Lily Flame Blush Reed Diffuser (a bit like Thierry Mugler's Angel?!)

Yes you heard me right. I have found a Reed Diffuser that smells so delicious that I want to wear it as perfume, am not even kidding. The first time I sniffed it, it smelt so familiar. I had so take some out and rub it on the back of my hand to scrutinise the scent a little more. What was it reminding me of? It smells a little heady, so sweet, warm and comforting. It's definitely a sultry scent, a bedroom keeper for sure. Then it suddenly struck me that it reminded me so much of my beloved fragrance Thierry Mugler's Angel. You know how people complain Angel is a little too 'food focused' and 'bakery smelling' for them. Well this is how Angel would smell like it it wasn't so caramely and chocolatey.

First off, this is the prettiest and the most detailed packaging I have ever seen on a home scent product. For those of who're not familiar with home scents, it has a entire story on reed diffusers at the back of the pretty pink tin. I want to save the tin to store stuff, just don't know what.

So inside is this fuss free, glass bottle jam packed with a whole load of this delicious scent. It's so annoying when some brands barely fill up their reed diffuser bottles to the middle. I mean it's all about the scent when it comes to reed diffusers and I am happy that Lily Flame provide a generous amount of it. The bottle comes safely packed with a cork stopper to avoid spillage. As soon as the stopper is pulled out, the room is slowly but surely filled up with the scrumptious scent and everyone in my family simply adored it!

I normally don't do this but because this reminds of my favourite perfume ever, I'm going to dip in some reed sticks in the bottle for a few days and then place them in my wardrobe so my clothes smell just as good. I just found out they do a Room Mist in the same scent which I have my eyes glued on. I think I see an addiction with home scents following very soon. 


Elegant Touch Envy Nail Wraps

Who loves nail wraps? *both hands up*.

I have always appreciated the convenience and cleverness of nail wraps especially as I suck at applying nail varnish, let alone intricate nail art. Its amazing how the nail wrap trend started a few years ago with plain block colours of red and pink and now you can literally find anything and everything in them when it comes to patterns, designs and textures. These particular ones by Elegant Touch are on-trend yet chic at the same time. I cannot stand leopard print ones that most brands like to overdo hence it was quite refreshing to see a brand bring out designs that are more modern and young.

Albeit hard to pull off if you have parched cuticles and unmanicured hands like myself, these would look fab on the beach, at work or on a holiday. They are quite Summer-y in the colours they come in. Now I did love the Nude nail wrap with polka dots on it but it just does not flatter my skin tone very well. On lighter skin tones, it would look uber cute. The tattoo one with the white background is absolutely adorable as well. But my favourite and an unexpected one at that is the multicoloured bling called 'Candy Sprinkles' quite aptly. It's so eye catching and the transparent background just makes it pop that little more. It also applies much better comparatively making application mistakes and uneven edges not visible as much.

Nails wraps or good old nail varnish? What would you choose as a desert island fave? Let me know.

Pixi AW13 Blogger Event: What caught my eye

The Soft Focus Palette. £25. Has almost everything you'll need to do a full face. Looks so gorgeous and is super thin and compact. Can fit at the top of your luggage once all your clothes are squeezed in. #HolidayEssential!

Eye Glow Cube. £16. Has the best pigmentation for shimmery eye shadows I have seen for the price. Not frosty, not metallic. Just a beautiful, colour packed sheen.

Tinted Brilliance Lip Balms. Hands down Pixi do the best tinted lip balms for dry, chapped lips. Revlon, Clinique don't stand a chance in front of these babies. Looking for Lip Butters then you need these in your life. They retail for £12. They could be for £20 a pop and I'd still buy them. What delicious colours they have for this season. MUST HAVE ALL.

Sheer Cheek Gel. £12.50. This ain't new for AW13. It's new to me though. My eyes were glued to the heavenly tubes filled with delicious looking shades, sitting so high on the shelves but I still managed to get a stand-on-the-toes shot. I have two MUJI drawers full of 'live' blushes that I'm current using (apparently!). Can't justify getting these babies. Or can I? *smirks*

And lastly the super gorgeous model who we all uncomfortably stared at during the entire event. Isn't she pretty? I like how the Make-up Artist used the Succulent Lip Tint in Coral Camellia on her. I see 'Poppy Red' has already gone out of stock on their website. I'd say get your hands on it.


KIKO Colour Shock Long Lasting Eyeshadow

Ever felt MAC, Chanel and Estee Lauder's cream eye shadows were a tad bit overpriced? Well, after Maybelline took the plunge with their colour tattoo eye shadows, KIKO have brought out a range of eye shadows that can give high end brands a run for their money. I wouldn't compare it to the Maybelline one however as this one's more of a grainy, mousse like texture.

I love the dinky little glass jar and gold lids they come housed in. Who can tell these are for £6.90 a pop?

