New: Sleek MakeUp True Colour Lipsticks

Sleek MakeUp have released new shades in their True Colour Lipstick range and I have some of the new shades in my possession. I quite like their dinky packaging but am not a fan of the rubbery material as it tends to get grubby looking very soon. Regardless, they are great value for money and with the level of pigmentation these offer, you cannot go wrong for £4.99 a pop.

The shades I have are 'Loved Up', 'Smother' and 'Tangerine Scream'.

Loved up is a gorgeous blue toned hot pink, my uber favourite pink in the family of pinks. It's quite the fashion statement if you want to pull it off with a subdued outfit or to perk up a boring little black dress. Ditch  reds this season and try hot pink for a fresher, younger look.

Smother on the other hand is quite a bold  yet wearable, rich blackened berry, oxblood-esque shade that works brilliantly either as a stain or straight from the bullet. It's the most wearable out of all these shades believe it or not and of course a perfect transition shade from Winter to Spring. It's almost addictive!

Coming on to the craziest shades of all times, Tangerine Scream. It's a full on, pure vibrant orange that hasn't come across the world 'muted' ever in its lifetime. It's unforgivingly loud and if you can pull this off with a biker jacket and printed leggings like a rock star, I envy you, yes you.

Overall, the lipsticks are fantastic in quality as well. They sit comfortably on the lips for hours due to their intense pigmentation and staying power. If you like full coverage lip sticks, want to try out the trends on the runway for less or simply want to refresh your lippy wardrobe for shades appropriate for Spring/Summer, definitely check these out.



Current Favourite Eye Make-up Removers

Yes I know, quite a dull topic to be honest but crucially important if you do not want to get wrinkly in your 30's! It is a general rule in skincare not to drag and pull, especially around the delicate eye area. You see, we only do that whilst removing make-up with all the tugging and pulling going around with the waterproof mascara and those stubborn eye shadow stains. Why not avoid it in the first place and invest your time, effort and money in good quality eye make-up removers that actually work.

Now by money I do not mean I am going to spend a freaking thirty quid on these. I might when I'm in my 30's, who knows but for now I'll stick to my wallet friendly options.

Starting with the one that comes under a fiver ladies. You heard me right, under a fiver! It's cheaper than breakfast for 1 at Starbucks. The brainchild of ex-Estee Lauder Marketing Executive, the Amie Bright Eyes eye make-up remover is teen friendly, great for sensitive eyes and removes every day eye make up in just a few soaks. Its free from that strong astringent like smell and is not an oil-based product as well for those of you who are fond of water based cleansers. It's texture and feel is almost watery and it's simple and effective to use without any fuss at all.

If on the other hand you like to go heavy on the eyes with a winged out liner, smoky look and full on lashes, you might like to invest in Clinique's Take the day off Makeup Remover which is more potent and oil based, helping dissolve the makeup better and quicker without any tugging or pulling. When I use this, I like to finish it off with a final soak of the above cleanser by Amie so there isn't any oily residue on the face. What's also ingenious about this is that it works just as well on the lips especially when you're working with lipsticks that leave behind a stain (hello Sleek!).

I used to never believe in eye make-up removers and would rather compromise with a good old wipe but trust me, face wipes are nasty and will leave skin dry and parched plus all that tugging is surely not good if you're concerned with ageing. I am trying to abandon face wipes totally from my life (they can stay in my handbag of course) and replace my vanity with a heap of cotton wool and cleansers. Out of sight is out of mind they say!


Avon 'Perfect Kiss' Full Coverage Lipsticks

Avon have released a new range of Lipsticks called 'Perfect Kiss' and I have the shades 'Peach Peck', 'Smitten Red' and 'Berry Smooch' as shown below respectively. I am not a big fan of Peach Peck as it's a bit too pale for my skin tone, slightly shimmery and grainy in texture and makes me look washed out. If you have been a regular reader of the blog, you'd know I am not usually fond of such warm, yellow toned shades as I cannot pull it off. If you're looking for a peachy-pink nude however, this would be it!

Besides that, the other two shades are hands down, plainly gorgeous. They are super pigmented and overtly moisturising, without feathering or smudging easily. The longevity on these is great and the shade range is quite fun yet flattering at the same time. I am in love with the berry shade here! It's what my alter-ego's statement lip colour would be.

Aren't these lip swatches adorable? They are quite realistic to how these lipsticks would appear in real life, giving a better indication if you're planning on buying these online. These are full coverage lipsticks with natural oils and retail for £8.50 a pop which I think is totally worth the money if you can find an everyday shade or would like to experiment with seasonal shades that you don't want to fork out a lot of money on.



Organic Surge Million Dollar Balm & Scrub

Want a reason to get yourself something from Organic Surge's lush and slightly steeply priced 'Million Dollar' range? They donate every $1 from product sold in this range to children's charity and orphanage in Kenya with the aim of raising 1 million dollars. I surely would not mind splurging guilt free if it's for a good cause.

Besides that, the products are decadent to use for some self pampering sessions on gloomy days and lazy Sundays. They smell lush and work effectively at treating the body intensely whilst providing a little aromatherapy session to rewind and rejuvenate the senses.

The Million Dollar Scrub smells warm and comforting, perfect for this confused season that keeps us on the fence between Winter and Spring. A good scrub with this in the shower gets rid of dead skin effectively, leaving it glowing, hydrated and supple afterwards so it can absorb lotion better and the circular movements also help with promoting lymphatic drainage. I have to admit, I love the packaging as it resembles a cookie jar! Because it's not heavy, it's quite practical to be a staple in the shower.

The Million Dollar Anywhere Balm on the other hand is a delight to use following a hot bath or a shower with the scrub mentioned above. If you have very dry skin, you are lucky to get away with using a tiny bit of this on dry areas of the face. I however use it on the ignored heels, elbows and knees overnight as the results last for days and sometimes incorporate it in my DIY at-home manicures as cuticles seem to drink it up.

If you're looking for a balmy version of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Skin Protectant that you can slather all over your body minus the stickiness, this would be it.