Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I'm a bit too late to jump on this Foundation bandwagon as I do not usually get along with drugstore foundations, firstly due to their texture and secondly due to their limited colouring, both of which I feel are incomparable to departmental store foundations where you can try before you buy.

For under a fiver on ebay however, I thought I might give it a try. The colour reference was much easier to decide on after seeing FOTD's of a few bloggers similar to my skin colour. For reference, if you're a MAC NC30/35, 303 True Nude in this will be spot on for you.

Coming to the Foundation, I knew it would be dewy but had no idea about the coverage at all. To me it's quite medium and buildable. Trust me, I have tried 'light' coverage Foundations in the past and this is definitely more pigmented that that.

If you are someone who judges a Foundation by how it feels on your skin, this one sinks in considerably well and is not at all tacky, wet feeling on the skin like MAC's Face & Body. It is quite light and airy as I cannot personally feel the weight of it on my skin or feel that I want to get out of it as soon as I can. It's comfortable for everyday wear basically.

It apparently has shimmery, glittery particles in it which people cannot stand according to what I came across on the web. I personally cannot see them at all, so it might have to do with my eye sight or personal preference. I have also tried obviously glittery, shimmery foundations in the past and this is definitely not one of them. What this contains is very finely milled shimmer to enable light to bounce off from all angles of the face, in all lighting's.

Who is the Wake Me Up Foundation for? For normal to dry skin ladies of course due to its slightly moisturising feel and dewy finish. I feel it would work great for ladies in their 40's and above who want to give their complexion a bit of a lift. I love how its radiant finish cleverly blurs imperfections such as fine lines and uneven skin tone. 

Believe it or not, it even works on combination skin if you use the right skincare in the first place. I like how you only need a pump and a half for the whole face as only a little amount spreads nicely. It's a dream to blend and you can use your fingers or a flat top brush. A must have in your Foundation wardrobe to mix and match with other foundations in my opinion. 

Now I haven't used Chanel's Vita Lumiere or YSL's Touche Eclat Foundations but by the sound and look of it, this seems pretty much like them, just a gazillion times cheaper.

I personally cannot stand matte foundations as they exaggerate every problem area of my skin in my experience. So even though I have combination, blemish prone skin, dewy is what I opt for. It's quite a personal thing when it comes to foundations but if you're looking for a new everyday one that's radiant, light on your face and medium coverage without being greasy or shimmery, this is it.

Ren Exfoliating Body Balm

This baby by Ren is the queen of all Exfoliators. True story.

It doesn't look very appealing, inside or out. It's a plain white huge pot with an off white balm like exfoliator inside that smells a bit like medicine and a bit like minty oils. But it works, quite effectively at taking off all that flaked, chapped layer you are nastily carrying around since the snow fall and leaving skin quite literally baby butt smooth.

It also seems safe for sensitive skin taking into consideration that it's free from all artificial nasties and approved by professionals who know their skin stuff well. Regarding the texture of the balm itself, it's not overtly moisturising in the sense that your skin will not be oozing with oil after use which is a good thing. It's in fact of a very dry nature, like you've mixed a tonne of bath salt into Vicks. 

It manages to be abrasive enough to do its job effectively and leave such wonderfully, brand new skin behind. The novelty of this? It can (or is recommended to be) used on dry skin. I personally like to pair it with a body brush before a shower to get some body brushing and exfoliating done at the same time. A bit like using your favourite scrub or cleanser with a clarisonic! It works wonders to achieve smooth, toned thighs if incorporated with a workout routine. 

You can of course use it in the shower wet as well but it works more thoroughly when used dry. The humongous 330ml tub retails for £20 which is dirt cheap considering you get so much product inside. Also, the dry, grainy, balmy texture means you only need a little bit even when working with large surface areas of the body.

It's a cult favourite apparently and those who have used it before cannot stop raving about it. Such a shame that I only discovered it recently. Well, better late than never eh!


New additions to Burberry Beauty: SS 2013

Inspired by Burberry's runway fashion for Spring/Summer 2013, comes their new additions to their beauty range. The newbies are quite un-Burberry-esque if you know what I mean.

I see bright colours and shimmering textures, something that's completely contrasting to their previous collection which gets me uber exited. I really want to see how these bright shades will translate to the skin as compared to the muted ones they do so well. A trip to Harrods is on my list!

My absolute favourite from the new arrivals is Light Glow in 'Hydrangea Pink' which I suppose is their blusher. Being a sucker for bright, cool toned pinks, I doubt I'll be able to resist this one even if retailing for £29. I seem to get a lot of use out of high-end blushers apparently so this might be worth the buy.

Although I love their matte eye shadow, the Sheer Eye Shadow in 'Gold Pearl' is not something that sweeps me off my feet. It might look pretty in real life but pictures don't seem to do it any justice. Plus to compliment the bright lips and cheeks, Burberry could have gone a little wild and brought out a wearable shimmering lilac or something. One can dream.
There seems to a lot more variety when it comes to their Lip Glow's, with four new additions to the range for the warmer season to come. With a good mix of pinks and corals, the striking one for me is undoubtedly this bright, blue toned pink LE one called 'Pink Sweet Pea'. To say that I am intrigued would be an understatement.
Will you be picking up something from their SS 2013 beauty collection? 


