Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen (The only ones that DON'T crease!)

Okay, hands down these are much better than the Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes. Now I am huge fan of Clinique's Chubby Sticks for the lips but their eye shadow versions were plainly okay for me. The texture was crayon like and creased and smudged like crazy.

If you're looking for a cream eye shadow this summer that does not crease and you don't mind using a crayon like format, go for these Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pens. They come in several beautiful shades and stay put brilliantly. By that I mean they simply don't budge or crease even without a primer. Now that's a first for me!

I think I know how it can manage to glue to the eyes so well and it's because of its consistency which instantly feels different to all other cream eye shadows you may have tried. In fact it's much closer to those Tattoo Eye shadow pots by Maybelline. They form a thin film over the eyes and you'll find these to be a little less creamier than your usual ones. That's the first indication that if it's not super creamy, then it will not budge.

I have two neutral shades in my possession namely Brun Beam and Mocha Mauve. Brun Beam is a wearable charcoal taupe shade. Perfect for quick, low key, daytime smokey eye. It's so much less maintenance than a full on powder eye shadow smokey eye. Especially in the Summer, please don't go for that look. Just please.

Mocha Mauve is the most gorgeous, bronzed pink I have ever come across. Such a unique shade this is and works just as well in the inner corners as it does to brighten up tired lids. No caking, no exaggerating fine lines, just plain wash of iridescent colour.

Both of these have a slightly shimmery, almost glossy finish to them hence apt for this weather. I just have one problem with these, the sharpening part! How the hell do I sharpen these without breaking the pencil and wasting a tonne of product. Please Pixi, it's time to upgrade to twist up pens. Who sharpens these days?

Brun Beam & Mocha Mauve

On the whole, get these now! How would I go through Summer without these babies. 


Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Lip Creams

Isn't it amazing seeing a brand bring out something totally different, not hyped up around this time of the year namely the glorified Summer. Instead of pushing some lip butters or crayons our way, Sleek MakeUp as usual decides to be bold and presents us with a Matte Lip Stain that actually is sported by the gorgeous Rihanna a gazillion times in numerous shades. Others make-up brands please take notice will you? Celebrities don't wear lip butters you see so stop giving us more already. I now have every colour I can possibly need. Ever.

Coming back to these stunner's, 'Matte Me' is plainly gorgeous. It is definitely not for the faint hearted. But the shades are just so rock star like and the formulation so comfortable on the lips that it's making someone as chicken as me want to sport a full on neon pink lip outside.

There are six shades available in total and I have two to try out for myself namely Rioja Red and Brink Pink. Brink Pink is a full on neon pink. I can't put a finger on whether it's cool or warm toned as it seems like a good mix of both. It's a little less opaque than the red one hence if you have pigmented lips, your lip colour will peep through a tad bit. A dash of lip balm mixed with concealer prior to applying this baby will solve the issue. If you're looking for an attention seeking, fun shade for the Summer, it cannot get better than this. I have a feeling this will compliment cooler skin tones better.

Rioja Red is unexpectedly my favourite. It's a warm coral red with a hint of orange shot through it. It's somewhere in between the uber stylish and classic red category hence easy to pull off. I can see this being flattering on so many skintones. It particularly will look fab on olive skin tones in my opinion. This one's superbly opaque and one coat does it for me. MUST HAVE.

Rioja Red
Brink Pink
I LOVE the texture and consistency of these Lip Creams. They start off applying glossy and dry matte. Not so quickly that you don't have time to adjust coverage. Once dry, I love building it up for more coverage. It feels like I'm wearing nothing on the lips and most importantly, it does not dry out my cray cray flaky lips. 

Releasing on 28th June online and 28th August in stores, these will retail for £4.99. 

SPF 50+ from Vichy and La Roche Posay

Do you ever wear SPF 50? This is honestly my first time with it. I have to say I am the laziest person when it comes to wearing SPF. I really don't know why I don't take it seriously as the sun can really break the collagen in the skin and although I can't see it visibly now hence the laziness, it will surely be visible when I'm older. *panics and slaps on SPF indoors*

My two favourite SPF products recently are from Vichy & La Roche Posay. Well my skincare is slowly being taken over by these two brands and I love their BB creams too so it wasn't a surprise when I absolutely loved their SPF products. Now I know it's not a glamorous topic to talk about and I hear you asking who 'loves' SPF products. In my opinion, it comes down to product formulations (and your love for that brand!) at the end of the day.

