Biotherm Aquasource BB Cream

Geared towards dry skin types and dull complexions comes this BB Cream from popular skincare brand Biotherm and is my absolute favourite at present. Now I usually reserve BB creams for wear at home when I'm not going out or on lazy weekends. I mean I have decent skin but am just so used to doing a full face with foundation that it's almost impossible to break the habit. Hence this time around, I've found a new use for this particular BB cream. Because of it's super hydrating properties (apparently hydrates 5 layers of the epidermis), thin texture and translucent finish, it makes such a gorgeous dewy primer and day moisturiser.

I mean if you take good care of your skin on a daily basis, you really don't need a treatment moisturiser, especially before make-up application. I personally reserve my treatment creams for the night. Hence it makes such a beautiful, light weight, radiant primer that is superbly hydrating on my combination-dehydrated skin type. 

The glow it leaves on the skin is quite film like in the sense that it doesn't leave out any area on the face that isn't dewy looking, making it appear like you've just come back from a spa day. Now I do love my dewy skin and have a selection of products that can achieve that result but this is by far the best glow (is there anything like that?) I have ever seen on my skin. 

I can definitely see those with dry, dehydrated, mature skin who are always looking for brightening products loving this baby. I love the fact that it contains an SPF of 15 as we all know we can be a little lazy when it comes to protecting the skin from the sunlight. It has very low coverage but fortunately I have good skin as of now so I only need a little bit of concealer under the eyes and au naturale it is. Although it doesn't cover up much, I feel it has this evening out effect where skin somehow looks more uniform after application. Not sure how it does that but it does so thumbs up for that!

On the whole, a great product for holidays, beaches, road trips, festivals where it can double up as an SPF and tinted moisturiser making you look like a Victoria's Secret Angel. What? One can dream and try.



At-home Spa Manicure Pedicure Course by Essential Nails

Have you ever wanted to do a professional Nail Technician Course to dip your feet into the highly competitive beauty industry but have felt intimidated by college fees, commuting and commitment and have given up the thought? I'm not sure about you but I personally am a self learner and have always wanted to do beauty courses but been put off by their atrocious prices charged just for 5 days! Came across this Nail Technician course by Essential Nails and had to let you guys know about it as I know there are so many of you budding nail technicians out here in the blogosphere who would love to know about it. 

This Spa Manicure and Pedicure Course of course includes your essential elements of nail shaping, buffing, filing, client etiquette and all that jazz but also focuses on the massage element of it which I feel is slowly fading away at nail salons and spas these days. I am a sucker for reflexology and a total believer in stimulating points on the hands and feet for general well-being as well as to solve body aches and stimulate organ functioning.  

First off, because you’re doing this Spa Manicure and Pedicure course at home, don’t be deceived to think that it won’t be of industry standard. It has two well known names from the beauty industry tutoring you via detailed videos on DVD’s for a length of two hours. I am not sure what you guys feel about remote learning but I personally feel there’s so much more scope in it sometimes as you can rewind and pause at your convenience and of course repeat as much as required to make you perfect at it.

You will be getting a Diploma in Nail Technology at the end of the course completion, which will be NVQ recognised, provide you with public liability insurance if you want to start practising at a salon or as a freelancer and help you become a part of Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists. To ensure you’re fully skilled and all set to start painting the towns nails with your fabulous skills this Summer, you will be expected to use models, take pictures and fill a workbook which the people at Essential Nails will thoroughly examine to decide whether you’ve passed or not. On graduating, expect to receive a glossy certificate certifying you’re now an expert in Manicure and Pedicure.

I particularly liked the fact that you can either choose to learn Manicure, Pedicure or both as I know some people have strict preferences and clearly know what they want to specialise in. If not, you can go for both and expand your skill set even further. Did I tell you the price of this At-Home Manicure and Pedicure Course is only £269! Plus you get a tonne of manicure and pedicure lotions, potions and tools included which is a bonus for someone who’s just starting out and doesn't want to invest in these separately.

It is a perfect treat for anybody who wants to start out in the nail industry and gain freelance clients.  You can also be an already practising nail technician who’s looking to provide a little extra relaxation and pampering to clients and opt for the course to upgrade the skills in your kitty. 


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Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Digital Tong

Can you believe this is my first tong with a clasp? It is shocking considering I curl my hair literally every single day. Without fail. Since 4 years now. It's my permanent hairstyle I'm not even joking. When I don't have my curl on, I look so different and there have been instances when people haven't recognised me.

