Anglo Nubia: African Inspired Tribal Print Designer Fashion

Of course there’s your typical ASOS, H&M & Net-A-Porter for daily fashion needs but once in a while an online outlet sweeps you off your feet with their individuality and uniqueness and this time it’s Anglo Nubia

It’s an upcoming online portal specialising in African inspired fashion which has been translated onto the clothes and accessories in a modern and wearable manner. If you’re tired of the Aztec prints and bright neon that has taken over all stores these days, you’ll love Anglo Nubia’s refreshing selection of runway inspired fashion that has it roots grounded in ethnic tribal fashion from Africa. 

The prints on the dresses in particular are undoubtedly large, fierce and quirky as you would expect from an African inspired clothing outlet. I also love how the dresses and accessories are unapologetically different not only in prints but also regarding their cut and style compared to what you may have seen on the high street or departmental stores in UK. Although the prints and designs are bold, the cut and style of their dresses are rather elegant and mature in my opinion.

I personally have my eyes glued to the coral zip full front zip dress which is uber chic and on-trend for day time wear in the Summer and the Melissa Dress by Jesique Designs which is the complete opposite and a casual evening number. The mustard and brown combination have always appealed to me and the full gathers, knee length and three quarter sleeves make it look so doll like and retro!

Have you ever felt Summer is the perfect time to express your personal style with accessories? Sure Winter boots and chunky scarves have their own special place in our British hearts but less layers in the warmer months automatically means there's more accessories on display and we can effortlessly flaunt them in their full glory.

If you're someone who likes to keep it toned down, go muted or classic with clothing, jazz it up with Anglo Nubia's statement  Ribbon necklace, their eye catching animal print bangle which is drool-worthy or even better, a pair of their east meets west sky scraper heels. I love how the tribal print gradually meets with the hot pink contrast peep toe, giving it character whilst keeping it fresh, modern and versatile to sport with a little black dress.

Basically if you love to flaunt niche designer brands and don't want to end up wearing the same dress as your colleague at a party (you know it's happened to you before!), Anglo Nubia is the perfect online outlet to grab yourself a truly unique and inspirational wardrobe from global designers that take inspiration from the African culture. Be warned though, you will see a lot of animal prints, tribal patterns, bright colours and bold designs so unless fashion is second nature to you, you will need a brave heart to pull it off.

Don't forget to 'like' them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for the latest arrivals to their store just in time for the festival and holiday season.



Neom Scent With Love Gift Set

If you're looking for a gift for your mum for this Mother's Day (why is it celebrated differently in UK vs worldwide?!), you cannot go wrong with this Scent With Love Gift Set by Neom Organics. Not only does it come beautifully packed in a pale golden box elegant enough for someone older, it contains some of the best scents that Neom has to offer namely Sensuous, Tranquillity and Complete Bliss. This way you can dip your feet into the luxurious brand and choose your favourite without purchasing a full sized product.

The products are mixed up in the sense that there's a hand cream, a body lotion, a body wash and a bath oil. The scents are varied as well so you get to trial one of their deliciously sweet scented products, some fresh floral ones and some that are warm and comforting. I have tried a lot of their products before and it was quite refreshing to revisit some of the scents again. I seriously cannot choose my favourite as although their scents are quite different to one another, they're equally sumptuous. 

I have to give a huge thumbs up to the Moroccan Blush Rose Hand Cream which is the most gorgeous scented one I've tried till date. I have a soft spot for this scent in particular!

Overall, a gorgeous gift set for a very reasonable £35 which would light up anyone's day whether or not they're familiar to the brand. I have introduced a few of my relatives to Neom who weren't familiar with the brand but one sniff and they're hooked, it's that good.

Have you got any favourites from Neom? Let me know!


La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream

Is the most comfortable BB cream I have come across till date. I slightly deter some due to how thick and heavy they feel on the skin compared to usual Foundation. I mean that defies the purpose slightly doesn't it, if it feels heavier than your typical Foundation, looks grey and dull and has a tacky consistency, a common complaint that most people have.

