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Fountain: The Hyaluronic Molecule Drink

In my recent research regarding Hyaluronic Acid, I came across quite a few expert sources that believed hyaluronic acid when applied topically hardly does anything. It can act as a primer for your moisturiser to adhere to your skin properly but it doesn't accelerate product absorption. This is due to the fact that the molecule size is quite big to seep into the skin and actually work. Hence it's always recommended across beauty forums to be applied topically before or after using an at home derma roller/micro needle to aid absorption.

Hence when I came across the idea of consuming hyaluronic acid internally, it really struck me how this would undoubtedly work better when it comes to anti-ageing. Apparently our bodies already contain hyaluronic acid - it's a naturally occurring substance. But it depletes with age, hence skin loosing it's ability to retain moisture leading to parched skin, fine lines, saggy skin etc. This when digested should provide cushion to the joints in the body as well as helping skins structure to rebuild itself.

It's not to make skin tight or firm but rather to increase skin's suppleness consequently ironing out fine lines. Get it? You're meant to gulp down 2 tea spoons daily on it's own or with water or juice. The texture of it is like jelly and it has a gingery taste to it which isn't too bad actually. This would last a month if taken daily but I think it be great to up the hyaluronic acid levels in the body even if used as an occasional product twice or thrice a year. With one huge bottle retailing at £27.99, three a year wouldn't come down to a bad price no?

As for the results, I think this is something that would work differently on all bodies but if you are over 30 and are worried about ageing, this is a great precautionary measure.


Unknown said...

It would be great to know how you get along with this. I'm currently making my mum have the "beauty molecule" version of this.
There's 3 for 2 across this in Boots at the moment, so you could buy your whole year's supply in one go!

Sami said...

Let me know how you fair with this... I'm thinking of trying it myself!




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