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Neom Scents of Christmas Travel Candle Collection

Neom's Scents of Christmas Travel Candle Collection seems like a universal people pleaser and a huge hit in my house with all ages and genders appreciating it's versatility as a Christmas present. Well done Neom! We all know how it's difficult to please all sorts of people let alone for a Christmas present which brings along with it a cloud full of expectations. I'll tell you why candles are always a hit. 

Firstly, because people hardly get themselves good candles. The pound shop ones are not counted! So the excitement on receiving a set of candles that actually smell amazing and look aesthetically pleasing is unparallel. Secondly, candles are most resistant to strong personal preferences. You know those stubborn peeps who just like certain colours or simply will not wear make-up for the life of it - well they're sorted too. A scented candle these days, especially the modern formulations and the long lasting formulas slots easily into a lot of gift categories be it home, luxury or beauty! 

I love how the candles come in different coloured pots namely silver, gold and bronze. These little ones are just as potent as the humongous Neom home candles and instantly fill the room with a dreamy scent even when left to sit on their own without lighting it up. There's something quite special about these Christmasy ones though. They smell so comforting, yet yummy and snugly. I almost want to start a Christmas movie right now and snuggle up in my duvet with some hot chocolate and these burning on the side. Aaah, the thought!

Comforting is such a gorgeous scent with hints of bonfire, woody, pepper and orange notes dominating it. It's quite velvety and smooth yet quite a unisex one at the same time. I think would be a huge hit amongst men. I'd personally call this a typical, winter scent regardless of Christmas or not. Perfect for November.

Harmonise is quite the contrast I'd say. It smells of fresh cut grass, the forest and of trees. It's woody with a hint of warm notes shot through it to balance it out. This in my opinion is quite an Autumnal scent - a perfect contender to replace all your fruity, summery scents.

Christmas Wish is a clear winner in this set. Neom's cult favourite festive scent, it's all about Christmas desserts, mulled wine and chocolate truffles. This one's spicy and slightly sweet to me. A lovely one to burn on Christmas and best accompanied with some snow outside.

I cannot recommend this travel candle set enough. It would surely make anyone's Christmas much, much better :)

Sami said...

Yay! It's that time of year where we can get the candles back out! This would make a lovely gift! :-)

Halle Bose said...

Nice travel candles.

Shifa Fijiwala said...

They are indeed gorgeous!




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