ELF HD Blush 'Superstar' & 'Headliner' (MUFE HD Blush dupe?)

I have been waiting for these since ages! Basically these ELF HD Blushes were released in the US since quite a while as suggested by tonnes of reviews and envious pictures that I went through. Finally, thank goodness for the Elf UK's Facebook page I was notified these babies had finally arrived in the UK. Being the blush hoarder geek I am, seeing how similar to looked to the MUFE ones and with them being priced at £3.50 a pop, it was almost like a legal make-up geek requirement to get them immediately!

Based on the colour swatches I had seen of these before, there were two neutral yet safe yet fun shades that I had my eye on. Presenting, Superstar and Headliner. The shades I can compare them to is MUFE's 'Quickie' and 'Walk of shame'.

Superstar is a gorgeous warm toned, deep rosey pink, with a generous dash of coral shot through it. If you cannot stand doll like cheeks, this would be the perfect pink for you. It livens up the complexion immediately and is the only pop of colour you'll need on your face, if your're wearing this.

Headliner is a a stunning lilac, baby pink with a slight hint of sheen through it. If MAC Welldressed blush had a liquid version, this would be it. It's the complete opposite of Superstar as it's cool toned, with a Kim K brightening and lightening effect to it. This one's a must have for all skin tones! Especially if your yellow/olive toned, this works quite well to light up sallow complexions.

They are uber pigmented which is the scary bit as it's surely not something you can easily pop on in the morning before work or in your car without a mirror. It makes a little bit of mess on the back of the hand where there is always excess remaining that you do not need to slap on the face. If that's not it, it takes a good few minutes and tap full of hot water to get it off from the back of the hand.

It's more geared for the diva who likes to take time with her make-up in my opinion and a few stippling brushes lying around here and there to faff around with. Having said that, it's not difficult to use or hard to blend even with fingers to be fair. The thick texture is foolproof and can create a seamless flush if used sparingly.

It is very long lasting on the skin, does not budge and has a lovely, dewy finish albeit not oily. Now I have only heard people singing praises of the MUFE HD Blush but never managed to give it a try as I am not willing to fork out that amount of money on a liquid blush. Hence in my opinion, this is the perfect dupe for it in the market right now, considering the tonne of product you get, the daring shades available and how similar it looks to it's counterpart.

Oh and if I had to choose a desert island product, it would include this. The tonne of product in here to last a lifetime (literally!) will at least make sure I am always glowing.


Senna Haute Nudes Palette (Perfect Bridal/Honeymoon Palette!)

I have loved Senna from years since when I was introduced to the brand via their matte blushers and their gorgeous set of make-up brushes. I absolutely love the 'Beauty Classroom' videos on their website which is always a treat to watch. It looks quite dreamy at times how the products in the video glide on so beautifully on the model but honestly, the quality of their products is second to none. Pigmented yet sheer looking, chic and sophisticated. Ticks all boxes for me!

Their Haute Nudes Palette isn't different either. It comes in a beautifully packed dull gold box that's compact and sturdy at the same time. I love this palette for not having any lip products as I always end up ignoring the lippies in such palettes.

The collection of theeye shadows here is simply gorgeous! Not one you'd find in a palette like this. It's shades you'd actually pick for yourself if you're a neutral eye shadow fan. I saw a careful mix of mostly matte and just one or two shimmery ones which I much prefer.

Both the blushers have a generous dose of gold glitter shot through them but in a very fine, subtle manner. There's a cool rosy nude, quite an English rose like shade and a pale pink highlighter shade. Their pigmentation again is brilliant, their texture soft and blendable yet their finish soft focus and undetectable. Pure love!

Not a fan of the mini, travel sized brushes is the only bad thing I have to say about the palette. Regardless, I always pack mine with me when I'm out and about.

Of course it's a great one to have in your vanity if no amount of neutral eye shadows and blushers are ever enough for you but I thought it's a great treat for a bride who's doing her make-up on her own or wants to keep a compact kit around for touch ups.

