Mother's Day Last Minute Gift Ideas

For the lazy sons and daughters out there who haven't yet managed to pick up something for Mother's Day, here my dainty little gift guide on some affordable treats to suit your wallet and some indulgent foolproof luxuries to spoil the special lady in your life.

If you're a teenager or a student with a tight budget or just don't have enough cash to spare till pay day this month, you'll love these gorgeously packed goodies from The Body Shop that are sure to melt anyone's heart.

The Born Lippy Gift Set contains a tinted Lip Balm trio with wearable shades, decent pigmentation and of course intense hydration. Most of all however, the red tin heart box which has serious keepsake potential is simply to die for and of superb quality for £6.

If you're mum's a chocolate fan however but likes to stay away from the calories, she'll love these Chocomania Heart Soaps that come adorably wrapped up in a cone shape and smell scrumptious enough to take a bite from. Guilt-free naughty treat eh?

Two of my favourite Spring Fragrances, these are lightly floral and fruity to be easily likeable by a majority of mums and still delicately packaged so they'll love to flaunt the elegant piece on their dresser. Opt for Pure DKNY Rose for a rose based, warm and comforting scent that's not overpowering and Loccitane's Spring Cherry for a more upbeat floral and fruity chirpy scent that's refreshing.

Still lingering around scents, opulent candles that look as good as the Timothy Dunn one are a stunner, especially this Arabian Fig & Cashmere Wood one that's delicious, woody and musky with a hint of rose. It burns pretty well and the aroma that fills up the room is subtle, grown-up and beautiful.

The cult favourite Neom Reed Diffusers are a fail safe option  as they rely on unique and long lasting scents in the first place. Their newest addition, Rose & Neroli is my absolute favourite as it's feminine and sweet yet light and clean for this season. The fact that it comes packaged gorgeously with a stunning bottle also helps. Must have for your mum's living room!

Finally, you cannot go wrong with skincare as every women likes to pamper herself once in a while and these indulgent skincare products will provide just the right atmosphere. Super Facialist by Una Brennan is a new range of Face Masks and their Firming and Lifting one would be highly appreciated by my mum I know that for sure.

Where as the Hibiscus & Fig Body Lotion by Ahava has ingredients sourced from the dead sea so it's not only great for the skin and a change to the regular drugstore lotions, it smells divinely sweet and will get you into the habit of moisturising your body if you've been skipping out on it lately.

Hope this helped if you were struggling with last minute gift ideas. Regardless, have a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow!


James Brown Frizz Calm Serum

Now that Spring's almost here, I can already feel the humidity in the air and how it's slightly less unforgiving than the colder months. As soon as I come out of the shower and my hair dries naturally, I can see frizz taking over my damp locks, with stray hairs poking out everywhere.

Considering that I usually use a cold shot when blow drying and let my hair to air dry most of the times, the frizz factor in my hair is obviously a bit too insane at times. For those crazy mane days, I resort to my trusty James Brown Frizz Calm Serum which is the brain child of British celebrity Hairstylist James Brown who I loved watching on The Great British Hairdresser by the way!

It's like a light, non-sticky liquid of which I only use an almond sized amount to spread through hair before and after blow drying. Because it contains red seaweed extract instead of silicone, it's not heavy feeling or artificially slippery on the hair if you know what I mean, just leaving hair feeling naturally healthy.

The consistency of it is just perfect to tame unruly hair and keep them in place whilst hydrating them slightly. I much prefer it to similar anti-frizz serums that you get in drug stores (Hello John Frieda!) which are impossible to work with for me due to how thick, gel based and gloopy they are.

This absorbs into the hair quite well whilst calming them down without being greasy or weighing hair down. Nothing's more annoying than trying to create voluminious hair with a heavy product making it limp. I wouldn't say it particularly helps in adding any extra shine so I'd still rely on other products for that matter.

Also, I found it to enhance the natural waves/curls in my hair while I didn't intend it to, leading me to assume that it would work great on those with curly, unmanageable hair for extra definition.

A 50ml bottle available for an affordable £7.14, I believe it's a must-have Spring/Summer essential.


KIKO: Vivid Eyes Kajal and Eyeliner

Let's bring the vintage Kajal back in style shall we?

Yes I know we are currently under a heap of 'kohl pencils' that are actually just regular eye pencils but softer (thanks for that Rimmel!), gel liners, waxy pencils and all that jazz. But the original ritual of applying Kajal on the waterline and then smudging both to allow it to transfer to the upper waterline is authentic and unbeatable! It's a bit like trying to replace Lipstick application with a stain.

Playing around with KIKO's Vivid Eyes Kajal and Eyeliner rekindled my love for it and reminded me of my teens when I used to try and steal my mums Kajal that came in a tube with a thin applicator stick and make a big mess eventually looking like a panda. Not glamorous but was surely fun. 

I love how they have tried to maintain the authenticity of the Kajal application by keeping the point of the pencil substantially long and conical. It makes application so much easier and quicker as it covers the entire waterline in just one swipe. 

I also like how they have included the bright pearlescent blue at the other end if you're going for a slightly summery look or perhaps an Arabic inspired look, using both the shades. I feel the black is definitely more pigmented than the blue but none the less, both glide on without any pulling or tugging.

The texture of the pencil looks and feels hard but it immediately dispenses colour when in contact with the waterline. What I found amazing was that no matter how watery the eye is, it does not stop the colour from applying on the waterline leading me to assume it's water resistant to an extent. The black itself is not the darkest I have ever seen but it's buildable depending on the intensity you are looking for.