Exaggeration aside, I love this slim beaut. It's quite a refreshing change from the GHD's which can sometime pull and drag through hair whilst creating a curl and less dangerous than the clasp free conical wands that I have a penchant for.

I like the fact that is has different temperature settings. Like all other people I am always tempted to keep it  to the highest but if you're someone who wants a softer curl, has very fine hair which can easily mould and hold a curl, go ahead and use a lower setting. It will also damage your hair less in the long term if you plan to use it frequently. Although that should never be an option. Load up on that heat protection spray peeps! Tonnes of it I say.

Another thing I like about it is that it's quite flexible in the sense that you can create both tight spiral curls, wide curls and waves, depending on whether you hold it vertically or horizontally. A very simple trick is to leave the curl in the clasp for 10 seconds for a tight curl and 5 seconds for a messy, beach wave. It does get heated quite quickly, reaching up to a good 220 degrees so just a few seconds and it will give the straightest of hair a nice glossy curl.

Excuse the breakage in mums hair here as she has got it coloured recently which obviously dries hair out. If you can look past that, the tong has created such beautiful yet easy beach waves and this literally took me 10 minutes to do it for her. It stayed on for two days as well and being a lover of poker straight hair, this is the first time she has really appreciated some texture and curl in her hair. Two thumbs up!

If you're looking for a simple, fuss free, easy to use tong that will create versatile curls and waves, not break the bank and actually curl your poker straight hair that won't fall straight within minutes, give this one a try. It know there's tonnes of these in the market right now but it's effective compared to them all. Trust me, I have a bucket full of hair tools.



June Glossybox - The summer staples edition

Mr postman just arrived with June's Glossybox this morning and I thought what better than spoiling it for you guys who haven't received their monthly boxes yet. I'm nice that way. I am a little on the fence with the box for now. Perhaps when I use the products for a month or so and fall in love with them, I might change my opinion regarding it. Just by having a look at the products, I found it a little meh. If Summer's all about bright colours, then I don't see the point of including a black eye pencil and a gloomy grey nail paint. Keeping colours aside, these two products are actually of good quality. I've had a play with them.

I am quite excited to try out the Monu Moisturiser as it contains SPF and more importantly is travel sized meaning it goes straight into my travel skincare bag with other of it's miniature buddies. I cannot stress on how impossible it is to get samples out of counters in London especially. I usually end up buying sample sized skincare from ebay. Who buys samples for god's sake would our American bloggers ask. Londoners you see. Hence I love Glossybox for including travel sized skincare. Always appreciated.

The Figs & Rouge Coco Rose Lip balm is completely new to me. It is super moisturising and has a hint of pink sheen to it with some shimmer. Pretty! Organic Surge's Colour Protect Conditioner I haven't tried out yet but I usually do end up liking their products and I am hoping this will be one of them.

On the whole, not bad at all but that pop of bright colour is missing I thought.


Pixi Tinted Brilliance Lip Balms

I have slowly started developing a fondness or shall I say addiction for such chubby stick/lip crayon like products. To be honest with you, these are literally the only types of lip products I find to work well with my sensitive, flaky lips on a daily basis. Also I love the fact that you don't have to be neat in application with these and can even apply without a mirror. Having said that, these Tinted Brilliance Balms have a gorgeous translucent pigmentation and a glossy finish to them, albeit not sticky at all.

I have three shades in my possession, all that I love equally. I'm not being diplomatic here. I really really do love them all equally. When a make-up product comes with a gorgeous texture and even pretty shades, you cannot not love them all. Oh and isn't the mint green packaging so clean looking and just refreshing compared to other brands?

I think the USP of these tinted lip balms is that the shades they come in are so unique, flattering and well thought out. When I usually come across lip crayons like these, it's just so boring when they come in a typical red, pink, orange and nude shade. I mean for heavens sake I don't want to wear primary colours on my lips. Give us different shades of pinks and browns for once.

Make them look like Chanel and Dior minus the price tag and that's exactly what Pixi do when it comes to their Brilliance Lip Balms. Some shades are muted and feminine whilst some are fun, summery and bold but most importantly they are not clones of what already exists in the market.

Pretty Pink, Magnific Mauve & Baby Bare

These are super hydrating and dry to a natural finish after a while. Of course you'll have to re-apply after you eat and drink but the foolproof nature of these makes that a dream. They also stain the lips and leave a nice hint of colour so you're not left with a blank canvas when these wear off. I find them comfortable on the lips, not tacky or sticky, with just the right amount of colour, buildable and almost addictive. If you're in the market for new lip crayon or a chubby stick dupe then get these!