KIKO Long Lasting Lipsticks

Just a heads up to let you know that if you like more demure shades of lipsticks as opposed to the trend setting orange, bright fuchsia and oxblood shades dominating brands these days, you might want to check out KIKO's limited edition long lasting lipsticks. They still have a modern feel to them with their slim and sleek packaging but I adore how they have kept their shade range to muted, wearable, elegant shades that we just need sometimes in our vanity when the fashion fever wears off.

Nevertheless, they are quite pigmented, have a gorgeous velvety, semi matte finish to them and are pretty long lasting really. I like how the texture stays glued to the lips and wears off nicely leaving an even stain. It won't spare chapped lips so give them a good exfoliating session in the shower before applying these. For £6.90 a pop, they are pretty good compared to many high street brands so do give them a try if  you're around their store in Westfield Stratford or you can even buy online as they offer free shipping I believe if you order online within 15 days of registration.



Clinique Even Better Compact Makeup (Cream Foundation)

Clinique have recently introduced a new product in their 'Even Better' range seeing the success of their Even Better Foundation. I wasn't really expecting very much out of the Even Better Compact Makeup purely because cream foundations can be a big hit or miss even by the best brands. The only ones I love till date are by Cover FX. Even MAC's Studio Tech is not that amazing to be honest and definitely not feasible for everyday wear.

As weird as it may sound, the first thing I look for in a compact foundation is value for money. They are obviously much less in quantity than a huge bottle of foundation so it's inevitable that I want this little pot of cream to last me at least 2 months. What happens with most cream foundations is that you have to use a tonne of product and because they are so creamy and gooey in texture, you unconsciously end up using more.

The new generation of cream foundations however are more powdery, thin in texture and sturdy in the compact (meaning you can't poke your finger and create a dent) than overtly creamy and you should need a few brush strokes to cover your entire face without hardly creating a dent in the product. This exactly does that! It's doesn't form a continuous film over your face but rather provides instant full coverage to areas where applied, so you can even skip out areas that do not need coverage at all. I can definitely see this lasting just as long as a liquid foundation if not longer.

The finish of this is unbelievably skin like. It obviously leans more towards matte but it's no where near cakey or dry, just perfectly undetectable finish unless someone gets really close to your face. Also unlike most cream foundations, this does not create a grainy, pixel like effect on the face that most full coverage products do, it's in fact quite smooth and flawless. The shade I have is 'Neutral' which is a good match for MAC NW35 but still works for my NC30 skin colour. I would opt for a different shade next time however.

excuse my messy hair, working from home geekiness

Regarding coverage, it's medium to full depending on what you are looking for. It's surely buildable I found in my experience with it and does not need any powder to set when applied on dry, normal or combination skin types. Oily skin types can use this easily in my opinion but a good dusting of powder on the t-zone would be necessary.

This is my second Clinique Foundation and I love both of them a bit too much. It's funny how I always ignore Clinique when it comes to base products but I have never been disappointed with them. Maybe they should amp up their glamour quotient as I can't see why their Foundations are not as hyped as say the overrated Bobbi Brown or the unaffordable By Terry.

Containing a handy SPF of 15, this baby retails for £27.50 in a tonne of shades, even for women of colour.



Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Body Lotion

Organic Surge is slowly but steadily creeping up to become one of my favourite British organic skin care brands that is 100% free from chemical nasties. Their products firstly smell absolutely gorgeous and secondly are of superb quality for the price. The latest offering from them is the Fresh Ocean Light Body Lotion.

It smells mostly of Lemon and Lime with a hint of Rosemary shot through it. Rosemary is naturally pungent and smells like pine trees if you're unaware and it's mix with Lemon and Lime is just the freshest scent you'll every come across. Albeit nothing like an ocean, I'm glad they named it 'Fresh Ocean' as nothing would describe the divine fragrance any better. Did you know Rosemary has been proven by research to improve concentration levels, ability to focus and improve mood? I say this lotion's going to be a staple on my work station if it can do just that.

Not only that, Lemon and Lime essential oils detoxify and rejuvenate dull skin whereas Rosemary oil is geared to stimulate skin cell renewal. The lotion itself is quite thin in consistency hence has the ability to sink through the skin quickly without leaving any greasy residue at all. Skin still feels hydrated and supple with a lovely healthy glow minus the greasiness of thick body creams. Contains Aloe Vera, Sunflower seed Oil, Shea and Cocoa butter for intense hydration, healing and reconditioning the skin from adverse weather (hello London in March!).

I was gobsmacked to know this retails for a mere £5.99 for a 250ml bottle. It smells and feels so luxurious that if I wouldn't tell you the price and give you a blindfold test, you'd guess it's from SpaceNK.


Stila Festival of Colour Collection feat. Mint Green Liner, Glow in Dark Lips & a Bronzing BB Cream

A Bronzing BB Cream! Aah such a relief that they did not just come up with yet another BB cream. This one will apparently not only contain all the benefits of the usual BB cream (aka a tinted moisturiser) but will also have the added SPF of 30 for the sunnier months and a lovely golden glow to match our tan complexions. A beach must-have or what? I swatched it on my hand at the event and it was such a beautiful golden colour with enough pigmentation to do a full face with, if you can match your concealer and have fake tan on your neck and below. 

A pastel mint green liner! Who would have thought of that? I seriously haven't seen anything beautifully close to Stila's All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Turquoise. It's not one of those shades that looks great when swatched but scary to pull off. It's such a pretty, almost baby blue shade that's so soft and romantic that it would suit quite a few skin tones. Imagine doing a cat eye flick with this baby? It looks super trendy and cool for the festival season and I want to own one in my vanity.

Glow in dark lip colours! I have seen brands do something similar with lip glosses before but it's totally different here as the format they are using is of a stain which is accessible and wearable on an everyday basis. These After Glow Lip Colours are actually very pigmented and have a gorgeous glossy finish to it. The shades are beautifully bright in natural lighting as well but rock-star-like in the dark when exposed to UV light. Who needs a glow stick for a concert again? Any one can spot you with a lip shade like this. 

Overall, Stila's SS13 Festival of Colour Collection was quite refreshing, fun and innovative compared to other brands. If you'd have a look at the products in real, it is impossible that you wouldn't want to own a few pieces. I personally have my eyes glued to a few. All I need is some sun and a holiday now :) 

Stila Countless Color Pigment in Encore

Stila is all ready for Summer 2013 with its festival of colour collection inspired by the idea that even a pop of colour anywhere on the face can make a huge difference in upgrading your make-up look and making it look apt for the sunnier months to come and especially the festival season.

Tie & Dye from the catwalk has been their main inspiration in creating these Countless Color Pigment's. They believe it will act like an artist's palette for make-up lovers, allowing them to expand their limits when it comes to eye shadow application. 

Available in 5 stunning shades, I currently have 'Encore' in my possession which is in fact the most muted one out of the lot. The shade this turns out to be is a dusky pink-brown. As usual, the eye shadow is superbly silky in quality and sheer in pigmentation, with some areas of the eye shadow being more pigmented than the rest.

The best way to apply it full on is definitely with fingers. I like the fact that it doesn't look cakey on the eyes as that's never a good look for the Summer. I wish it would have been a little bit more pigmented for us to create more pronounced looks with these. Having said that, I really need to try some of the brighter ones from this range.

Available for £14 a pop, these are great collectibles due to how beautiful they look in the pan and perfect for those who want an array an shades in just one eye shadow pot.