Sleek MakeUp Aqua Collection: Lagoon i-Divine Palette

The Limited Edition Aqua Collection by Sleek releasing this Spring will also feature the cult favourite i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette namely 'Lagoon' consisting of on-trend, runway inspired, soft hues of bright shades.

I felt these shades would make a statement when worn alone, paired with a flick of liner and a tonne of mascara without the hassle of blending and shading. Let's keep it modern, fresh and youthful!

As usual, the eye shadows are laid out in a haphazard manner without any colour coordination which I don't quite like. I wish Sleek would categorise them according to the colour family they fall into.

Besides that, there's a generous inclusion of marine blues and minty greens that can take you back to the Caribbean islands with a handful of soft pinks, dreamy lilac and cadbury purple thrown in here and there. There's a gorgeous rose gold like shade on the bottom left which I absolutely adore!

In my opinion, the palette is pretty similar to other palettes that Sleek MakeUp has released in previous Spring/Summer however they have improved the quality of the eye shadows I feel, as most shimmery ones are not in-your-face but rather like MAC's Veluxe Pearl finish making it quite wearable.

Releasing on 13th March, keep an eye out for it if you're looking to invest in bright shades for the warmer months to come.

Sleek MakeUp Aqua Collection Blush: Mirrored Pink

Sleek MakeUp will soon be releasing a new collection namely the Aqua Collection Spring which will contain a cult favourite i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette (coming soon!), a Blusher and a set of 4 electric Nail Paints. I tried out the blusher today namely 'Mirrored Pink' and loved it so much that I had to feature it on the blog.

Now I am already a fan of Sleek Blushes to be honest and shamelessly own every single one of them I believe hence I am slightly biased towards them but who won't be? They're super cheap and of stunning quality. It's what most Chanel Blushers should be like for the atrocious price they charge! Plus their sturdy and compact packaging mean they're travel friendly and can easily slide in through that gap in the make-up bag.

I don't know what's about this particular shade but it melts my heart every time I see it. Perhaps it's the bright pink hue, somewhere between NARS Orgasm and a shimmery version of MAC's Well Dressed that screams 'wear me'? As soon as I took it out of its cardboard packaging, it was love at first sight and I sighed like those Disney characters do looking at price charming. 

It's just so refreshingly bright yet light, romantic and easy to wear. It perks up the face in the most subtle manner possible and gives that surreal glow from within like a blushing bride. I seriously don't have a similar colour in my dangerously hoarded blush collection so I give this a two thumbs up. 

Regarding pigmentation, it's super pigmented as expected from the brand but easily blendable at the same time. If you're bored of your gaudy blushes, this can surely give your blush wardrobe a quick spring clean. Releasing on March 13th, give this a try. 


Valentine's Day Glossybox

I like how well presented and colour coordinated the Valentine's Day Glossybox is this February. The box has a lovely ribbon pattern hence I always keep these special edition ones as keep sakes for storing jewellery or nail paints. The contents contain a Shower Gel, Moisturiser, Eye Shadow Duo, Lipstick and Mineral Powder Blusher, all of which would make a lovely Valentine's Day present for the lady love.

Can you see a theme originating here? Yes the nude brown lipstick, the muted eye shadows and the terracotta blush are all geared towards the girl who likes neutral shades and to achieve the au naturale make-up look. I like how one can actually create a full face of make-up with these products by just adding some Foundation and Mascara of your own.

Overall, the team at Glossybox did a good job and it would make a nice, foolproof present for someone starting out in make-up however they could have been a little more creative if they'd like to appeal to the make-up geeks out there.


Pepta-bright: For HD skin?

New from Indeed Labs and more commonly known as the makers of 'Nanoblur', 'Hydraluron' and 'Peptalash' comes yet another innovation, this time geared more towards bringing back skins natural glow and luminosity just in time for Spring/Summer whilst targeting dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone at the same time so we can pull of those 'no-make-up-make-up' looks with confidence in the sun. 

