Pearl Lowe Glossybox

This month's Glossybox is a collab with Pearl Lowe with a vintage, floral and summery feel to it. I also love the refreshing mix of products inside to get us all ready to hit the beach. None of the products are a waste and will go unloved which is amazing! The Mango Smoothie Body Butter by Nip + Fab smells delish and is perfect for the hot months. Of course the Essie Nail Paint gives that clean and polished manicure when you don't want to fuss around with much colour. I love how there are two facial skin care products in this box including a moisturiser and a radiance mask that will provide the much needed TLC skin needs in the warm and humid months to come *fingers crossed*.

I am still a little confused as to what purpose the Optimiser Style Reviver by Richard Ward serves but it's apparently a hair wonder so I'll surely be testing it out as my hair feels quite blah these days. I need a Hair Volumising spray in my life ASAP. Suggestions welcome.

Is everyone enjoying the sunny weekend in London? I'll be basking in the backyard as I am no where near a beach but hope some of you will dip your feet in sand and water! 


Cath Collins Orange Flower EDT Fragrance

Now I am not a huge fan of citrus fragrances to be honest. Of course I like how fresh lemons and oranges smell especially at this time of the year but when I think of perfumes, I am a sucker for something warm, sweet and comforting rather than sharp and zesty. This beaut by Cath Collins is an exception however. It's called Oh La La Orange Flower and although it has Orange and Grapefruit's sharpness to it, its very finely toned down by Lily and Jasmine's sweet floral scent and a musky dry down that gives the concoction a beautiful twist.

It's still sharp and fresh but more wearable, musky and well blended if you know what I mean. I like how the notes are complicated and unique compared to your typical citrusy fragrances which make you smell like a lemonade! I personally feel the modern packaging compliments the simplistic glass bottle rather well and would make a nice, elegant present for someone who loves their fresh, fruity and summery fragrances. It has decent longevity to it although this aspect never bothers me as I love the ritual of reapplying fragrance throughout the day.

If you're a fan of the citrus and woody combination when it comes to perfumes, definitely check out Cath Collins EDT's as she seems to have a liking for them!


*New* Sleek Lip 4 Lipstick Palettes

You'll never be stuck in a Lipstick dilemma ever again as Sleek MakeUp brings out their Lip4 Lipstick Palettes. Available in 6 different shades and each palette containing 4 lipstick shades in different finish and textures such as satin, matte and gloss, you'll be spoilt for choice!

I personally am not a huge lipstick junkie so I find these compact palettes great value for money, easy to travel with and just less hassle when it comes to pairing a lipstick shade with an outfit for instance. Have you noticed when only a certain number of shades are laid out in front of you in a palette, it's so much easier to choose one. Weird but true.

I have them in the shades 'Ballet' which is a mix of nudes and pinky browns making it feminine yet elegant and wearable at the same time. This would be a holiday favourite of mine especially because of the two shades on the right which are scrumptious! The nudes on the left wash me out a little but then again, I can never pull off nude browns, like ever.    

The Lip palette in 'Tease' is the best combination of red lip shades I have seen packed in one palette. They are superbly pigmented, very flattering and have a gorgeous finish to them. Some are glossy and some a mysteriously matte and satin finish but all equally lovable if you're a red lip fanatic and want to carry around something on the go.    

Of course there are a few cons to it like how there are to palettes of all sorts as it can get messy, colours can mix into one another and so on but if you use it sparingly and carefully, its a keeper for it's £8.99 price tag. 

Plus I love how the shades in here are not lip tints or lip gloss but full on lip sticks giving you full value for money. Releasing on 8th May, will you be getting your hands on these?