Are You the Most Annoying Facebook User Type?‏

It's unbelievable to think that facebook is approaching its tenth birthday. Not many of us have been using the social networking site that long, but we have been using it long enough to recognise the irritating aspects of the site.
Although the adverts annoy the hell out of a great number of users, one of the most annoying things about facebook are our so called friends!
We will all have those people that feature heavily in our time lines and seem to do nothing to add value to our day, but simply just get on our nerves. There are those who deliberately try and start arguments with other users, those who constantly post pictures of their dinner, the parents that share every aspect of their childen's lives with us and just generally, those people who update their status all of the time, no matter how interesting or dull their share is.
Now the website, LoveMyVouchers.co.uk have carried out a survey to uncover the top ten most irritating user types and you will find them all in this fun infographic. Just how many of these do you recognise?

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