Monographic Nails

Apparently monochrome and graphic are a huge trend in clothes and accessories this season and I love it when beauty brands try and incorporate such trends in their products. The latest that I have come across are these Monographic Nail Wraps by KIKO.

I am not sure why I haven't been a massive fan of nail wraps before as I absolutely loved everything about these. Of course the print is bold and on-trend to jazz up any boring, neutral, muted outfit. Besides, it was idiot proof when it came to application and took literally minutes. Say good bye to nail varnish drying time and smudging dilemmas!

Yes I agree I should have used a pretty clutch for the photo below and not a grubby looking Naked Palette but oh well, we learn.

I was afraid the effect was going to look a little unnatural and protruding compared to the typical nail varnish application but it doesn't at all and moulds to the nail beautifully. These retail for £5.90 and would only last one use which is a bummer as cost wise, nail varnish would be cheaper any day.

Now apparently these are made using 100% nail polish, including a base coat, colour and top coat so it looks just like nail art. Maybe that's the reason you cannot detect the gap between the nail and the wrap? I have used nail wraps from other brands before and the thick texture of the wrap is quite evident unlike here.

I am yet to witness the longevity of these which is apparently 14 days as claimed by KIKO. If it does last that long, I'll be stocking up on more patterns as I dread doing my nails even for occasions purely because all that smudging and fading mess is just not my cup of tea. And Seche Vite for me, is a hit or a miss.


Peachy keen? My favourite peachy-pink blushers!

Starting from the ones which have a subtle pink hint to them, here are my absolute favourites for the warmer months to come.

Liz Earle Healthy Glow Cream Blush in Nectar 06 - This is the perfect mixture of pink and peach in a cream blush. It's quite warm and flattering on the cheeks, especially if you're someone who despises 'doll' like cheeks. It's a fairly grown up shade, easy to wear, comes in a super slim compact with a mirror and applies easily. Cream blushes are great to experiment with if you want to start wearing peach on the cheeks and you're hesitant about it.

Elf HD Blush in Superstar - Again, this is a highly pigmented peachy pink with a greater hint of pink in it than peach, meaning it's universally flattering on majority of skin tones. It is a little cooler in undertone compared to the one above, making it a foolproof pick-me-up shade for when feeling blue. With a tiny hint of golden shimmer dashed through this, it gives a lovely dewy effect and is full value for money for the price it retails for. If you want to dip your feet into liquid/cream blushes, there cannot be a better alternative!

KIKO Multi-tone blush in Bold Coral - If there's anything like 'baby peach', this would be it. It's the most innocent, fresh punch of peach you'll ever come across. I love how it's not in your face peach but rather subtle and toned down. It applies like a sheer veil on the cheeks which further helps to enhance it's muted effect. The inclusion of a terracotta/brown shade in the palette doubles up as a bronzer. Beach favourite or what!

Sleek Blush in Life's a Peach - This shade is quite 1960's in the sense it has a milkiness to it which gives it that retro pastel illusion. A tad bit difficult to pull off, this would look great on blondes and those with lighter hair. It has a tendency to look a little garish if you have very dark hair or if accompanied with bold lips or loud eye make-up. More of a bold runway shade, if you can pull it like a rockstar, its an absolutely beautiful pastel peach.

Make Up Store's Blush in Lush - The peachiest of peach you'll ever come across, this is the most potent shade of peach in my blush wardrobe. It's pure and undisturbed by any undertones and has a beautiful velvety texture and a full on pigmentation. It's not cool, nor warm, just how a pure peach shade would look like if mixed in an artists colour palette. If you love wearing such shades, you have to try out this one and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Let me know what your favourite peach blushes are below.