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Sponsored Video: Nestle Fitness presents The Tweeting Bra!

Yes, as literal as it sounds – today we are talking about a bra that tweets! We all know how October is the month flagged to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. But in reality, you’re meant to set a fix date every month with yourself for a self breast examination to detect lumps that could potentially be an alarm for breast cancer. Eight out of ten times, these lumps are nothing to worry about according to statistics. However, statistics also show how 12,000 women in the UK die each year due to Breast Cancer making it a deadly illness and something us ladies just cannot ignore due to a hectic lifestyle. 

Hence seeing the humongous amount of people on social media platforms such as Twitter and an increasing amount of them accessing it via their handy mobile phone, Nestle Fitness in collaboration with Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou came up with the unique and an admittedly slightly bizarre idea of a tweeting bra.

What it does is that every times Maria unhooks the bra, a bluetooth sensor transmitted in it conveys the message and a tweet is sent through to all the accounts followers (@TweetingBra) to give a reminder regarding self breast check-up. This campaign will go on for a limited period of time but I feel it’s a good cause so it would be brilliant if you could follow it and retweet tweets from the account, just as a baby step in promoting the highly critical issue that even national newspapers fail to highlight as much.

With so much dependence on Twitter and smartphones these days by age groups of all kinds, it is impossible that not even one tweet by the tweeting bra account wouldn’t catch your attention and get you to do a much needed but usually overlooked once monthly self examination. Go on, it’s not everyday you get a piece of lingerie giving you advice on twitter. 

*Sponsored by Nestle Fitness

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