tees from Art Hustle

I was looking for some quirky graphic print t-shirts online a few days ago just to sport casually during the day, maybe for a workout and for a holiday I’ve been planning since ages (the destination still remains unknown!) and found a website called Art Hustle which caught my attention. I mean I do love myself some typical ‘geek’, ‘dork’ and ‘nerd’ tees when it comes to graphic print but it’s quite refreshing to see them retail such an unseen variety. Most of these t-shirt prints I haven’t ever come across on the high street which always gets me excited as I like to have a wardrobe that I don’t see others sporting on the street.

Do you love graphic print tees or those with quotes on them? My life revolves around quotes and tag lines so much that I literally have them on frames, phone covers, laptop cases, bed sheets, wallpapers and even flash drives! I personally feel graphic print merchandise is a classic phenomenon like the skinny jeans and iPhone you see. It’s not going to fade anytime soon or go out of fashion because quotes, whatever they say, define your personality and are the easiest way to make a fashion statement. These t-shirts are undoubtedly geared and more suited towards a younger audience but if styled appropriately, do have the ability to look chic and constitute a sophisticated yet fun outfit. I took some of my favourite graphic print picks from Art Hustle’s online store and create a few looks with them.

It’s easy to go for a casual sporty look with graphic print tees when thrown on with some sneakers, bomber jacket and mini messenger bags but they actually look pretty cool when paired with something more contrasting and grown up like structured blazers, sky high stilettos and large tote bags that can tone down it’s casualness and youthfulness by just a notch. There are so many festivals and concerts happening this season, it’s unbelievable. If you are always stuck in a rut with your festival clothing or can’t decide what to sport, I’d personally stay safe and style around a cute graphic print tee. Makes life much easier!

I’ve also been looking for some graphic print t-shirts for working out in or to mix up with pj’s and it’s just so expensive out there. I’m seriously not spending £15 on a t-shirt I am going to sleep or sweat in. Hence my hunt for more affordable online stores and I’m pleased to inform those on a tight budget that Art Hustle tees are under a tenner. Two thumbs up for that! They also do some super funky hoodies and jackets for this in-between, unpredictable weather so check them out as well.

The amazing people at Art Hustle have also provided Get Gawjus readers with a £5 discount if you shop from their online store along with free shipping using the code ‘getgawjus5’. Excuse me while I go and stock my wardrobe with some uber cool essentials from them. 


Food for thought: Dishoom

I am a restaurant junkie. There I said it. I am trying to eat clean these days which means being very picky when eating outdoors but when I'm on a eating spree on cheat days, I love to indulge in restaurants with the sister or the boyfriend and you'll usually see me more interested in clicking away with my bright pink camera and facebook check in's than actually eating hence I thought might as well share some food fetish on here.

If you're unaware, Dishoom is a Bombay Style restaurant/cafe trying to mimic the essence of the fading Iranian cafe's in Mumbai and it does a darn good job at that. It's very detailed in the elements it's brought to the decor and feel of the location. The staff is super friendly and all smiles and their menu is something I would have at my place if I had a personal chef. I just have one complaint, their chairs could be a little more comfy. Maybe they have done it for a purpose or else I'd be planting myself there permanently.

I believe you can find them in Shoreditch and Covent Garden. They are one of the most authentic Indian restaurants I've tried out till date. Food isn't too spicy or oily which is always great. It's in fact got a very home-made Indian food healthy vibe going on. Must haves are Chai, Lassi, Frankies, Pau Bhaji, Paneer Tikka and House Black Daal.

Yes I'll talk about food from now too because it's even a 'lifestyle' blog now you see. Check the header.


Practical ways to sport a Corset outside

Okay so hands up if you thought of corsets as strictly lingerie or vintage? *both hands up*. It’s slowly but surely making a comeback with the crop tops these days. If you have been eating clean and following Cassey from Blogilates religiously with her monthly workout calendars or sweating it out with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, you should be in good shape to rock that flat tummy and sculpted abs. If not, corsets from Aussie website Corset Corner (who ship globally) can act as a saviour for the lazy lot out there disguising those muffin tops, chest fat and slimming down those pesky extra inches on the waist with its flattering, body hugging fit. Below are my favourite ways in which a corset can be worn outside, practically.