My Top 5 Mascaras in 2012

It wasn't really difficult for me to choose my favourite Mascara's of 2012 really. These are my hardcore favourites that I have discovered throughout the year and have loved immensely, so as not to deviate from them unless of course the drugstore tempted me something spectacular. I don't believe in 'luxury' Mascaras. Not yet.

GOSH Boombastic was my ultimate favourite out of these. It has a huge wand and a very clumpy, OTT look and feel to it. The kind that Kim and Khloe would go for even in the day time - yeah that. Having said that, it doesn't give me brittle lashes or the dreadful spidery effect. Lashes look full, separated and thickened. It's perfection really.

Another one from GOSH that is albeit more of a subtle contender is the Provocateur Mascara. This one has a more 'wet' formula that the one above and a curved wand. It's the perfect day time Mascara when you want to slightly coat your eye lashes black, especially if you have less pigmented lashes like mine. It lifts the lashes, separates well and coats them black enough to look polished and natural for daytime.

NATOrigin's Mascara is what I use when I want a bit of an oomph during daytime and am looking for foolproof lashes that won't smudge or make me tear. This one holds the curl better than the above due to it's drier formula that leaves lashes slightly crispy. It is pigmented and separates lashes well, if that's what you're looking for.

Saving the best for the last, we have two of my evening Mascara's that I like to use occasionally, for night outs and when I want to replicate a false lash effect in seconds.

The Avon Super Shock Max Waterproof is very famously known to give a full set of lashes, mostly due to the short bristles on the wand that separate and coat lashes brilliantly and it's formula of course. Not sure why, but I have at thing for huge Mascara wands that always make me feel like they'll work better.

Clinique's High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara gives dark, thick lashes that are subtly lifted but still appear fluttery and wispy without looking crispy or spidery at all. It's as natural as a full-on Mascara can get. The formula of this is amazing at creating no clumps and neatly defined yet equality thickened lashes. It's not the best at curling and lifting so give those lashes a nice, tight curl before dipping into this baby.

Shoot me with your favourites now will you?


Neo Stem Serum Anti-Accelerated Ageing Serum

Before you think I am a bit too young to comment about this, bear in mind I have have a 49 year old mum who's opinions, comments and use of this product are also forming this review.

I am not going to go into the scientific blabber here as I am not knowledgeable enough about it but it is surely an interesting read as to what goes behind making this product and I'd urge you to have a read with a cuppa on a lazy afternoon.

Just like other anti-ageing serums, this promises tauter skin, less defined wrinkles, fuller cheeks and under eye area, increased hydration levels as well as accelerated production of collagen and elastic in the skin. I have to say all that works just as it says on the bottle as we noticed younger, firmer, plumper, smoother and dewy skin - almost all times of the day. You know when you wake up in the morning with that hungover, deflated face? This gets rid of that totally and you'll wander why your skin look perky and happy early in the morning.

The texture of this is like a regular serum, slightly thicker maybe. It however sinks into the skin nicely leaving a quenched, supple finish in an instant. Two pumps a day is what we used as that's adequate to prolong its effects for the next 24 hours. 

I love how the difference it delivers is noticeable upon even one month of use. Another good thing about it is how it lifts sunken areas in those over 40-50, quite effectively, making skin appear fuller and supple. I doubt it would work on deep wrinkles and scars dramatically but the effect it leaves on the skin in totality, such as on the depth of fine lines and wrinkles and lifting saggy skin is commendable and unbeatable by any other serum I have tried till date. 

Granted you get a 30ml bottle for £59 but its worth every penny if you are obsessed with anti-ageing serums to the slightest and want something that really works, almost resembling a mini face lift. Also, you only need a pea size amount on every use and surprisingly one bottle is very long lasting so you won't be frequently running for more, unless of course it gets stolen by a sneaky family member like mine *cough cough mum*.

Available exclusively at M&S, check out the great reviews it has online.


Pure DKNY - A drop of rose

DKNY has come up with a third fragrance in the Pure DKNY series and this time it's all roses with this one called 'A drop of rose'. The emphasis is on including roses that have been grown with care in the valleys in turkey and harvested naturally to ensure it's purity and keeping it away from technological processing.

I love the fact that the bottle is 100% recyclable and the packaging is biodegradable as well. It reflects the spirit of the simple perfume effectively as an over the top bottle would have completely deviated from the point.

The fragrance is made up primarily of Verbena - a semi woody flowery plant, Turkish Rose Damascene and Vanilla. Albeit a foolproof combination, I haven't sniffed it before and neither do I own a similar one in my fragrance wardrobe. Compared to this, my other fragrances seem quite artificial smelling and overpowering. If you cringe at the thought of scents like 'Lady Million' and 'Black Orchid', this one will be right up your street.

Pure DKNY - A drop of rose smells soft and sweet, not sickly in any manner, just like a real rose. It still maintains its freshness that most sugary sweet scents do not. The Vanilla and Verbana tone down the sweetness by just a notch and add some warmth to it, balancing out the concoction to perfection.

On me, the slightly tangy element of the scent prevails. I sprayed it on my sister and on her it was much more warm and the rose notes were more pronounced and sweet. It smells different on everyone is my point so do have a sniff at a counter if you like the sound of it.

If you're looking to revamp your fragrance wardrobe this new year and make it all set for spring, this clean, feminine, elegant and frills free scent is smelling fresh roses in a garden at its best.

Launching 3rd of February, a 100ml bottle retails for £69.