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Red Wine Facial - Anti-Ageing Superstar?

Apparently it is! Don't go all out and start getting tipsy with your red wine overload justifying it as good for you skin now. There a different way of absorbing it's benefits into the skin as well and that is via a facial. Not sure why it isn't as popular or talked about but I quite like finding about old school, traditional facials as such especially when we are bombarded in a world of snail, snake venom and stem cell facials. 

Red Wine Facial is targeted more towards dry, mature and sometimes problematic skin that's dull and lacks lustre. Red Wine is packed with a lot of antioxidant and resveratrol goodness which benefits skin greatly. Apparently, the facial is also great for removing a tan and getting rid of blemishes. Who knew eh? The fabulous drink is just not perfect to end a crappy day but also helps tighten pores and in the prevention of acne.

The facial I thought was a great one post-holiday and pre-winter to prep and prime the skin and give it some tender loving care before the harsh winds of winter touch it's delicate surface. Rich in amino acids, the facial also helps skin fight free radicals and more importantly for the vain amongst us, give that lustrous glow. 

So whether you have dry or oily skin, if you are concerned about ageing and want to reinstate that youthful glow without being smothered in weird animal saliva, opt for a good old Red Wine Facial and see if your skin loves it or not. 




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