At a (your!) wedding
It might sound edgy but if you’re one of those brides who struggles to settle on a readymade boutique dress, a corset can help create a bespoke wedding gown when paired with a complimentary skirt and ensure all eyes will be on you, quite literally! I love how it looks with anything puffy underneath for a divalicious look or a streamlined, structured bottom for something more elegant yet modern. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about gaining or losing an inch or two from the upper body as the beauty of this piece of clothing is that you can lace it up to your precise shape. I love the below picks from Corset Corner with their rich colours and wearable necks high enough to sport on their own. 

With a (leather?) skirt
There’s just something so ethereal about pairing a corset top with a skirt. It can be a flirty skater skirt, a flowy maxi skirt oozing femininity or a fitted pencil skirt that’s more formal and sharp.  My favourite way to pair a corset would be with a sequinned knee high skirt or a sleek leather skirt. You don’t even have to be the ultimate fashionista to pull off this look as the casualness of the skirt would mellow down the edginess of the corset by just a notch. How cool is this cobweb inspired corset? Wouldn't this be a clever way of substituting a boring white shirt with a dressy corset when heading to an evening out straight from work.

How about shorts?
Now if I had toned athletic legs, I’m not even kidding you’d find me in this look sunbathing in the park with my gladiators and sunglasses. The playfulness of shorts is the easiest way to cancel out the sensuality and old school stigma attached to corsets that it can only be worn with vintage clothing. There’s nothing wrong with the oomph they carry but as we are talking about how to wear out a corset, shorts are an apt way of toning down a corset subtly. I’d opt for a bright tartan print or striped corset with neutral black blazer and white linen shorts. Uber chic!

Under formal/occasional wear

If you have a thick layered dressy dress for a formal occasion, it doesn't matter if the dress is vintage or not, a corset can work to nip and tuck any inches that may show the bulge. I have noticed quite a few times that despite my issue with chunky thighs, it’s usually the fitting at the waist that can make or break an occasional outfit for me. As long as this godsend invention helps me squeeze into a party number without flabby areas on display, I don’t really need any space to breathe to be honest. Not quite literally but you know what I mean? 

If you fancy yourself one of these modern corsets, check out corsetcorner.com.au. They're quite reasonably priced for how pretty and comfy they are. 

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Shiffa Facial Cleanser & Toner

I've been using these two daily skincare gems from Shiffa since the past few weeks and absolutely love them for what they do. If you're unfamiliar with Shiffa, it's a Dubai based brand formulated by Dr Lamees Hamdan  who is a Dermatologist but also likes incorporating holistic principles into the products, making them a perfect combination to repair and heal skin naturally.

I had the pleasure of meeting her on the Shiffa counter in Selfridges a few weeks ago and I have to say she had the most amazing skin I had ever seen. It was translucent yet glowing and even toned and I couldn't even tell she was wearing make-up, when she actually was. What further came as a shock seeing her youthful skin was that she is a mother to four children and started developing a range when she wasn't happy with the skincare products around her during her pregnancy. I'm taking her skin as a guarantee that her products work.

Coming back to the Aromatic Facial Cleanser. It's been a while that I haven't ventured into the cleansing milk category but I'm glad I have. Following the Caroline Hirons skincare approach, I have decided to fill my skincare regime with different formulations of cleansers such as gels, balms and milks. I hardly ever like cleansing milks in the market because the concept seems dated to me and more importantly their formulations are thick, gloopy and hardly do anything for my skin. I have got to give it to the formulation of this one as it's extremely thin, light and fluffy textured making it appear more modern and fit for 2013. I squirt out three pumps and massage onto the skin for a good minute or so and then remove it with a warm flannel. It smells sweet and uplifiting which always works as a little aromatherapy session in the evenings. The milk is particularly nourishing and great for my current dehydrated and flaky skin.

It in no way feels overtly rich like other cleansing milks I have come across and is rather a balancing, anti-bacterial one fit for combination skin. It is a pricey one but if you're looking for a soothing and calming cleanser for when your skin's damaged and haywire, this one's worth the price tag.

The Skin Balancing Facial Toner is my all time feel good product. Do you have such products in your skincare stash? The one's you just love indulging in because they look beautiful, smell delicious and feel opulent to use on the skin. This one contains Aloe Vera and Seaweed which lead me to think it helps in keeping my skin clear of any breakouts. It has a lovely sweet and warm scent to it due to Damask Rose and Bergamot. Again, this one's more balancing and relaxing making it perfect for combination skin. Having said that, it's not drying at all and seems to get rid of any dry flaky patches on application. I tend to use it in the mornings with cotton wool and it's just so refreshing.