I believe all the shades in the range have a frosty, shimmery finish to them. You can wear them lightly buffed into the lids with a fluffy blending brush for that hint of iridescent colour. These babies are however created to be worn full on, slathered on the lids with fingers. The pigmentation in these cannot be faulted and they glide on so smoothly. I feel it's a little tricky if you apply too much at a time, as more colour can get gathered in one place. One vital tip, build it slowly. Let the first layer dry and settle before you add more. It's only going to get clumpy if you layer on too much at a time.

Also, the frosty finish can tend to make fine lines look a little more obvious hence I like to use a primer underneath to fill in those lines and start with a flawless, smooth eye canvas. Also, once this goes on, it will only come off with an eye make-up remover. So full marks for the long lasting aspect!

The shades I have, 'Island Shimmer' and 'Sunset Coral' are gorgeously feminine and perfect for a pin-up look, paired with bold lips. I feel I would personally opt for the darker shades if I had to as they would look beautiful in a frosty, shimmery finish as such and make fine lines on the lid look less obvious. Regardless, these are apt for the season.

The way these come packed in detailed cardboard boxes that you don't want to throw away and expensive looking frosted glass containers, I feel they would make a perfect present for someone and not to forget, easy on your wallet too.



Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Fragrance

Created by a radical perfume designer Geza Schoen, Escentric Molecules is not new as I believe it released sometime in 2008. Can you believe I've jumped on the bandwagon just now? This like many other things in the blogosphere is something that not everyone will like. You'll either love it or hate it. But that too is a quality that distinguishes a brilliant product from a mediocre product. It not only makes it niche but also goes out to say that clearly only a few people will appreciate it's beauty as it's not a mass produced product. I always like that sort of claim.

Simplistic packaging, a plain glass bottle and quirky little box that houses the tiny bottle forces one hard to concentrate merely on the scent of the product. Sometimes we get so caught up in packaging that product quality comes second in the list and I am guilty of doing that with high-end products myself. This baby however survives on quality. The description says that the scent works on 'effect' instead of fragrance notes and is in fact made up of just one ingredient hence the name. So although it is primarily woody and musky, it apparently will smell different on every body depending on their body chemistry.

On me it smells woody, clean and sweet, in a subtle manner. You actually stop smelling it on yourself after 20 minutes or so but people around you can still smell a hint of it. It funnily has a cool and refreshing aura to it and I'd go ahead to say, it's quite a unisex fragrance too in my opinion. Men can easily get away wearing it  just as well as the ladies. It's lasting power is not bad either. A shower later and it's still there.

Oh and all that jazz about it smelling differently on different people, that's so true. It's more fruity on some. Aah... the joy of trying it out on different people and finding that it smells the best on you - yeah just that. You can get a 30ml bottle for £38 from Cult Beauty. Give it a sniff! It's interesting, unique and definitely eccentric!

Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel

Ever come across those mornings when you just don't want to wake up? You've had your daily dose of caffeine and even read the days headlines but still secretly want to creep up into the bed again. I love my sweet smelling, rose and lavender scented, comforting body washes but once in a while you need that zesty shower product to cut through the laziness and Organic Surge's Citrus Mint Shower Gel works brilliantly at that. The mint in this is a little too strong for me, almost bitter smelling but I like how the sweetness of orange oils and the freshness of lemon gives it a different twist within minutes of application. It's considerably hydrating, in fact just perfect for the hot Summer mornings. I like how it leaves a dewy sheen on the skin, making it appear healthy and glowy if you're looking to show some skin.

Now I love my creamy Dove Body Washes but a gel based one that's so differently fresh and in your face energising is always welcome in my shower. The 250ml tubes are currently on offer on Organic Surge's website for a mere £3.26. Give them a try. They have some gorgeous scents!


Summer Foundations I've been loving: Combination-Dehydrated Skin

So if you've got confused skin like mine, a little oily, a little breakout prone, a little dehydrated and overall more temperamental than a women going through PMS, you'll love these Foundations for the sweaty Summer.

Of course you guys know I swear by MAC Face & Body. You can apply it with a flat top buffing brush for a light coverage but if you want a flawless finish with medium coverage, get your hands dirty and slather this on with your fingers. It seriously stays glued to my skin for hours when applied with fingers. Believe it or not, it can give full coverage without appearing cakey. Oh and it's never broke me out! God send.

A recent favourite has been the Superbalanced Makeup by Clinique which has apparently been out since ages and combination skin gals seem to love it. I can see why because it hits middle ground perfectly. It's got a gorgeous demi matte finish and feels light and lovely on the skin. Although it's slightly dewy, you really don't need a powder to set it. The coverage is again medium and you build it to full. My skin loves it.

I couldn't just love their Effaclar duo enough that I had to start liking a BB cream from La Roche Posay. This one's particularly good for more dehydrated combination skin. It brightens and adds radiance like no other. Does  not feel goopy or thick like a typical BB cream. Is rather translucent so lets your skin peep through, leans towards a light-medium coverage and can actually be worn out of the house by those with acne scars and uneven skintone. Just use a concealer now will you?