The Velvety Cream SPF 50 by Vichy (£14.50) is intended for use on the face. It comes out like a usual lotion consistency. Not pearlescent as they usually do. When it spreads on the skin initially, I could see it having a slight white tint to it and I was like, no please don't make me look like a ghost in the sun. But in a minute or so when it sinks into the skin and settles, the white cast vanished leaving me relieved. I could then pop on my foundation immediately without it disturbing it in any way possible. It hasn't broken me out yet so I'm giving it a thumbs up for sensitive, combination, dehydrated skin.

The Invisible Nutritive Oil SPF 50 by La Roche Posay (£17.50) can be used both on the face and the body. I was kind of sceptical of slapping this on my face and hesitant that it could break me out. It hasn't yet. I have to say, the oil isn't a dry oil if you know what I mean. The one that sinks into the skin and then you cannot feel it. It's like a usual body oil where it also hydrates skin and makes it look supple and glowy. Has a nice pleasant warm body oil scent to it. The pump dispenser is invaluable for lazy butts out there who slack in this department. I think I've found my favourite SPF consistency and it would hands down be an oil formulation as such.

Get your SPF on peeps!


The Body Shop Strawberry EDT

Who loves strawberries? *both hands up*

I wasn't that keen on them last Summer but this year I am literally obsessed with them. Plus they go so well with my clean eating regime at present.

Hence this current favourite fragrance choice that mimics the deliciously fresh yet sweet fruit perfectly. As expected, it's mostly fruity, slightly sweet with a hint of citrusy notes dashed through it. Although it's feminine and typically girly, the fresh notes balance the sweetness pretty well.

I did not expect the scent to last on me longer than a few hours but this one's quite surprising that way as it doesn't fade away as the hours pass by. It stays put for a good working day at the office, if you're only going to involve in sitting on a chair in front of the computer.

Also, it's so dinky in size and absolutely adorable looking in it's translucent red bottle. It's half the size of my palm and so handy to chuck into the handbag or even carry on long haul flights as it's under 100ml.

A classic scent that's a winner in all ways if you love sweet, fresh fruity scents. For £8 per 30ml bottle, get your hands on it this season. They have so many more in this range. I have my eyes set on the Coconut & Vanilla EDT's now.

Buy it here!


JKA Bridal Gowns: For affordable Wedding Dresses online

I am not sure about you but I personally have been online shopping for dresses, be it formal, casual or occasional wear since years and have hardly ever come across a bad experience. If you know your size well, half of the work is done and if you don’t, with the savvy size charts that online retailers offer these days, a measuring tape can be your best friend. JKA Bridal is a family run online bridal boutique and have just dipped their feet into the global online world. Based on the mantra that you don’t need to pay exorbitant amounts for bridal gowns when you can get them for half the price at their online boutique, makes me feel they will be quite a popular choice amongst brides on a budget.

Of course it’s your special day and you’d like to splurge but splurging doesn’t necessarily equate to a high quality dress that will flatter you. At the end of the day, you should wear the dress instead of the dress wearing you so why not select one based on your body type and the detailing on the dress. The money you save can be spent on your honeymoon! Another reason why I personally would be so tempted to get a wedding dress online is because going through the exhausting and intimidating bridal boutique experience is simply not my cup of tea and I know there’s quite of few of you out there who would agree.

JKA Bridal Gowns to buy online
Worst comes worst, if there’s a problem with your wedding dress in the final week commencing the wedding day (trust me it can happen with kids around and the house being repainted!), you really don’t want to go rummaging around town looking for an alternative. Ordering online from a bridal boutique such as JKA Bridal who can provide you with support via email or phone should get you out from panic mode as they promise to deliver your precious gown to your doorstop. 

With the variety of designs they have in store such as vintage, modern, classic, conservative, strapless, structured and even the poufy princess like gown, you’ll only be spoilt for choice. The intricate and detailed lace work in their gowns looks outstanding and sure to melt any bride-to-be’s heart.

They also allow 28 days of return for your peace of mind where you are guaranteed a full refund if you don’t like the choice you made. Whether you don’t want to deal with pushy sales people or there’s simply not enough variety in your local bridal salon, purchasing a wedding dress online can be the option for you. Not being able to feel the fabric, see how it moves or try it on makes it a risky decision for some but if you can get a designer dress lookalike for half the price, it’s totally worth it.

What to keep in mind while purchasing bridal gowns online
  •          Try on a few dresses in bridal salons just to get a gist of what fabric and style suits you best
  •     Gauge your body type and proportion to determine what styles you want to avoid
  •         Do you research on fabric types so you know what to expect in advance
  •      Trust the online boutique's customer service on helping you decide which gown you should opt for

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