Again, it's a little expensive for a toner but I personally would spend the same amount on a handbag so why not on my skin which is going to last a life time eh?

Dr Lamees Hamdan gave me a wonderful tip with Shiffa's Healing Balm which is my ultimate favourite since years. It's actually a thick, balm like, translucent formula and I use it as a overnight moisturiser or on long haul flights as a repair mask. But she said it contains healing properties and despite it's balm like hydrating properties, it can be used on spots and blemishes on the face to treat them overnight. Now that I would have never thought of! 


June Beauteco Box

June's Beauteco Box was a wholesome concoction of skincare goodies mixed with a bright and bold nail colour. For the sunnier months, I quite like such boxes containing more skincare than make-up bits. I feel I get more use out of skincare from beauty boxes than I do with make-up.

I'm sure quite a few of you will agree with me on this as make-up choices are vary individualistically whereas skincare, although dependant on skin type, never ever goes waste. I personally always end up using it especially as my skin type does not stay the same through out the year and such products come handy when it's going through a bit of a change.

This one contains a Gentle Cleansing Lotion by Organic Surge, Skin Exfoliating Polish by Amie, Balance Me Eye Cream, a Rose & Mango Body Balm and a Headline Colours Nail Varnish.

Amie is the brainchild of ex-Estee Lauder's Marketing Executive and having tried almost all the products from the affordable teenage skincare brand now, I can say the Skin Exfoliating Polish is my absolute favourite. So I know abrasive scrubs are not good for the skin but this one's more creamy than harsh and leaves skin soft, nourished and moisturised. You can visibly see clear, brighter skin after use.

Organic Surge's Gentle Cleansing Lotion is great if you are on a budget but still want to follow a strict cleanse tone moisturise routine AM and PM. This can work as the first step of your double cleanse regime in the evening as it's gentle yet effective enough to dissolve make-up or it can be used as a mild and comforting cleanser in the morning if you want to avoid anything drying or gel based. It can be used with cotton wool but try using it the Caroline Hirons way, that is with warm water and a flannel.

Not a huge fan of Headline Colours Nail Paints to be honest and definitely not of this particular gold shade but that's just my preference. I don't quite like gold and silver, foil finish nail paints as they don't flatter my skin tone very well. This particular shade isn't that pigmented either and needs two-three coats. Not bad when you're feeling this colour but don't want to invest in an expensive option.

Aah the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. Was I pleased to see this in the box or what. I have gone through two of these tubes already and it's truly wonderful. I like how it's got a light, lotion like texture than a typical thick eye cream like formula. You really need to massage and work this into the skin otherwise it will leave a white residue around the eye area but I find it pushes me to give the under eye area a little massage this way. I come back to it all the time!

To be honest, I have gotten over the whole the-balm-in-this-tin-does-everything-you-can-imagine bandwagon. I have a tonne of these lying around my vanity table now and all with the same consistency which can be slathered all over the elbows, feet, cuticles or dry areas of the face and body. The only difference in this one is that it smells delicious of Rose and Mango. Nonetheless, if you have no such similar products in your skincare kit, you'll enjoy using this one.

Although the brands in Beauteco Box are quite high-street and low end, I like the fact that they provide more full sized products than any other beauty box. I am not a brand snob so it doesn't matter to me if the products are high end or not. I feel this is more value for money if you total the RRP of these items, its definitely more than the price of the box. 

Moral of the story - more skincare and less make-up beauty boxes please. 

Fake tanning Lotions, Mousse & Sprays: St. Tropez & KIKO

The sun is out already, well at least in my part of the city hence here's a mini round-up of my favourite fake tanning stash. My favourite formulation seems to be tanning gels and I feel nothing absorbs better into the skin than a well massaged liquid consistency. Mousse tend to be a hit or a miss for me at times and the only two I have liked are from KIKO and the cult-favourite St. Tropez of course. 

Both the self tanning spray and mousse by KIKO and St Tropez are super natural and dry to a matte finish. I find they need to be blended quickly though to avoid any tell tale lines. Also if you have dry skin or are lazy at moisturising your body just like me, it's best to start with an intense dose of hydration prior to fake tan application for the product to glide on easily. Without a moisturiser underneath, it's literally like making a sandwich without butter. St Tropez also do a Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser that I like to use underneath. It just helps the tan last longer and look more even in my opinion and smells lovely too!

