Beautiful Creatures Eye Shadow Palette

You're going to hate me for this but this palette is not available for sale in the UK I believe, it's a press gift but I had to feature it here just because how beautiful it looked. Now, I am yet to read the book and watch the movie but I've heard the movie isn't as amazing as the book, like how it always is. I have however heard a lot of people rave about how amazing the book is, so it's definitely on my wish list for now.                                                          

Besides the stunning detailed outer packaging, the array of enchanting shades is simply so twilight inspired isn't it? The muted greens and rich purples and plums with your obligatory champagne and taupe shades is perfect for a mysterious, night out look. The eye shadows remind me of Urban Decay's eye shadows to quite an extent regarding their texture and finish. I love how well coordinated the shades are to the extent that you just cannot wrong with pairing them together. If I go on an Autumn/Winter break abroad, this is the only palette I'll carry!

The shades translate a little different to what they look like in the pan. Slightly more warm toned and subtle. Nevertheless, well pigmented, rich and enchanting.

It also comes with pale pink lip gloss and an eye pencil both of which compliment the eye shadow shades very well. I wish the gloss was a little more pigmented and deep as it looks in the tube but oh well.

If you're in the States, will you be checking this out? Available at Ulta and the Pur Mineral's US website.


How do you get summer ready? (Skin, Body & Fitness)

As we slowly start approaching the hot and humid months, it’s bidding a sad short farewell to those trusty figure concealing coats and heavy, full coverage foundations. What that means is going au naturale and accepting yourself in your most ‘natural’ form possible, relying on great bare skin and a fit, sexy body. I know I personally start taking even more care of my skin so I can avoid wearing as much make-up and amp up my workout routine by a notch or two.

Skincare – Alpha H Liquid Gold & La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo are and will be my skin saviours for life. A combination of both, with a tonne of patience and hope can gradually result in HD skin which you won’t be afraid to stare at in the mirror. If you suffer from large pores and acne scarring which you feel forced to hide with Foundation even in the Summer, I’d suggest having a look at Dermaroller Treatments  which can improve skin texture dramatically. If you’re looking to treat wrinkles, fine lines and sun damage on the other hand, a Microdermabrasion can do the trick for you.

Body – Now you cannot expect to look sexy in that Brazilian Bikini and skimpy Denim Shorts with peach fuzz all over your thighs and tummy! For dark haired girls like myself in particular, I feel it’s vital (and almost a beach law!) to take care of hair growth. Of course waxing and shaving are quick maintenance options but if you have some spare time, it helps in the long term to book a laser hair removal appointment in London.

Did you know Laser Hair Removal is virtually painfree, a celebrity favourite and perfect to target smaller areas of the body such as underarms, bikini line, legs and even the face! It’s a very quick treatment, so expect anything between 15 minutes to under an hour for a session. Of course you’ll need a minimum of 6 treatments and more so it’s good to start off the treatment sometime now but it apparently has amazing results on those with dark skin and dark hair naturally. I am so tempted to book a few slots for myself!

Fitness – Jillian Michaels (30 day shred) & Cassey Ho (Blogilates) are a match made in fitness guru heaven. Have they met? They would be BBF’s for life. They should so collaborate. It would be funny to see their contrasting personalities sharing screen space wouldn't it? 


Pur Minerals Lip Gloss Stick (& comparing them with Clinique Chubby Sticks)

I have been oohing and aahing to get my grubby little hands on some of the Clinique Chubby Stick dupes in the market as I'd love to do a little comparison with them. I had in mind brands like Soap & Glory, MUA and Revlon Just Bitten sticks that I wanted to try out and then came along these beauts by Pur Minerals. They are available exclusively at M&S and retail for £16 which is pretty much along the lines of Clinique.

I have three shades in my possession namely Honey Pie, Beach Bum and Berry Pretty. They are all very wearable to school or work which is what I like about them. The shades are all muted, subtle versions of the colour families they belong to which also ticks a big 'yes' in my check list.

