Dupe Alert for Estee Lauder's Pure Color Illuminating Blush

Okay so I heard Tanya Burr and Zoella, two of my favourite YouTube ladies raving about Estee Lauder's Illuminating Blush in their last monthly favourites I believe and it looked incredible on them. Co-incidentally I came across this Sun Bronzing Blush by KIKO which obviously looks quite different to the Estee Lauder one in the pan but translates pretty much the same on the skin.

Had to let you guys know considering people are having difficulties finding the Estee Lauder one in stock. Also because I am sure it's almost half the price compared to the Estee Lauder as it retails at an affordable £13.90 and who doesn't like saving some cash eh? I am currently not in the mood to buy expensive blushers. Foundations and powders is all I want to invest in at the moment so cheaper dupes as such are right up my street!

I love how it's packaged so elegantly in a classy looking pale gold container. It's not a heavy packaging but surely flaunt-worthy when you pop it out of your handbag and feels so luxurious too satisfying those high-end purchase cravings. 

Estee Lauder's Illuminating Blush in Tease would be the closest to this beaut however I have to admit, this is much more wearable and less disco ball like for larger pore ladies like myself. The effect it delivers is very lightening and brightening, a super radiant medium rose pink that almost disperses onto the skin and blends with foundation seamlessly. 

It definitely has that similar dewy, glowing effect without being metallic or frosty which in my opinion is much more flattering on combination-oily skin gals. 

It's equally pigmented as the Estee Lauder one and the pigments are just as finely milled and of superb quality to give that continuous veil like effect. KIKO's Sun Bronzing Blush is available in 4 shades and apparently this is the peachiest one I have in my possession. There's a more pinky trio too which I assume will be even more closer to it's high end counterpart.

I have been wearing this continuously since the past few days as it makes me look radiant without the appearance of cakey, obvious blusher that I despise in this season. Overall, it's not exactly the same as the Estee Lauder one but is pretty much the same on the skin minus the OTT shimmer and shine. Go ahead, give it a go!



Models Own New Releases: Pastels, Beads, Shimmer & Glitter

This gloomy weather is making me love nail products as at least they can add some sunshine to the nails and make me feel happy and bright! Especially the ones Models Own have brought out recently will be a huge hit as they are spot on trend. It's got shimmer, 3D glitter, some candy pastels and nail beads to create that textured runway effect.

I have used such nail art pens in the past and they have turned out to be weak in pigmentation, making it impossible to create a good pattern on the nails. These on the other hand as superbly pigmented. I absolutely love the milkshake like colours and although they are bright, they don't wash me out and look rather flattering. My personal favourites are dotting it on a contrasting base to create a polka dot effect or simply create little hearts on a plain white base.

I haven't actually used the nail beads as of yet to comment on how the work but you are meant to apply a base polish and then sprinkle these on until it's fully covered the polish. The polish just acts as an adhesive so don't worry too much about what shade you're using.

My favourite of these lot however are Bora Bora and Sunset Chillout. Both of them are extremely gorgeous and I cannot seem to get enough of them. Bora Bora is a neutral champagne shimmer that's very finely milled and doesn't look frosty or metallic but just modern and glamorous. If you find it difficult to wear shimmer polishes, you have to give this one a try for the Summer.

Sunset Chillout is your typical multicoloured concoction from Models Own but with more shapes and textures than other polishes of it's kind. It reminds of a similar shade from American Apparel that got a lot of love in the blogging community last year. It's fun, perfect for a casual day out or a festival and surprisingly not kiddish at all in real. It's so beautiful to look at - just what they call eye candy!

It's amazing when you look at the Models Own website and see this ocean of innovative shades, all retailing for a fiver. It can turn any nail polish virgin into a nail paint addict instantly.