KIKO's Self Tanning Day by Day Lotion is gorgeous and super hydrating. This one's actually my favourite of the bunch as although it delivers a light wash of colour, it deepens gradually within days. Perfect for a subtle, sun kissed glow. Also as you keep cleansing your face daily, this one doesn't have a chance to deepen as much to be honest hence I see it as a daily self tanner for a healthy glow rather than a gradual one. Also, the lotion can be used on the face as well.

St Tropez's Self Tan Bronzing Lotion for the face is of the perfect consistency. I usually avoid using body fake tanning products on the face. They are just not delicate and sensitive enough to use on the face as well hence when a product is marketed to be used on the face, it funnily gives me the mental satisfaction that it will be safe. It also leaves skin quite plump and nourished which I like. Perfect to top up a tan.

Lets hope the sunshine stay with us for longer so I can get more use out of my self tan products! Just to let you know that I already have tanned skin and would just use these to give me a sun kissed glow or to bronze up my pasty arms and legs that hardly see the sun.


100% Virgin Human Hair: Brazilian & Peruvian

Hair is a topic I am obsessed about but for some reason, talk much less about on this blog compared to make-up. What’s funny is that I in fact always get asked about my hair colour, hair cut and styling by others, so I thought why not discuss hair on the blog today for those who are not naturally gifted with straight silky long locks or a voluminous bunch of tousled curls and want to dip their feet into the hair extensions sector. 

Do you remember the time when synthetic hair was the only option available in the market and our problems with them looking slightly fake and not very heat resistant? Of course us ladies made that work too but 100% virgin human hair is the talk of the town now especially as celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce and Shakira sport gorgeous natural looking hair styles and colours and seem to change it up every few months with the help of Brazilian and Peruvian virgin hair. Human hair USP? They look as natural as they can with a healthy shine and realistic movement and body. 

Love how the possibilities are endless with Brazilian & Peruvian Human hair!
What are the benefits of Brazilian and Peruvian Hair you ask? Well, they are 100% virgin human hair meaning donated by the ladies in Brazil and Peru in its natural state, without having undergone any chemical treatment at all. Of course only the highest quality of hair is selected to reach to you and donors are usually young with naturally healthy hair. I love the fact that both of these hair types can be styled with curling irons, tongs, strengtheners and hot rollers just like you’d do your own hair. 

Because they are real hair, they won’t break that easily. You can use hair oils and serums on them as you like and wash them as often as you require maintaining their nature goodness. Both Brazilian and Peruvian Hair are known to be strong, thick, straight and voluminous. I believe the only difference is that Brazilian is straighter and sleek being more appropriate for a natural subtle look whereas Peruvian is overall thick and voluminous if you like added body and movement in your hair, much like Kim Kardashians curls. 

I wish my hair was just as thick!
Damn you split ends.
I have always enjoyed watching Beyonce change her hair colour and hair style more frequently than I change my coats for the season and have found she uses only 100% human virgin hair (can even be a mix of both Peruvian & Brazilian for a uber natural look) which is then obviously coloured, dyed, highlighted, lowlighted and ombred to achieve the stunning results she flaunts.  
So whether you have naturally curly and short Afro hair and are tired of paying premium prices for extensions and weaves that you’re not completely happy about or are simply looking to add more body and length to your naturally short and limp hair, I have found a superb supplier for you. Simply email  lilglamhair@yahoo.com to discuss your hair requirements and they will be able to provide you with a genuine opinion, help you with the hair length you want, give you an affordable price range and of course, superb quality human Brazilian and Peruvian hair.

You can either be an individual wanting to purchase human hair extensions or weaves for yourself or even a hair dresser looking to stock some quality virgin Brazilian & Peruvian human hair in your salon, they can arrange to meet you to show samples. I have been through the stage where I scanned the web for affordable yet natural looking human hair extensions and I have to say, their price range is seriously the best out there for the quality they offer. 

Just google images of Brazilian or Peruvian Human hair for some hairspiration and you'll come across the most beautiful hair you've ever seen. I am personally tempted to get some extensions for myself as my ends are becoming thinner compared to the top and this would help them look naturally full and be easy way to  sport an ombre if I opt to get the extensions coloured!

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