What's in my Make-up bag?

Do you usually find yourself dumping a tonne of products in your make-up bag to a point when it can finally blast and you can change to another bag? Yes, that's exactly what I hate doing and hence do not do. This is my make-up bag which I always carry with me on the go if I am out or about for less than a day of course. 

It also contains cult essentials that can actually help me create a full face of make-up if I need to get ready in lets say, 5 minutes. I hardly switch things in here for other products, perhaps once a year maybe as these have been tried and tested in rain or shine and have come out victorious to reserve a permanent seat in here. 

Regarding the size of these bags, I've always been in a dilemma as you never know what's spacious and compact enough at the same time. This one's more spacious than compact I'd say but nevertheless not overdone at all. I got this particular one from Clinton's (a gift/card store) I believe a few years ago as a present for my sister who never used it hence in my possession. 

I never believed in lips revamping the face in minutes until I found these two lippies that I love wholeheartedly. It's Clinique's Chubby Stick in Voluptious Violet and MAC's Lickable Lipstick. Both bright pop of colours that suit a full face or a barely any make-up face equally well. Lovely glossy, non drying textures. 

This blush by Chanel in Rose Petale is a stunner. I have had this from years now and everytime I use it, I am in love all over again. It's the perfect shade of warm pink with iridescence for that soft focus effect. Must have in every girls vanity!

Aah brows. These babies help me get through weeks of brow unplucking as I am lazy that way and usually do my own brows for which I need to find time. The Cosmetic A La Carta is an old one and came with a glossybox I remember. The Smashbox Brow Tech is a new addition that I love even more for it's waxy texture. 

This used to be Rimmel Stay Matte Powders place before but as it does not come with a mirror, it's quite a pain to apply in mirror-less situations. This Sisley one I have here not only looks chic with its leopard print but is a fabulous product that you cannot detect on the face and gives a light to medium coverage. 

If you read back on my blog, you'll come across posts which I have dedicated to hating MAC's Studio Finish Concealer. I'm not sure why I didn't get along with it back then. I cannot live without it now to be honest as I can literally do my entire face with this little tub and look like I'm naturally flawless. I am eyeing the concealer palette by MAC now that comes with six shades but it's always out of stock. One day!

Last but not the least, I know many people don't carry foundations in their go-to make-up bags as who'd want to touch up during the day as Foundations are meant to be long lasting any way. I don't use this often unless I'm soaking wet from the rain or have a salon appointment which leaves my face patchy. It's a quick fix as a full coverage cream foundation by Cover FX. Quite similar to MAC's Studio Tech besides the fact that you get more product for your money in here.

Phew! Hope you enjoyed having a cheeky peek into my make-up bag. If you've done a similar post, leave me a link in the comment below. If not, I'd love to know your make-up bag essentials.


Illamasqua Blusher Duo: Lover & Hussy

This is one of the new Blusher Duo's that Illamasqua has come out with in their I'mperfection Collection I believe. It's a stunning combination to say the least, with a soft dreamy apricot and a bright, candy floss pink.

The colours are quite true to what they look like in the pan and translate exactly the same on the skin. If you're scared of a pop of colour on the cheeks, then this isn't for you although I believe if you know how to apply blush correctly and sparingly, there's no boundary to colour.

Albeit the compact is huge as the packaging is bulky and the blush pans inside are slim and rectangular, you get a lot of product for your money to be honest. The shades are super pigmented on a light swipe of brush through them and are likely to last you for months if not years. Be careful when carrying these with you on the go as I have broken an Illamasqua Bronzer before when travelling with it.

They set to a modern, matte finish on the cheeks and are superb when it comes to longevity. Lover (soft apricot) is great to brighten the face without overtly bronzing it. Albeit light, I use it with Illamasqua's Blush-up brush to lightly contour. It perks up sallow complexions and adds a hint of colour on the face - perfect for Spring.

Hussy (bright candy floss) on the other hand is so doll-like on the cheeks. It's surely not a natural, just jogged shade if you're trying to pull that off. It's more of an runway inspired shade for the fashionista who isn't afraid to experiment. Again, great as a contour or on the apples of the cheeks for a fresh, awake look.

They have two other blusher duo's which are more coordinated and leaning towards the pinky-bronzy-mauve side of things. If you're looking to get a blush from Illamasqua for the new season, I'd recommend you pick this up as it's good value for money for £26 alongside being a modern, 2013-esque blush.


Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty (At home beauty salon service!)

Have you always felt utterly stupid driving your way back home after a relaxing massage or even worse, taking the superbly unhygienic tube, rattling your way home holding that scruffy pole until you are finally awake and most of the effects of the facial or a manicure have evaporated in thin air?

This might sound slightly exaggerated to some who are lucky enough to find their favourite beauty salon a walk down the street. But for most Londoners out here, especially the ones who do not live in Central London, are far away from luxurious spas as such.

