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Loreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation

The latest release from Loreal in the Foundation department, this slick looking bottle that very much resembles a fragrance bottle is something you need to know about. I'm sure you've read countless praises of it online but I just had to put forward my two cents now didn't I?

So, why the 'Eau De Tient' in the name. Because it's meant to be light and weightless like a fragrance. Actually, even thinner than water as per Loreal's claims. In all fairness, I initially thought 'what a lot of crap!' but when poured onto the back of my hand, it dribbled faster than water and was actually just as a thin if not thinner.

Having said that, it's not dewy and moist like MAC Face & Body Foundation. In fact what I can compare it to from my stash is actually Jemma Kidd Light As Air. Some people compare it to the cult favourite Armani Foundation even. It's quite a unique formula where it magically transforms from liquid to a powder finish in a matter of seconds. Cue: fast blending required. The modernly formulated and uber invisible texture and consistency of this will give all BB, CC, DD and EE creams a run for their money.

What's great is that you can literally just get a few drops of this beaut on your fingers and massage onto the face as you would a moisturiser and voila - a more presentable you is created. The coverage is light as you may have presumed based on the name but you can surely use some concealer here and there and make it work to create medium coverage I found.

I really wish I could have loved it but sadly the shade I have is the fairest in the range and is a bit too vampire-pale for me. Secondly, I have a feeling my skin doesn't gel very well with it. Now I have the most confusing, combination-dry skin at present and I felt this slightly clinged to the dry areas of any chapped, flaky grossness on my skin.

If you have oily (or well exfoliated!) skin however, you'll dig this baby. It leaves a natural looking, light feeling, demi-matte finish that looks like second skin (no exaggeration). If you're tired of people detecting obvious foundation on your face, this will act like a slap on their face. This is the only time in life I've deeply wished for oily skin so I could make this work. Oh sod it, I'm going to give it another try. *runs to find the foundation, nearest mirror and an application tool*

p.s. If you're intrigued about this particular shade, I'd say it'd be a NC20 as per MAC shade reference. 

Kayennat Toofany Syed said...

I have this is in a darker shade and I really like it!

Shifa Fijiwala said...

@Kayennat - I think I might have to give the darker shade a whirl :)




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