How I find them different to the Clinique Chubby Sticks is regarding their formula. These Gloss Sticks by Pur Minerals are literally more glossy as their name suggests. Now they might be just as pigmented as the Clinique ones but due to the added shine, you tend to concentrate more on the shine factor and are led to believe that they are less pigmented.

With Clinique, the formula really absorbs into the skin where as I found these sit on the lips while you can feel them and don't absorb in very well which very slightly affects their longevity. If you're trying to fake a my-lips-but-better look, the Clinique ones will be your best bet as they are more subtle regarding finish.

These babies on the other hand as unashamedly glossy and buildable. I have to admit though, if you suffer from dry, chapped lips no matter what, you'll love these Gloss Sticks better as they are intensely hydrating and never dry out the lips. Ever.

Swatches L-R: Honey Pie, Berry Pretty & Beach Bum

I found the colour range quite sophisticated and feminine. Now of course I like my fun purples and oranges but these neutrals are foolproof to thrown on in your handbag or quickly whack on in nanoseconds when you're in a hurry to leave. If you hate hair sticking to your lip gloss in the wind but still want that sumptuous shine and colour, these are a much modern alternative to gloss.

Go check them out at M&S. They have some other lovely beauty bits too!


Super Facialist Face Masks

Just a heads up to let you know that if you're looking for good quality face masks this Spring/Summer, the Super Facialist range by Una Brennan is your best bet for it's affordable price, natural ingredients and expertise. Brainchild of a skincare specialist and an accomplished facialist from the UK, the range is about keeping your skin hydrated, plump and glowing, no matter what skin type you have or what age you are. If you skin meets that criteria, you'll notice your it automatically leans towards looking fabulous.

I believe the products are divided into three main skin concerns or categories namely Hydrate, Deep Clean and Firm. The simplicity of it is note worthy considering we are surrounded with skincare jargon these days which bloggers might research further to understand but a typical busy consumer just wouldn't be bothered to, in which case such easy categorisation helps a tonne.

I have tried a Hydrating Mask from her range which although I have combination skin, works great at combating the dehydration I suffer from. It has a creamy texture but is rather light and not overtly moisturising, leaving skin plump and supple, just naturally hydrated. In fact I can see girls with combination skin using this one in a while when they suffer from periods of dry skin.

The Firming Mask on the other hand has a gel like consistency with a subtle lifting and tightening effect to it. It felt quite refreshing to use and I can see it being a firm favourite as I start to see lines appear around my eye area (eeks!).

Available at Boots, definitely give the brand a good look.


Sleek MakeUp's Showstoppers Palette

When you think Sleek had done enough to make you ditch your MAC eye shadows for their super pigmented and not to forget, wallet friendly eye shadows, they come just in time with yet another palette to blow our mind away. I know it sounds a little clich├ęd but I have hardly ever been disappointed with a Sleek Palette. Considering they retail for around £7, there is no room for complaint now is there.

This time around though, I love how they have taken the best out of all their previous palettes and given us literally the best of best.

I personally like the colour selection. It's nothing too amazing for those who own the Naked Palette for instance or a selection of Sleek Palettes. Who this will be great for will be those starting out with make-up or perhaps those who haven't given these cult favourite palettes a try as of yet. 

I love how they haven't put a tonne of loud, vivid shades in here in the name of Spring/Summer, making it more wearable and muted instead. Having said that, it has a very rich green, a mysterious purple, a gorgeous coral so you'll never feel short of playing with a variety of colours. 

What Sleek have have also done is to incorporate a lot of textures within the eye shadow shades by adding in a good few mattes, shimmers and a bold glittery shade for a night out or an occasion.

The shadows have some fallout I noticed whilst playing with them so I tend to use them prior to doing my Foundation base.

Below are my absolute favourites from the palette which make it totally worth the £7.99 price tag. They remind me of Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer at the same time. Hah!

Came up with a bright day look and a muted evening look while having a little play with the palette, just so you guys could see the colours on. 
Releasing on 10th April and retailing online exclusively, will this palette make it to your wish list? Let me know!