Here comes Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty like a knight in shining armour (or a spotty pink mini cooper in this case!) to rescue the beauty damsel in distress. Brain child of Claire Aggarwal, this is till date the best beauty concept I have come across during my stay in London. What they do is basically to provide a handful of beauty and skincare services in the comfort of your home, 7.30am to 9.30pm, seven days a week I believe. The therapists have personally been trained by Claire who makes sure they are of the highest standards. 

I opted for an Elemental Herbology Facial which is £75 for 1 hour and 15 minutes, although I am pretty sure it lasted more than that surprisingly. I choose a lazy afternoon when I usually take a lunch break from my home office to get some pampering done. My therapist was Lauren who had a chirpy and warm personality with an exotic New Zealand accent that never fails to leave me in awe. After getting to know my skin concerns and its current condition, she choose to hydrate it immensely, concentrating on congested areas and blocked pores alongside treating the oily areas of the face as well.

It was quite fascinating to see her set up an entire spa in a room at my place with candles lit, soothing music on an iPad, blinds shut, heated towels and blanket and a full fledged massage bed! I have to say the Elemental Herbology products smelled delicious and played a huge role in enhancing the atmosphere leaving me tempted to purchase a few for myself. What I absolutely loved was that the Facial focused on overall well being rather than just achieving a pretty face hence also including a superbly effective foot, head and shoulder massage. 

I am pleased to report that despite being a light sleeper otherwise, the Facial literally put me to sleep and left my skin tremendously glowing, baby soft and velvety smooth for days as if I had just come back from a yoga retreat. I didn't feel like wearing any make-up at all for days which is huge for someone like me who wouldn't leave the house without a slap of foundation. I even received a loyalty card which will give me a free manicure after indulging in just 3 more services from them. 

Now I am not a huge spender when it comes to spoiling myself with spa services as such but it left me tempted to gift one to my sister and my mum for an occasion or if not, they even provide event packages including mini facials and file & paint which I found perfect for something like a girls night in. 


Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes

Pardon the consecutive Clinique post, it wasn't planned I promise. I recently headed to Clinique's Head Office in central london to attend their press day where they were launching 12 of their Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes, following the super duper success of Chubby Sticks for the lips.

I personally am a humongous fan of the Chubby Stick Lip Balm as I cannot wear lipstick on a daily basis (or ever as they make my lips peel and crack) and these give an instant shot of colour to the lips with a yummy gloss like effect. Voluptious Violet is my go to colour and a must-have! Hence I was very excited to see how its siblings would look like and here are all the 12 shades in their full glory.

The consistency of these is velvety soft and buttery, not so much that they would slide off the lids and crease but soft enough not to drag on the lids or cause tugging. Just a light swipe and they instantly transfer pigment which is a great sign as you'll get good use out of it. 

Most of them have a slightly iridescent finish to them and some come with a shot of finely milled glitter in them. I personally liked the look of the neutral, muted ones without the glitter. There's a rose gold one I have my eyes on so bad as it could double up as a cheek highlighter as well. 

As I said, I'll be purchasing at least two staple shades when they release on 15th February as they seem to be a perfect handbag, travel friendly product and particularly useful for the hot summers when I dread powdery eye shadow.

However, I do feel they did not get me as excited as the Chubby Stick for the Lips (hello bright orange and vampy purple!) only because the colour range here was a little drab, been-there-done-that for me. For instance the blue, green and purple shades could have been pastels and more on-trend.

Anyhow, still great for the girl on the go. Do you like the look of any shades in particular?


Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer

p.s. excuse the gross image of the serum smothered all over the dispenser in the first image. I could not detect it until now. A visit to Specsavers is due isn't it. 

It's a serum that you're supposed to use before moisturiser if I am correct, as a night treatment or whenever your skin feels dull and lacking lustre and you want to add an instant boost of radiance and moisture. As with all skin care products these days, this one also promises skin cell turnover, even skin tone and reduced pore size I believe.

It feels more like a silicone based, smoothing primer on first contact with the skin. It immediately hydrates and adds a baby butt soft texture on the skin that's unbelievable. I do find it moderately hydrating on my combination-dehydrated skin tone that I can completely skip moisturiser afterwards. It is oil free so a great skincare addition to those of you with oily-combination skin type.

Regarding radiance, it does light up the face in the most natural manner possible. No glitter, no shimmer, no artificial multi-coloured sheen - just an extremely healthy glow as if skin's nourished, hydrated and happy.

I personally cannot give the entire credit to it for skin cell turnover as I do use it alongside my Effaclar Duo which contains glycolic acid for that same purpose. I do feel however that it's a great treatment serum for combination-sensitive skin on days when it's feeling blah.

Great to use as an over night treatment or under make-up as well. It's not a cant-live-without product for me personally but seeing the fantabulous reviews I have seen of it online, I think I need to give it more time until I start loving it as much.

Available for £33 for a 30ml bottle, have you tried this? I'd love to know your thoughts.