Sudocrem International Giveaway: 5 to win!

Apparently Sudocrem is the 'in' thing for skincare these days from celebs to beauty bloggers and youtube gurus raving about it. From insect bites, minor burns, sunburn, overnight treatment for spots, to combat redness, dry skin and as an overall face cream, it does it all!

No it's not just for nappy rash in case you've been living under a rock. Yes it's thick and gloopy and the handy tube it comes in now as opposed to the original bulky box does not mean it's any lighter in consistency however, it works. If you don't want to spend tonnes after 'magic' multi-purpose lotions and potions such as the 8 hour cream, give this a go and I'm sure you'll like this all purpose wonder just as much as I do.

In fact, you can get your hands on one right here, right now. The lovely people at Sudocrem are giving Get Gawjus! readers around the world a chance to win one of the 5 tubes, that means 5 winners in total.

You know the drill right? For a chance to win, simply leave your email address in the comments below naming your favourite skincare product right now and randomly chosen winners shall be contacted within a week. Giveaway open till 4th May.


Nail Paint's I've been loving recently

Yes it's none other than by KIKO. It's like the blog's been hit by KIKO fever! I can't help featuring their products guys. They're so affordable, fun and good quality. Plus they have a store in Westfield Stratford that's a skip away from me.

Anyhoo, it's Spring finally! A big YAY for that. And a big NAY for my allergies and headaches that have kicked in with the warmer weather. All I can rely on is for some bright and bold make-up to cheer me up. These are the Celebration Nail Lacquers by KIKO. Now how they're different is that they contain special ingredients to strengthen the nails, prolong wear, stay glued to the nails for longer and emit extreme shine.

I do find them reminiscent of gel nails, especially the shade in 'Coral Red' that feels sort of elastic when on the nails and is super glossy. Note the conservatory rooftop reflecting back. You cannot go wrong with such pretty corals in Spring so if you ever get time from sporting pastel/neon nails and need a fail safe shade to fall back on, do give it a whirl.

'Pearly Siren', a midnight blue shade and 'Pearly Peacock', an emerald green are great frosty evening shades if you like edgy numbers that never go out of fashion to make a bold statement. I personally felt they were not as great in formula compared to the glossy one but nonetheless were long lasting, pigmented and decent value for money.

I wanted to include so many more nail paints I've been digging recently but it'd be a very long post. Will feature soon! 


Did you know Cargo Make-up's now available in UK?

Well now you do! From April/May 2013, you shall be able to find them at Debenhams & BeautyBay. They have always been popular in the US and on film sets and I remember always hunting for bits and pieces of their popular products on ebay for almost double the price after watching American YouTube gurus rave about them hence I was ecstatic to know that Brits can now have easy and reasonable access to them.

There's this thing about Cargo Cosmetics where you'll never doubt it's quality. In fact they have always been known for their amazing quality if you read online about them. I remember their Water Resistant Powder Blush in 'Tonga'(£19) was always the rage and I finally have it in my possession now. I have to admit, it's worth all the hype and is the most stunning yet wearable mid-tone pink in my collection. It's warm and gives a winter tan effect which I cannot get enough of. If you find wearing pink blushes difficult, you'll love this this one!

The Powder Eyeshadow in 'Cyprus' (£12) is a gorgeous shade of brown with a hint of grey shot through it making it lean towards the 'taupe' category. It's nice and warm to bring out green/blue eyes and complement any au naturale look this season. The subtle shimmer only adds further dimension to the shade preventing it from looking flat. It's nicely pigmented, not too much nor too faint and lasts all day. The tiny tin packaging of the shadow gives it such a cute vintage effect!

Last but not the least, their Lip Gloss in 'Paris' (£7.50) is the most romantic shade of red. It's not too warm or too cool, making it more wearable for those who feel red can make them look like a hooker immediately. It's intensely pigmented for a Lip Gloss and you only need a tiny amount. If you're going to rock red this festival season, you'd only need this dinky addition to your vanity.



Organic Surge Lavender Meadow Hand Cream & Hand Wash

If you love Lavender, you're going to love these Lavender scented products by Organic Surge. Who's guilty of ignoring their hands? *both hands up*. Have you ever noticed that we give quarter of the time to our hands as compared to what we spend during facial skincare. Now that's okay if you're a busy bee but to compensate for the lack of time, I personally like to use amazing products that do the replenishing and hydrating pretty well. Both these products contain Lavender Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Geranium Oil and Vitamin E making them a super food for those parched hands especially in the Summer.

The Hand Cream absorbs quick and easy and smells deliciously comforting, acting as a little aromatherapy session if you like doing home manicures and hand reflexology like my self. The often ignored item in our skin care routine is none other than the Hand Wash which Organic Surge have done a good job on with this particular product. I cannot stand Hand Washes that leave my hands like a prune immediately after use and I feel the need to run and slap on some moisturiser. This one's nicely hydrating and doesn't leave skin taut and dry after use. Definitely worth investing in considering both retail for under £5!



Benefit Brow Zing dupe (for half the price!)

So we'll all lusted over Benefit's loud, fun and atrociously priced products. I am guilty of fangirling for a few in the past but I don't get the hype now. They're strictly okay and can be very easily duped in my opinion. Instead of having them on my wishlist forever, I've found a cheaper alternative for Benefits Brow Zing that does the job just as well if not better.

Presenting KIKO's Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit. I haven actually been using this since a while now without paying much attention to it and realised how much I love it. You had to know! Available in 2 shades to suit all hair types, it's subtle formula makes drawing brows so much easier especially if you have a heavy hand or are not used to filling your brows regularly.      

The quality of the brow powder is soft and velvety. It glides on without any tell tale lines so you really cannot tell that you've filled in your brows. I like to use the cooler toned power at the starting of the brows for a softer finish and the warmer toned brown at the arch and edges. The chocolate brown wax is again subtly pigmented to set the brows in place while adding a little bit of colour.

This is also the first time I am using the tiny tools that come along in the kit as they are actually usable and of decent quality.

Now I don't have really unruly brows so the kit above is enough to get me cracking and out of the house in minutes however if you suffer from brow hairs that are a pain in the backside to keep in place, this Eyebrow Wax is a godsend. I like how it's clear making it wearable for all hair colours.

It's strong enough to draw all hairs into place and with a matte finish so they don't look oil slick and glossy. If you have thick, dark brows (in which case I hate you!), this is all you'll need as a part of your eyebrow routine. Also helps clear unsightly foundation residue that so many people ignore. *yikes*

Damn you Brow Zing. I've found someone better. Don't keep make-up items on your wishlist for ever. Just find a dupe and spend the change you'll save at Starbucks!