Also, it's the perfect palette full of sultry, romantic shades for a honeymoon in my opinion! That's something which is surely not in the pipeline for me at the moment, so I'm going to reserve it for my holiday that I'll hopefully head over to for my Birthday in May.

I noticed I only needed a couple of eye shadows and blushers when travelling and this seems ideal leaving just enough space for a tonne of foundations, concealers, bronzers, skin care, hair care and all that jazz. Phew.

Not a fan of cool romantic nudes? Senna does the same palette in a warm sunny shade for the Spring/Summer as well, have a look here.


Cheap & Cheerful Eye Creams (that actually work!)

I have been digging Eye Creams recently. It's just that until now, I had quite a few in my possession but never gave them enough time to work on me. This time however, I have been more religious with my skincare and have been using Eye Creams twice a day. I'm going to turn 25 this May and apparently it's the age since when the collagen level starts depleting in the skin. Eeek! SO not looking forward to that. 

The two that I'm currently favouring are the Fade Out Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream and Transformulas Eye-Lighting Serum. They are like chalk and cheese in texture to be honest but I like switching up between both as I feel they deliver different results which might benefit the eye area and prevent it from getting immune to the ingredients in just one cream. 

The Transformulas Eye-Lightening Serum is the more luxurious feeling one out of the two and I was surprised to see it only retailing for around £14! I feel it penetrates deep into the under eye skin area, making the delicate area stronger and more resistant to wear and tear, by which I mean ageing. It leaves the area extremely firm and thoroughly hydrated. On touching the under eye area feels plump and supple which I love!

Funnily enough, I don't see it lightening the under eye area, targeting eye bags or any other superficial flaws as promised. But its great if you have very delicate, dehydrated skin around the eyes prone to fine lines. The fancy silvery tube with a doe foot applicator surely makes it fun to apply!

The Fade Out Brightening Eye Cream is stunning for adding natural luminosity to the under eye area so light bounces off easily and minor imperfections are ignored. It lays a very natural looking white cast under the eyes which lifts the area and subtly covers the purple-dark circles, if not too extreme. Yes it works at de-puffing eye bags too.

If you're looking to create a soft focus, slightly concealed effect under the eyes without make-up, this will be your best bet for the mornings. It retails for under £8 in Boots I believe and the more you use it, the more you'll get addicted. It's the cheaper and less glittery version of Origins GinZing Eye Cream in my opinion and more versatile on deeper skin tones.

Do you have any cant-live-without Eye Creams? Pop them below!


Monotheme 'Apotheose De Rose' Fragrance

Now that snow is slowly smothering all of UK, I thought there cannot be a better time to write about a Spring Fragrance - just to banish the winter blues and not to add fuel to the fire in any way you see.

It's a fruity floral fragrance this one. I am not a huge fan of fragrances that start off with a fruity note as I personally like warm, woody, rich or artificial scents if you know what I mean rather than the fresh and fruity side of things. Apotherose De Rose starts off with sharp, cirtusy and almost bitter notes of mandarin and pear.

On me personally, scents bring out citrusy notes in a more pronounced manner I have noticed and similarly in this case, I simply wait for the strong orangey start off to dry down. Give it a few minutes and I prefer how the sweet rose middle notes takes take over, slowly but steadily but in a noticeable manner. 

Now apparently, the dry down is meant to consist of base notes such as patchouli, musk and tonka bean which I personally cannot detect, it's almost that neutral. I would have liked the dry down to ideally be more woody, warm and comforting but unfortunately its non existent on me. Regarding it's lasting power, its not brilliant in the sense that it's scent lingers around in clothes for days but it's good enough to last through out the day. 

The aura of this basically is more fresh, subtly upbeat and not sickly sweet. I like how it retails at an affordable £18 for a huge 100ml bottle. Would make a perfect, wallet friendly Valentine's or a Mother's Day pressie due to its beautiful packaging and also a cheap and cheerful addition to carry you through to the warmer months.

Monotheme available to purchase at M&S also do other delicious variations such as green tea, sweet violet, vanilla and musk which I highly recommend you have a sniff off at an M&S Beauty Hall.