Pepta-bright contains 7 active ingredients that address 7 individual factors responsible for causing hyperpigmentation. Apparently this is the most common concerns of patients that dermatologists come across i.e. uneven skin tone and dark spots on the face. Instead of opting for laser treatments and intensive facials that peel the skin using chemicals, this is meant to be a safer alternative to that. 

Depending on the skin concerns you have I guess this can help solve your problems on a particular level of intensity. For instance, I don't suffer from major discolouration on the skin, just a little darkness around the mouth area which I would like to get rid of and I can already see it making a tiny bit of difference in a matter of weeks. 

However for someone like my mum, who suffers from dark brown spots on her cheeks from hyperpigmentation, that needs a heavy duty concealer to conceal them would hardly see a difference in the reduction of those marks in my opinion. Having said that, I'm going to let her have a go at it for a period of months to see if it miraculously works, when many chemical peels have failed to show a difference. 

It's a thick cream that melts on to the face and provides a good amount of moisture whilst immediately making skin glow naturally. I use it under my regular moisturiser (La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo) or sometimes even on it's own as I like how it looks and doesn't make my skin feel tight or in need of more moisture. 

Over a period of days I noticed how it's made my skin clearer, brighter and slightly more radiant on its own. I cannot explain precisely but it looks more 'high definition' now even in a magnifying mirror and I can get away without make-up more often than before. I plan to see great results in the weeks to come as it is a promising product. 

Do give it a try if you have Asian/Indian skin in particular that is dull, lacking moisture, slightly uneven and scarred by blemish marks. To me it seems to fit somewhere in between my Effaclar Duo and Alpha H Liquid Gold in terms of what purpose it serves albeit more milder, soothing and suitable for sensitive skin. 

30ml tube available for 29.99 at Boots. 


LA Science: For Healthy Scalp & Hair

Healthy scalp equals healthy hair and it's unreasonable to expect a luscious glossy mane if your scalp is damaged, dehydrated, flaky, congested or overtly oily. Yup that's exactly what I had unreasonably been expecting since quite a while. Yes I agree hair is dead protein and you cannot improve it's condition on it's own but it's also true that scalp is an extension of the skin on your face and it deserves more TLC that what we already give it.

Comes in the winner duo of LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo and Anti Hair Loss Serum. Recently I noticed how my anti-dandruff shampoo wasn't working wonders and my flaky scalp made an appearance more often than before. I'm not sure what this is due to, perhaps the overheated houses due to the recent snow here? I'm not sure so I decided to take control of the situation of my scalp finally, however boring of an topic it is and regularly use these two products.

I'll leave out the scientific blurb as you can read that on their website but what they are meant to do in combination is get rid of product build-up, provide a deep cleanse around the hair follicle area, control sebum production, stimulate hair growth by de-congesting the scalp and getting rid of the flaky, scaly texture of the skin there and so on. If the roots of the hair are healthy, it is quite obvious that they will not fall unnecessarily and will become stronger from the roots eventually.

Just imagine the excess sebum, flaky scalp and product build up disrupting the hair growth from the roots  causing breakage whilst us religiously oiling the ends of our hair with Moroccan oil. Complete waste! Treat the root cause first and then of course lust after the glossy mane.

It's only been a few weeks since I have been using it but I can notice a difference in the overall 'health' of the scalp already. The serum comes with a dropper and is meant to be applied directly to the scalp. Make someone else do this for you if possible to treat problem areas. It feels superbly cooling and effective!

The shampoo on the other hand is meant to promote blood flow and stimulate hair growth which I am sure needs at least a month to show a difference however I have to say the shampoo is hydrating on its own unlike other 'medical' shampoos and works both as a shampoo and conditioner apparently. I am already seeing signs of thicker, glossier hair in general so just wanted to give you a heads up if you suffer from extreme dandruff, stunned hair growth or hair loss, to try this out.