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UK Hair Transplant Clinics: The permanent answer to Hair Loss

Hair Loss can be difficult to deal with regardless of your age or gender. It can be a side effect of a medical condition, a chronic illness, genetics or a specific hair loss condition such as Alopecia, pattern baldness or as a result of menopause. 

Of course you can opt for medicine, topical treatments or hair pieces such as wigs to help with the hair loss problem but as we all know, medicine and topical treatments are not a guaranteed measure and hair pieces may not cut the mustard for most people who are looking for a natural solution. In comes Hair Transplant Surgery. Existing in the industry as a highly specialised procedure since decades, we have fortunately reached a point now where the process is virtually pain free and provides natural results.

We all have witnessed celebrities in the past who have opted for hair transplant surgery which looked artificial and nowhere near compared to real hair. If you’re looking for flawless results however, now is the time to opt for the treatment when it’s reached its finest standard possible. UK Hair Transplant Clinics is one of these hair loss treatment providers who have even been featured in a BBC documentary on hair transplants due to their expert team of surgeons who have specialised and mastered the procedure.

A lot of doctors will claim to carry out a hair transplant surgery and may perhaps even be licensed to do so. But just how you wouldn’t get your heart operated by a GP or your root canal done by a dental nurse, you would want to resort to a hair transplant surgeon for the delicate procedure that has it’s roots cemented in precision.

Did you know hair transplant surgery is completed in just a few hours depending on the flexibility of your scalp, the area of baldness you have and the density of hair you require. Apparently, it’s a pain free procedure where the area of treatment will be anesthetised – so you can have a snooze, relax or watch a movie in the time. A one off procedure with no follow up treatments required, you will wake up with a full set of hair that will stay with you for a lifetime, especially as the natural hair has stopped growing. Give it a day or two (a week in some cases) and you’re ready to return back to your usual day to day routine without much recovery period at all. 

The time off during Christmas festivities seems just perfect for this sort of a procedure so you’re ready to return to work in the new year looking like a new person altogether. Let people keep wondering how and why you look different! The visible results will let people question but never doubt or guess what you’ve opted for due to seamless results that blend in with your natural hair like a dream.
Hair Transplant Clinic also deals with Eye Brow Hair Loss
UK Hair Transplant Clinics offer free consultations for hair and eyebrow transplants in the following Cities: Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London (3 locations), Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Warrington. At the consultation, patients will be assessed for suitability and will be given a price. They will receive detailed notes from their consultation by email. This is a pretty cool offer considering consultations for such specialised treatments never come free of cost and would set you back a dear amount.

Check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/UKHairTransplantClinics


Visit their website for further details: www.ukhairtransplantclinics.co.uk

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sr devraj said...

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Kors Jackson said...

Thanks for sharing such a nice and informative blogs where images can make the vision clear about procedure the only difference between bot procedure is FUE is scar less and FUT left a linear scar after transplantation but both delivered expected results

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