La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

If you have been there, heard about all the rants and ravings about this so called 'miraculous' product already, then this might give you the last push you need. If you're completely unaware that this exists, then it's surely worth a read.

I for once did not buy it as an impulse purchase, my skin was really breaking out abruptly due to numerous factors that I couldn't detect or control. It's not acne to be precise, but constant blemishes, white heads and pimples are none the less annoying.

Heard a few YouTube gurus genuinely raving about it and not sounding at all like they had received this product as a press sample. That smile on the face when you have bought something with your own money and loved it, is completely different. Plus, it wasn't expensive either. I bought mine from chemistdirect.co.uk for around £11.99 and I have to say it's worth every penny spent!

What it does is that if you have skin that's breaking out, it immediately controls the abruption and brings it back to normal. This took a little while I have to admit. At first I thought it's a gimmick and isn't going to work wonders on me. I was about to give up when after a whole damn week, my skin started glowing! Not due to natural oils, but because of its super smooth surface, free of blemishes, white heads and any other nasty clogs. Voila!

All this, only after using a pea sized amount once a day, very very stingily as I am trying to save the skinny tube which is surprisingly packed with product. The product itself is quite mediocre in texture - a fine quality, very light feeling, white serum like cream. It absorbs into the skin instantly and leave it slightly taut if you do not apply your regular moisturiser on top. I sometimes get away with using a thick moisturiser on areas that need moisture and that's it.

I personally don't like using it in the mornings or twice a day, especially because it's hardly going to work wonders if you have make-up piled on top of it or overuse it. It's my little evening treat that I highly rely on. It's surely an underrated product I have to say in the heaps of skincare 'miracles' we have floating around in the blogosphere.

I love it and if you have highly confused, partially oily-partially dry, combination/oily skin, then I urge you to try it. Have a little patience and give it time to work though is all I can advice.