Aah and my summer favourite, Stay Matte by Clinique. I remember loving it last summer, on my previous holiday to Spain - I was all over it. It's funny how the skinny tube is still lasting me although I use it occasionally now, aiming to finish up my foundations. It is the most matte coverage foundation I own in my collection. You may know that I cannot stand a fully matte coverage hence this has a slight dewy finish but again needs no powder. Perfect for blemish prone skin and oily t-zones. You won't need powder!

Hope my little Summer foundation summary was helpful to some. I can empathise with crazy combination skin. I've had it since years and you really need to find the right foundation to please it.

Oh and here's my face when I headed to the Pixi Event last week in case you had forgotten what I looked like. Hola!

Badger Sleep Balm - Lavender & Bergamot

A balm that can knock you off to dreamland? Rejoice Insomniacs!

I'm kidding. It doesn't actually work that way. Hah. Caught you there.

It's an organic balm containing essential oils such as Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot and Ginger. The aroma of this is subtle, sweet, comforting and relaxing. I like how the Lavender in here is kept understated as I usually find it's scent a little too overpowering and smoky. I find this one slightly floral and woody.

You can use it in whatever way you want but I personally like to rub in into the collarbone area, the temples, between the wrists and the tip of the nose before going to sleep or whenever I'm feeling anxious or restless, which is actually most of the time.

It's soothing aroma helps calm you down  gradually but effectively. The formula of the balm is quite nice. Not too greasy so I end up using it on the dry areas of my face at times and it's a god send for the elbows, hands and cuticles. I love tins and always have because they're not only cute but also compact so you can pop it in your handbag where ever you go.

The formula is pretty hydrating for dry, dehydrated skin. If you incline towards oily skin, avoid slathering it on the face and reserve it for other pulse points on the body as it still manages to work even if not in immediate proximity to the nose.

I usually find it hard to stop my mind from constantly jogging with thoughts and I'm sure there's tonnes of you out there who feel exactly the same. If you find it difficult to wind down, relax and take a deep breath at the end of the day, this works as a little bedside aromatherapy treat for the senses accompanied by a good book.

Was having a look at it's reviews online and found so many people saying they can actually remember their dreams better when using this at night. Gotta try that out as I'm usually a blank slate when I wake up!

You can find it for £3.99 at Bath & Unwind.


Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

Did you know Nivea has recently come out with a Body Moisturiser that works just like a conditioner for your body after a good clean wash. I don't know about you but my skin starts feeling tight and dry as soon as I step out of the shower. In winter, I do take out time for a moisturising session whilst catching up with tele but in the humid, sweaty summer, I can even do with a hydrating spray to be honest. Someone find me one! Until then, I'm relying on this clever formula that is designed to be absorbed into the skin while it's still wet. How cool is that? Does that mean no slippery body when trying to get into a pair of jeans? Yahaa! Because it sinks right in and you're even meant to wash it out so you have full peace of mind that your new white dress will not feel sticky or get stained with body cream.

It's nicely hydrating and smells so refreshing but I doubt it would work in the Winter. You'd still need a body cream after. I am however going to use it up in the next few months as it's the perfect bodycare product for the season. I could feel a visible difference in my skin's texture when I used it so two thumbs up for a simple yet ingenious product. For £3.55 a pop, you really can't go wrong.

p.s. yes I am unashamedly inspired by The Sunday Girl's blog photos 

Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in 'Coral Camellia'

One of the newest releases by Pixi Make-up is their Succulent Lip Twins in six shades, perfect for Spring/Summer when you want that pop of colour minus the cakiness. Plus can you imagine wearing a powder blush to the beach or a festival? In the humid weather or when I'm opting for an au naturale look, I've been loving this baby and had to let you know.

I love how it comes with a separate compartment for cream blush and a tube full of lip gloss. Usually brands just expect us to slather the same product on our entire face which cannot work all the time. A cream blush and lip gloss are starkly different in textures and have to be, to be good at what they do.

The cream blush comes in a nicely rounded shape and is comfortable to pop onto the cheeks without creating a mess. It's formula is light and imparts a gorgeous dewy finish. It is pigmented but blends with finger tips making it foolproof to use on the go or if you literally have 2 minutes to do a full face everyday.

Now I'm not even a fan of lip gloss as you may know but the product that comes in this tube has a quirky texture, almost like creamy yogurt. It's a hybrid between a balm and a mousse consistency and is super hydrating on the lips. Yes even my lips that can hardly stand any lip products well. I love how it's not sticky to wear and feels like you're wearing nothing on the lips. It gives an unexpected sultry pout, like the effortless yet juicy lips you see on those Victoria's Secret models - just that.

I love my fuchsia blue toned pinks but I have to say this is one hell of a product to make me love corals all over again. Usually when I get shades that are not pinks and cool toned, I always wish I could exchange them for that. In this case however, I'm cherishing the coral is all I can say.

Retails for £12 at www.pixibeauty.co.uk.