The longevity on these is also pretty good as they don't fade or smudge. So get your Kajal pencils out and rock them this Spring/Summer for that authentic, smoky eye look.


Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation - I don't get the hype!

I like how it's very, very light in formulation. If this was a powder, I'd call it finely milled. Consequently you do not feel it sitting on your skin or even on your skin at all. Also, due to it's light, foolproof formulation you can literally slap this on your face in a hurry with your fingers and rub it in like a moisturiser. All it will give you is even skin, without any streaks or smudges at all. I cannot praise the formula enough for how idiot proof it is. If you were a Make-up Artist, you wouldn't even need a mirror to do a full face with this baby.

HOWEVER (note the capitals please), I don't like it on my skin. It very slightly reminds me of Chanel's Perfection Lumiere which I despised only due to its finish. This is obviously way lighter than that but the finish on me is just not flattering. My skin's not even playing up at present so I cannot blame it on that. Perhaps its just a matter of preference but I feel that it:

- Does not work in sync with concealers/they don't blend in well
- Dries up too quickly and my skin drinks it up looking very slightly prunish
- Exaggerates any expression lines/pigmentation

And for all this, it does not provide enough coverage for my Asian/Indian skin tone with pigmentation around the mouth area to be able to compromise with. I cannot see how this would work on dry skins at all. 

I personally have combination skin so it should have worked wonders however I realised over time that I do not prefer foundations that dry to even a slight matte finish as this does. I like to start with a dewy foundation in the first place and then decide which areas I want to mattify.

Having ranted so much about it above, I am still however going to use up my tube as the colour match I have is absolutely amazing and I cannot not use up a Foundation that matches my NC30 skin tone so well. It's also super convenient to travel with so I'll be using it up then and I'm guessing it will be perfect for the Summer months due to its watery consistency if I can find a concealer to work with it.

All in all, I tried using it with a brush and I wasn't pleased, used it with my fingers and it was only workable so in a nutshell, too much work needed for it in my case which I am not impressed with.

Go on, tell me how it contrastingly worked for you beautifully! *flaunts a jealous face already*


Miracle Skin Transformer - Heal Everything Balm

Don't you just love it when brands come up with 'everything' balms for the skin? I surely do! I have a tonne of such multi-taskers in my skincare collection with a few firm favourites being the cult favourite Eight Hour Cream and Weleda Skin Food.

These are great at solving skin problems such as when you are suffering from dehydration, skin irritation or redness, sun burn, mosquito bites, minor burns, wounds, extremely dry patches, skin chapping and peeling or just a bad skin phase where you face looks like a dried prune no matter what moisturiser you use.

Miracle Skin Transformer is a brand that has just launched in the UK I believe and their Heal Everything Balm has quickly become a favourite of mine despite having combination skin that can clog easily, has enlarged pores and is prone to breaking out. What I discovered is that, if I used my Effaclar Duo prior to using more intensive products as such, it helps keeps the pores clear of any dead skin cells so such products do not cause a breakout. Voila!

Days when skin feels blah, lacking moisture, tingly, overtly sensitive, peeling and just super moody, this comes in as a handy saviour. What I like is that although it's similar in what it does to the Eight Hour Cream and Weleda Skin Food, the paste like, thick consistency of this is still feasible to spread all over the face as opposed to its counterparts which are super thick and sticky and only intended for use sparingly. I bet it would make a great overnight, hydrating mask as well for those with dry-very dry skin. 

Main ingredients are Manuka Honey, Evening Primrose, Tamanu Oil and Blue Mountain Sage Oil. You really need to work the product into the skin as it is thick and slightly unusual than your regular lotion but once patted in, it skins in thoroughly and shows immediately result on problematic areas. 

It's a brilliant for one Spring allergies in my opinion and I can see it being a travel essential as well due to its multi-tasking properties. I would not recommend it for oily skin however but if you feel you sit on the fence of combination skin, this would work just fine.

Available at Selfridges for £18.


Loccitane Spring Cherry EDT - Spring in a bottle!

Spring is almost here as we step into March and I suddenly feel all my rich and heady fragrances are loosing their charm and making me feel outdated and not up to the mark. Now I am not a fan of fruity fragrances in particular but 'Spring Cherry' by Loccitane is slowly but steadily creeping up to become my favourite.

It's basically spring in a bottle aiming to capture the very first days of Spring as it's light and airy yet refreshingly fruity and floral. Nothing too heavy or strong, but a good mix of numerous well coordinated notes such as Mandarin, Blackcurrant, Cherry Blossoms and Magnolia blending through with a comforting musky and woody dry down.

Regarding the fruity and floral notes, I could not put my finger on particular ingredient dominating the concoction but it's softly citrusy and subtly floral, almost slightly powdery. It lasts for only a couple of hours after which it would need reapplication if you're interested in longevity.

I have to admit, I am in love with the cheerful packaging and and super chic yet sleek bottle that is well detailed. It's so feminine on my dresser yet something most women would like regardless of their fragrance bottle taste, including mums for Mother's Day on 10th March! Because it's pretty compact in size, it would make a good contender for travel and holidays as well. 

I cannot fault this baby so if you are looking to gradually transition into Spring without shrilling citrusy or overpowering rose fragrances, this would be your best bet. It's refreshing, chirpy and a great daily fragrance that is easily likeable from the first sniff.

I doubt I'm going to be bored of this for the next few months however if you have any Spring Fragrance suggestions, do let me know.