This on the other hand claims to provide an anti-dull effect (about time BB creams provided a glow instead of the opposite!), flaunts a low SPF of 20 which should be okay for olive skinned girls like myself and is made specifically for sensitive skin so goodbye redness and a swollen face via allergies. Voila!

It comes in two shades which is okay and most people up to MAC NC/NW 40 should be able to find a match for themselves from these. I personally prefer the 'Light' shade on myself as it brightens up the face although the 'Medium' shade matches my skin colour (NC30) perfectly.

The shades have a pinky, salmon undertone to them if you can see. Much like MAC's NW products. I feel this is the reason why it doesn't look grey on the skin and rather flattering, disguising any purple/blue/uneven areas. Very clever La Roche Posay!

As for the coverage, it's light of course but quite buildable if you're looking for more coverage on certain areas. I'd reserve the concealer to treat any other skin concerns instead of piling this on in layers. Most importantly, the formula is super duper moisturising minus any greasy finish or sweaty looking disco ball cheeks. It provides the most beautiful natural glow you'd have after a good workout or a relaxing facial.

I have combination-dry skin at present that's flaky in some areas and oily in some but this seems to adapt itself like a chameleon making me look fresh faced and ready to hit the beach (only wish I could!). I do like to set it with translucent powder however to avoid shine on the t-zone after a few hours. If you're looking for a new face product to religiously use during the summer, this will be your best bet!

Available to purchase at Boots for £15.



Beauteco Box - A new monthly subscription service!

A new monthly subscription beauty box is soon to roll out in the market with 3 choice of boxes to choose from, depending on your preference or liking. I personally like facial skin care products in my box as it's a great way to try out super expensive skincare products for a very little cost, considering samples are SO difficult to obtain from counters in the UK. For instance, the Age Management Moisturiser by Dr Bragi retails at £120 for a full sized bottle, so I was more than pleased to see that I could try it out via this box.

It's also actually really impressed me in a very little time as it contains marine enzymes that heal, exfoliate and renew the skin, making it luminous after a few days of use. I adore it's gel like consistency and you need less than a pea sized amount to cover the face and neck. Totally digging it right now! Will surely make a cheeky little purchase of it in my 30's. Mature skin ladies, you need to get your hands on it, even if it's on a sample.

The eco-friendly packaging and the uber cute graphics on the box make it quite a refreshing change from other beauty boxes. Don't you just love the 'Menu' that comes in the box, stating a little bit about the products? Another different touch compared to it's competitors.

On the whole, my box came with a refreshing selection of colourful body care products by Anatomicals, a brand that I absolutely love for it's reasonable price and outrageous packaging. Plus, three facial skin care products also made my day as I am definitely going to use them up or reserve some for holidays as it's so hard to find good miniature skincare products when travelling.

Releasing on 3rd May, definitely check it out and you might like what they have to offer. Beauteco also plans to expand on the variety of boxes available to choose from every month as well as the brands they'll have to offer, as they grow further.They're also doing a good few giveaways on their Facebook page so be sure to 'like' them for a chance to win.




Stargazer Paper Lace Lashes - would you wear?

Paper lashes are the rage aren't they. Who wears them anyway besides models on the runway? I for once find normal lashes tedious to apply let alone wearing more intricately designed ones like these. Having said that, the band on these is really thin and flat so it was pretty easy to glue to the lash line compared to normal lashes.

Now apparently, they are meant to be worn on the lower lash line but I just could not see it looking all right there so I had to stick it on to the upper lashes and loved how pretty it looked. I mean not that it beautified me completely or looked flattering in a conventional way but the effect was just so 'cool', mysterious and almost vintage in an unusual yet aesthetically pleasing manner.

I do like how beautifully and delicately these have been designed. This particular rose design is easier to pull off compared to other wacky ones I've seen floating around from other brands which are much more expensive. These on the other hand retail at £6 a pop making them great for one time wear during Halloween, a fun night out with the girls or even a festival or a concert.

Available in other patterns from Stargazer such as bows, hearts, butterflies and stars, would you dare to wear paper lashes outside? I think they'd look wonderful and can easily become a wearable trend if you can combine it with a complimentary outfit and effortlessly chic hair.